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   Chapter 20 Both His Lover and His Neighbor

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Kate, at first, was very surprised, but soon enough after she saw Daniel's eyes, her heart froze in an instant. She nodded her head up and down and said, "OK. Daniel."

She looked down upon the foolish young girl in front of her.

Janet's smile quickly froze on her face and left her expressionless. Daniel Si seemed to be taking every opportunity to dis her! The bastard!

And this time, not only did he just dissed her, but he also went a step forward and humiliated her!

Janet felt uneasy with the events that were happening around her. She didn't even know what she really had in her mind and heart, but one fact was true enough, that she knew she was sad.

If she was sad because of Daniel, then the others had to be like her as well!

"Daniel, how can you do this to me? Last night on my bed you said that you loved me!"

Love... Bah! Why did Janet say this? She wasn't thinking straight!

Before anyone had a chance to reply, Janet immediately started to regret her words.

Of course, Kate knew from the start that Janet was trying to provoke her. She held Daniel's arm more intimately and said to Janet: "Let bygones be bygones. I trust Daniel, and I'm sure he wouldn't do it again."

"Don't bet on it! We're neighbors! If you're in a favorable position, you also have some neat advantages. For example, I can be his lover and his neighbor at the same time!"

Hahaha! Spark couldn't help but laugh at what he had just heard.

'Both his lover and his neighbor! Hahaha!'

However, the bitterness that started to spread from the backseats made him to stop laughing and concentrate on his driving.

"You're hoping too much. As Daniel's girlfriend, I'll be staying with him in every moment of the day." Shame on her!

"Stop!" Janet suddenly had a headache after she heard Kate's words. She untied her seat belt and asked Spark to pull over.

"Those who brag about their love die sooner! Miss Song should be careful!"

Spark was stunned by Janet's words, and when she got out of the car she also furiously slammed the door. He didn't understand why Janet had quarreled with Miss Song a minute ago and got out the car.

The whole situation was an embarrassment. Kate looked at Janet's figure through the windows and gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Go!" Daniel ordered Spark in a calm voice. Spark and Kate didn't have the faintest idea about what he was really thinking about.

Janet didn't return to the villa and decided to call Shirley, but learned that she was returning to her hometown because she was set up for a blind date...

'A blind date? Shirley was only 22 years old!' Janet looked on the street at the heavy traffic and wondered why Shirley was so anxious and looking forward to it.

Then Janet called Sally, but Sally was upset. How was she so easily seduced by Jerry's handsome looks and how did she gave herself so willingly to him?

Janet asked her to go out and have some drinks together and Sally agreed without hesitation.

Then Janet called Sven, who had finished a surgery, and was now resting. When he heard Janet's invitation, he promptly accepted it. He had been very busy for some time and now had the chance to relax a bit before returning to his work.

Janet called Samuel and told him she was going out shopping with Sally. Then she went straight to the bar.

In the SOHO Bar.

Sally and Janet were joyfully singing together in the bar. People united by the same affliction tend to pity on each other.

Sally was upset by Janet's brother, and Janet was upset by Sally's.

But they didn't speak with each other of their problems. Instea

d, they expressed their grievances by yelling as loud as they could at the microphone.

They were starting to really give Sven a hard time. He went out and called Jerry: "Jerry, come here! Sally and Jane are here too."

After he hung up the phone, he saw Daniel, who was just coming out of the restroom.

"Hi, Daniel!"


Sven looked at Daniel curiously, "What are you doing here?"

"Client meeting, " replied Daniel. He took out his cigarette box, gave Sven a cigarette and lit it.

"It's good to see you here, Sally and Jane are drinking and singing like they're crazy. I feel like I'm going to be deaf soon if I stay any longer with them." He finally had someone to complain to. Sven now regretted that he had accepted Jane's invitation.

He came there to relax but became even more stressed than before.

The girls were singing in the room behind Sven, and Daniel listened on them and heard Sally's voice.

Daniel frowned and said to Sven, "I'll pick up Sally back later."

He had nothing to do with the other one.

"OK, I already called Jerry. He'll also be here soon, " replied Sven.

The two men were smoking outside and suddenly the door opposite to them was opened with Kate walking out of it.

Seeing that Daniel was smoking outside, she greeted him and walked towards to him, "Daniel, " she said.

Kate had also drunk a few glasses of wine and was a bit tipsy now.

She held Daniel's arm and gently leaned on his shoulder.

Sven raised one of his eyebrows to Daniel and snapped at him, "Bro, don't I get introduced?"

Kate took a deep breath and felt a little more sober. She eventually introduced herself to Sven: "Good evening. I'm Kate Song, Daniel's girlfriend."

'Kate Song?' Jane Shao opened the door and heard Kate's self-introduction.

"Kate Song? The well-known beauty boss in the business circle! You have a well-deserved reputation. Good evening, my name is Sven Si." Sven shook hands with Kate.

Jane waved her hand. 'Whatever, I need to go to the rest room.'

When Jane turned right after walking out of the room she was suddenly stopped by Sven. "Jane, where are you going?" he asked.

Janet had two bottles of beer in her hand and had a flushed face. She looked at Sven and held her arm on his shoulder: "The rest room, of course. Sven, are you also going to the lady's room with me? Hahaha!"

Sven sighed to himself. When they were younger, he could've bullied Jane for these words. But now they were older, Jane had become a taekwondo enthusiast, and only she could do the bullying now. "Silly girl, the rest room is right over there!"

Sven held Jane, who was drunk, and helped her walk.

Janet leaned against Sven, closed her eyes and followed him.

'Sven was really a nice guy!'

Kate saw Jane and became much sober.

This girl was so hateful! Could have she followed them to the bar?

Daniel walked towards the room they were in. Kate had no time to look at his expression and immediately followed him.

And Sven called Jerry to ask him to take Jane back home.

However, when Jerry saw Sally drinking beer, he took the bottle out of her hand and quickly dragged Sally out of the bar.

"Sven, take my sister to the villa. No, better yet, take her to your house. I'll call my father first." Jerry trusted Sven. But if Ella saw that Jane was drunk, she would've gone nuts.

On the other hand, Sally could handle her alcohol pretty well. She had four bottles of beer and she was totally fine.

Seeing that she was in Jerry's arms now, Sally struggled with discontent: "Jerry Shao, let me go, I can walk on my own!"

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