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   Chapter 22 Why am I Sleeping in Daniel's Arms

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"Who is it? You're so annoying!"

The soft quilt slipped down off her body and with this a nosebleed nearly struck Daniel again.

Damn! This woman dared to sleep naked on his bed!

"Get out of my bed!" Daniel mercilessly dragged his invader off his bed.

Janet unexpectedly dropped off of it and her hips kissed the ground. She immediately curled her lips and demanded, "Who is the bastard that hurt me?" She then managed to crawl back to bed.

She covered herself with the quilt again and fell back asleep, like nothing had happened.


Now, everything returned back to tranquility.

Daniel felt even more annoyed. He walked back to the wine shelf and drank the rest wine in the glass.

Then he went back to his room and kept looking with a blank stare at the wad on his bed for half an hour.

Half an hour later, Daniel drank one more glass of red wine and violently slammed the glass on the table.

Then he decided he had nothing else to do but to get in bed, and stole Janet's quilt and covered himself with it.

The bed was very wide, and the space between them could fit three more adults without any problems whatsoever.

But the quilt was not as wide as the bed was, and Janet's whole body was exposed and was cold, now that Daniel had dragged over the quilt.

She was sound asleep, and in her sleep she turned her body to and fro until she finally caught something warm and tightly embraced it in her arms.

That warm thing was Daniel, and his breath nearly stopped when he found himself in her arms.

Janet's scent came to Daniel and made his mind roam about.

Five minutes later, his eyes were shut tight and beads of sweat were coming out of his forehead. Finally, he gritted his teeth and turned around towards the woman who was holding him in her arms.

Then, one minute later, Daniel put on his slippers and went straight to the bathroom to take another cold shower.

After another half an hour passed, Daniel walked out of the bathroom.

He picked up Janet and laid her on the sofa, and then turned off the lights and finally went to sleep.

At about one o'clock AM, the heavy rain outside woke Daniel up.

He turned on the bedside lamp and found that the little girl on the sofa had huddled herself up from the cold.

He got out of bed, lifted Janet up from the sofa, put her back on the bed. They then slept together in it and shared the quilt.

In the darkness, Daniel touched her cold body. He stretched out his arms and embraced her to keep her warm.

She soon stopped shivering and immediately fell back asleep.

It was pure torture for Daniel to hold this soft, warm body in his arms all night. It wasn't until dawn came that he finally managed to fall asleep.

In the morning, Janet's thirst woke her up first.

Even before she opened her eyes, she could feel that something was wrong, but what was it?

The air, the bed, the quilt, and she was... Everything seemed wrong.

She wasn't in her own room!

And to top it all, she was also being embraced by someone, as she felt the heavy resting of an arm on her waist.

She suddenly opened her eyes and clearly saw who the man holding her was. She then burst into hysterical screams.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

"Shut up!' replied Daniel to her initial screams. The man slowly opened his eyes and, already frowning, he looked at the bewildered woman in his arms.

'Why... w-why am I sleeping in Daniel's arms?

What happened last night?'

She looked under the quilt and saw herself naked and then burst into the same maniacal screams: "Ah, ah, ah, you bastard!" She kicked Daniel's waist hard with her foot, and he almost fell off the bed had it not been that spacious.

"Janet, stop it, now!" Having been deprived of his rest the whole night, Daniel was now losing his temper.

Janet tightly wrapped herself up with the quilt and she pointed at him and screamed, "Daniel Si! You dare... dare...

to rape me!"

She now was weeping over her lost virginity.

She now had to accuse him and send him straight to prison.

The man looked at her, and said: "You think I've raped you? With your flat bosom? Aren't you overestimating yourself too much?" he tittered. Massaging his now painful waist, Daniel started regretting that last evening he had brought home this impolite young woman.

He said that her bosom was flat! He had seen her body from head to toe anyway, and Janet now went with ahead with everything, regardless of anything. She threw away the quilt covering her, stood up, and then knelt in front of the man, and said, "Daniel Si, have a look and please tell me if they are either little, or flat. Have you ever seen a flat C-cup?"

Daniel's eyes grew bigger and his breath quickened, but he tried to pretend to be calm and said: "I bet you received breast implants!"

Not expecting it, Janet pulled Daniel's big palm, cupped it, placed it under her breast and pouted: "Try it!"


Daniel's mind was blown away and out came blood bursting from his nose.

'Damn it!' Daniel cursed, ignored Janet, and then rushed to the bathroom.

What? "Daniel, why is your nose bleeding?" curiously asked Jane. She saw the man escape and rush to the bathroom, but didn't know why.

For a few minutes, while she was sitting on the bed, she was in a daze. 'Oh, no! Where am I? Is this Daniel's house?'

She would even the score with Daniel later, but now she had to get dressed first.

Where were her clothes? Judging from her experience, she must have put them in the closet.

It was in the opposite direction, compared to her own one at home. She found a door, and she pushed it open. This really was Daniel's closet.

And her clothes were there too.

Janet got dressed up as quickly as possible. When Daniel came back from the bathroom saw her again, his face instantly darkened. He shouted: "Get out!"

Jane was immediately disturbed when he heard him. She had never seen in her whole life a man as bad and abusive as Daniel, and now she had to confront for what he did to her.

"Daniel Si! What did you do to me last night? You now must be responsible for me!"

Daniel turned around tittering, he looked at the childish woman in front of him, and said: "Janet, stay calm; you're the last woman on Earth that I'd ever want to touch!"

... What an insult! And he said it straight to her face!

But, on the other hand, she concluded from his words that he actually had done nothing wrong to her. And when she thought of this, Janet felt more relaxed and at ease.

"Daniel, how dare you humiliate me like this! Just you wait and see!"

"OK, I'll be waiting! Just paint me a picture of what you can do!"

"You, you! Where am I now? I need to go back home! Now!" demanded Jane. Janet was so angry with Daniel that she couldn't bear seeing him a second more.

"Where are you? You're in Hell, and I want to imprison you here forever, so that you can never escape." Daniel actually thought that this might be a good idea.

Janet took deep breaths, again and again. 'Calm down, calm down Janet!' she encouraged herself.

Forget it. She gave up on asking Daniel anything and she went around the room, trying to find her shoes.

She opened the bedroom's door and went downstairs.

She intended to leave barefoot, but she eventually found her shoes beside the sofa, when she came down to the ground floor. She happily put them on and left through the front door.

Outside she found herself at the Royal Mansion, and the building that she had just come out of was house No. 9.

So she had slept in Daniel's mansion last night.

Janet's face flushed crimson red when she thought of her naked body lying on Daniel's bed and next to him.

And she had also seen Daniel's bronze-tanned pecs... Janet hid her shy red face between her two palms and started to run towards her own house.

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