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   Chapter 25 You Have Already Slept with Jane

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Janet put her phone aside and began to print the documents according to Daniel's instruction.

After about half an hour, Janet sent the printed documents back to Daniel's office and spoke to him: "Mr. Si, these are all the documents you requested."

Daniel, who was checking his emails, didn't utter a word and just stared at his computer screen, absorbed in his current task.

'Does he think he's superior to others just because he's the company's CEO? How dare he ignores me?' thought Jane. Janet curled her lips and turned around to leave his office.

While Daniel asked her to stop, Janet just kept walking towards the door and replied with her back turned to him, "It's break time, Mr. Si." After she slammed his office door, she cleared up her office table and went out to have lunch.

In the afternoon, Janet received a reprimand note, which read: 'Due to the defiant behavior of not obeying the superior and speaking rudely to him, Janet Shao, from the secretary division, is punished to a fine of $500. Let this serve as a future warning for all others.'


Having not a care on the world for money, Janet didn't care about $500 whatsoever. This was just another act of hate on behalf of Daniel.

She crumpled up the reprimand, but then unfolded it to sign her name.

In the evening, after work

Janet was the first employee to run out of the company when work ended. 'Why did mother make such a tight time schedule? I finished work at six, and now I have to rush to the hotel to get in time for dinner.'

It was rush hour at that time, and it was very possible that she might hit a traffic jam, so Janet picked up the pace to arrive in time for her meeting.

At 6:50, Janet parked her car in front of the hotel's gate and walked towards the 601 private room, according to Ella's instructions.

The waitress took her to room 601. She opened the door and spoke: "Father and mother, why did you want to go out for dinner today, it's..." Janet stopped talking when she saw that there were other people inside.

"Jane, please, come and sit here, " said Ella. She stood up from her chair and drew Janet to sit beside her.

While Janet stared at Daniel, who was sitting opposite to her in silence, she thought to herself: 'Daniel was still at his office when I left the company; how did he arrive earlier than me?

And why are all these other people here?'

Janet tried to put her bad feelings aside, and said, "Father and mother*, I'm late. I apologize I kept you waiting for so long."

(*TN: Here Father and mother mean sworn father and sworn mother)

"That's alright. You aren't late, because we also just arrived earlier."

ng ceremony for Jerry and Sally will have to suffice!" Janet tried to smile, and added, "In fact, nothing happened between us that evening, so Daniel has no need to take any responsibility for me. Mother*, you also don't have to worry about us."

(*TN: Here father and mother mean sworn father and sworn mother)

'Why do I feel so sad?' Janet pinched her leg, but she felt even more in pain, and not because of her now aching leg, but because of Daniel.

At last, they didn't talk anymore about Janet and Daniel's engagement. Lola felt very distressed!

Samuel and Ella left the hotel first because they had to pick up John on their way home. Jerry and Sally also left soon afterwards. Janet also thought that she had to leave, so she said, "Father and mother*, Nicole... Mr. Si, I have something else to do later, so I have to go now. Thank you."

(*TN: Here father and mother mean sworn father and sworn mother)

"That's all right, it's getting late anyway. Let's leave together." Lola stood up and then walked with Janet towards the private room's door.

Harry followed, carrying her bag in his hand. Nicole and Daniel also followed.

When she came out of the hotel, a sudden gust of wind made Janet instantly shiver. Lola helped Jane close the buttons of her coat, and affectionately looked at her, saying, "Jane, in fact, when you get to know him, Daniel is really a nice man. Perhaps you don't often meet each other and don't know enough about him right now. I won't force you to get married so soon. And as for your engagement, we can talk about it later. But will you please promise me that you will give Daniel a chance and not be intimate with other boys? You can play with them, of course, but would you please not make any of them your boyfriend?"

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