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   Chapter 19 Can You Be Like Liu Xiahui

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"Then what about me doing something more, so that you can accuse me of a few more crimes?" When Daniel rested his big palms on her waist, Janet shivered a little and then immediately shook her head in denial.

Daniel stopped and stared with cold eyes at the girl who finally now had the consciousness of fear, and said: "Come up to work in the office up at the 88th floor tomorrow. Don't let me repeat that again!"

Janet felt puzzled: "Why do you want to force me to work in that office? I was doing so well in Secretary Department."

"Why are you talking such nonsense?" Daniel lowered his head, and without patience he kissed her sweet red lips again.

Janet was an absolutely alluring woman; this, or she had some sort of drug on her lips that made him want to kiss her again and again.

"Jane, I've brought you some takeout food as dinner. Come, quickly..."

The door was pushed open from outside and Janet felt that in that moment her brain had been suddenly blown up.

Daniel was shocked, too. They didn't expect that Jerry would come back right now, and he also forgot to stand up straight the moment he saw him come through the door.

The takeout food nearly dropped out of Jerry's hand, and Jerry looked at the man and woman on the bed with doubt, and said: "I'm so sorry, I forgot to knock at the door."

The door was closed again and Jerry patted his head. He always knocked at the door before he entered his sister's room, but why did he forget to do it this time?

And that man, if he indeed saw what he saw, was Daniel.

How fast their relationship was progressing! Jerry was lost in his thoughts when the door of Janet's room was opened.

Daniel's face had now returned to normal, and he said: "Jerry, I should go now."

'What? He would just leave without leaving any explanation about what had just happened?' He stopped Daniel in his tracks, who was about to go downstairs: "Daniel, I just got hold of the information from my mother that you and Jane are going to be engaged!" That was why Jerry was not angry to see him behaving like that.

But Daniel hesitated for a while and threw out some words: "It's still uncertain."

... Jerry's face suddenly darkened and then walked up towards Daniel closer: "What does that mean? I saw you lying on the bed with my sister, but now you're telling me that the engagement is uncertain? What the hell are you doing?"

"I have done nothing, it was Jane who tempted me to come in in the first place!" 'If

in and out of my car at your free will? No way!"

So Spark had to keep on driving.

Janet bit her underlip a little. She thought to herself, "Daniel, you scheming bastard! Why didn't you tell me that you had an appointment to attend to? Fine, I'll return home by taxi, humph!"

The Bentley stopped at the gates of a company, and Janet clearly saw the company's name "Changsheng Co., Ltd."

A lady in a creamy-white dress stood by the roadside and walked towards the Bentley the moment she laid her eyes on it. She opened one of the backseat doors and got in.

'Oh, she is Miss Song.'

Unlike her impressions on Kate last time, today Kate tied up high of her long hair, and she was in a creamy-white dress, white high-heel shoes, and with a black handbag.

She had on some light makeup and her lips were painted rosy, and this time left the impression that she was actually quite capable and experienced.

Kate, of course, when she entered the car, saw Janet sitting in the front seat too. She asked, "Daniel, aren't we going to meet Mr. Fu?"


"Then why is she..."

"Hey there, pretty girl! I'm Daniel's girlfriend." Janet had turned around and had said just that in her face. And then with a big grin on her face she looked at Kate who was trying in some way to control her facial expressions.

'She is Daniel's girlfriend?' Kate felt heart-broken immediately when she heard this, "Is this true?"

"No" denied Daniel, clearly refusing to save any face for Janet. And to top it all, after Kate had just calmed down, Daniel said, "Kate, be my girlfriend."


This sentence all of a sudden silenced everybody in the car.

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