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   Chapter 23 What Did You Do Yesterday

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With a guilty conscience at hand, Janet covertly opened the villa's door, gazed around a little, and then ran upstairs after she saw that there was nobody present in the living room.

"Jane." Samuel's voice was suddenly heard coming from downstairs.

Janet jumped with panic and answered aloud, "Yes!" Samuel was quite taken aback by her noisy reply.

He abandoned his breakfast on the table and looked at Jane's figure in disbelief.

If Jerry hadn't called him last evening, and told him that Jane was in his apartment, he would have believed that Jane must have been up to no good!

"Honey, what's happening with you?" Samuel was walking to the staircase and was just about to ask Ella to get up for breakfast when he first heard Jane.

However, Janet ran away in an instant, just like a frightened bird.


'There must be something wrong' thought Samuel. He followed Janet up to the second floor suspiciously. When he arrived in front of Janet's door, she had bolted it.

Samuel had even heard that Janet locked the door. Janet's strange movements raised Samuel's strong sense of curiosity.

"Tok tok tok." Samuel knocked at the door.

"Dad, I'm changing my clothes. Leave me alone!" Janet felt guilty. She couldn't let Samuel know that she and Daniel... had slept together last night.

"Jane, please tell dad, what's the matter with you lately?" Janet's odd behavior worried Samuel a lot.

She took a deep breath, calmed down, and opened the door. Janet stretched out her head out and smiled at Samuel: "Dad, I'm OK. I'm just late for work."

But wait! Samuel suddenly saw a suspicious red mark on Jane's neck. And as a person with experience, Samuel immediately knew what it was!

"Janet Shao, what did you do yesterday?"

Samuel's face suddenly turned serious, which frightened Janet: "No... nothing, I just... just had a good night's sleep."

Hearing her stumbling words and seeing her dodging look, Samuel knew she was definitely lying!

"Where did you sleep last night?" Samuel now pushed the door open, and Janet was suddenly exposed to Samuel's eyes completely, which made her quite uneasy.

Where did she sleep last night? She remembered she was with Sally and Sven last night. "At Sally's home!"

Samuel clapped heavy on the door and looked at Janet with a searching glance: "Janet Shao, tell me the truth. What did you do last night?"

How dared Jerry and Janet lie to him together! If he found out that something had happened with Jane last night, he swore he would break Jerry's legs right away!

Janet's heart skipped a beat. Holy crap! She told herself she wouldn't drink anymore.

"Dad, I'm late for work. I'm going to work with Daniel today, but if I won't leave right away..."

"You were with Daniel Si last night!" Samuel didn't believe a word out of Janet's story. After he said these words, he carefully watched how she would react to them.

Em... Janet's eyes dodged his. 'How did dad know? Damn! How should I tell him?'

"Dad, don't be angry! I was with Daniel Si last night, but we did nothing wrong. I was drunk and slept all night!"

He trusted her when she said she had spent the night at Daniel's, but didn't trust the rest of her story. Samuel looked at the red mark on her neck again and took a deep breath, "Tell Daniel Si, to wait and see!"

After he uttered these final words, Samuel returned to his bedroom.

Janet now wondered what they meant. 'Wait and see? What would dad do to Daniel?'

After Janet washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she changed her clothes. When she was going downstairs, Ell

a stared at her with a strange look in her eyes.

"Mom, why are you looking at me like that?" Janet stayed as far away as she could from the table, fearful that Lola might try to educate her.

Lola looked at her from head to tow, and believed Samuel's words. 'Jane was, indeed, odd!'

"Nothing. Come here and have breakfast with me!"

Ella invited her with her usual voice, but Janet shook her head immediately and said: "Mom, I'm late for work. Bye!"

Then she swiftly ran towards the door of the villa, opened the door and rushed out.

After she ran almost half a kilometer, Janet stopped, gasping for air.

'Damn it!' Nothing had happened between Daniel and her! But why was she feeling so guilty?

After she calmed herself, Janet came to be aware of another bleak matter: she had run out of the house instead of driving a car.

Her car was parked at the company, and now she could only go back and drive one dad's or mom's cars. But she didn't want to. 'Forget it!' she thought.

However, Janet suddenly saw a black Bentley nearing her.

Janet was surprised and jumped in the middle of the road. The sharp squeaking of the car's sudden brake scared most of the birds in the woods nearby, and Daniel's forehead hit the front seat.

The Bentley was now pulled a little over one meter away from Janet.

Daniel stared at Janet with a murderous look in his eyes.

Spark was still suffering from the shock and was gasping for air. 'God! I almost hit someone!' he thought.

Janet ignored the shock she gave them and knocked at the window of the front-passenger's seat. Spark pressed a button and the door opened.

Janet got into the car and spoke to Daniel: "My car is at the company. Can I hitch a ride?"

She was taken advantage of last night, and Daniel certainly wouldn't refuse such a small request!

But Janet was wrong; completely wrong.

Daniel got out the car, opened the front-passenger's door and pulled Janet out of the car. Then he got back in the car and simply left.

Janet looked at the disappearing Bentley in bewilderment. 'What a mean man! I have to stop talking to Daniel Si!

Ah ah ah!' Janet was frustrated, and walked towards the gates of the residential quarter. In the end, she finally took a taxi after she got a blister in her foot.

In the SL Group.

When Janet arrived at the company, Spark had already been working for twenty minutes. He looked at the frustrated girl, and said: "Miss Shao... You are late today. Your full attendance award and today's salary will be deducted from your monthly wage."

Actually, only the full attendance award was deducted if someone happened to be late. As for the daily salary... Daniel had asked him to do it.

Janet bit her lower lip. She was late because of Daniel Si!

"Daniel Si is late too. Is his salary deducted?" asked Jane.

She clearly remembered that she woke up earlier than Daniel did, and that Daniel must be late for work too. His salary should also be deducted.

Spark cleared his throat and the other secretaries started laughing. Janet was confused, "What happened?"

"The boss is free of penalties. Even if he doesn't come to the company at all, his salary can't be deducted."

Janet nodded her head and spoke with indifference in her voice: "That's it! Do as you like then."

To be honest, she didn't really know her monthly salary yet, and she never asked about it either.

But this wasn't important. Her final goal was not working at the SL Group. She worked here to loosen up her mom, so that one day she would invest money into her bakery shop.

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