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   Chapter 24 A Soldier Is Looking For You Downstairs

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Janet returned to her seat and began to handle the work assigned by Spark.

"Janet Shao is too rich to care about the $1000 full attendance award.

She is the sworn daughter of our chairman and our CEO's fiancee. She works here just for fun."

"Fiancee? For a celebrity like our CEO, the press must've published by now his engagement to her! This must be another joke of our chairman's wife."

"Who knows how the rich people's world is like..."

Janet began to sort out the documents and didn't hear a thing about what other people were talking about around her.

But Spark heard everything. He looked at Janet and reluctantly shook his head.

A spoiled little princess like Janet wasn't the right match for Daniel; Kate and Daniel were made for each other.

Nobody in the company dared to provoke Janet anymore because of Lola, and Janet was glad about it. In the following days, Janet was very low-key, and dedicated herself to the work assigned by Spark.

Then, one day, Daniel and Janet both received phone calls from their own parents, who asked them to have supper with them in a restaurant.

Janet simply said yes, but Daniel asked Lola, "Mother, why do we have to eat supper out in town?"

"To discuss Jerry and Sally's wedding, and your engagement with Jane."

'Engagement?' Daniel frowned after thinking of the young harpy outside. But, then again, he might be on to something, and said yes to the invitation.

At lunch time.

Janet was collecting the documents. Daniel and Spark, who just had just finished a client meeting, went to the office, and at that moment, the internal telephone of the Secretary Department started ringing.

Spark, who was closer to the telephone, picked it up, "Hello, this is the 88th floor."

After hearing something, Spark replied with OK and then went to Janet: "Janet, a soldier is looking for you downstairs."

'Em?' Janet was confused. 'Looking for me?'

Oh! It must be the soldier whom she had met that day, the one who was supposed to deliver letters to Bill for her.

"Thank you. Spark."

Janet was please

t should I call you? Oh, what about Brian? Brian, nice to meet you!"

When he saw the girl's sweet smile, Brian couldn't help but laugh. Her little hand was soft and smooth and, for a moment, Brian even forgot to loosen her hand out of his.

Janet awkwardly took out her hand out of his grip: "Thank you, Brian. I'm still at work. See you next time."

Brian returned to Earth and nodded his head: "Sorry to disturb you. Go on to your work!"

On the 88th floor, when Janet and Brian were talking, Daniel asked Spark to hand him Janet's phone.

Daniel did something to it and asked Spark to put it back. Daniel told Spark: "If Janet asks you something, just reply that you saw nothing."

Spark was dumbfounded, but when Daniel took a brief cold stare at him, Spark nodded his head immediately and conformed with orders.

On her way back to the office, Janet hummed a tune, and then returned to her seat.

She unlocked her phone but was confused. 'Why isn't there a missed call showing up?

Was it because Brian failed to get through, or she didn't have any signal?' Janet searched the complete call log, but found nothing.

She looked at Spark and questioned him: "Mr. Shi, did you see someone do anything to my phone?"

Spark shook his head without turning around: "I know nothing. I saw nothing."

Janet was now even more confused. 'Maybe Brian failed to get through.'

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