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   Chapter 18 You Want Me to Spend the Night Here

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Kate looked at Daniel, and spoke with sadness in her voice: "But Daniel, you've already promised me. Why did you change your mind so suddenly?"

Why? Daniel didn't have the slightest idea himself, "I haven't promised you."

Kate touched her hair and probably guessed his reason in her mind. "Daniel, today my father demanded me to get married again..."

Of course, her father didn't urge her at all to marry Daniel Si. She wasn't even Daniel's girlfriend, let alone his fiancee.

Because he wanted to expand his company, her father had demanded of her to marry an old man who was over 30 years older than she was. Kate had to sacrifice her own happiness for her father's company.

"OK, I got it."

Kate bit her lip. "Daniel, if you propose to me, my father will break off my engagement to Leon Feng" said Kate.

"Kate, when I agreed to be with you, I told you I admired you because you are rational and decisive. Do you think you are rational in this moment?"

Daniel closed his eyes and leaned back in the driver's seat, thinking of the angry little face of Janet.

Daniel shook this image off from his mind. He admired the mature and decisive Kate instead of the capricious and stroppy Jane Shao.

Kate felt pain seep into her heart, "Sorry, Daniel. I was too worried and got carried away."

Daniel hated other people who tried to figure out his mind, and Kate didn't know his mind at all at this moment.

"Spark, send Kate back home." Daniel opened the door and got out of the car.

Kate was about to stop him, but held back when she remembered of Daniel's frigid manner.

"Daniel, see you."

Daniel nodded his head and strode up on the alley towards the villa.

Soon after he had made his first money when he was 15, Daniel had moved here from the Eastern Manor.

In the following years he spent most of his time abroad, and therefore seldom lived here. It was not until he took over SL Group officially that he came back here more often.

His villa had never been visited by others, including Kate Song, the only exceptions being his family...

When he passed a villa, his eyes swept to a lighted room up on the second floor. Daniel pulled up his sleeve and saw the shallower tooth marks on his arm.

If Sally hadn't asked him to pick up Jane when she came back home from abroad, he had already forgotten this stroppy little girl.

Every time he took a shower, he would deliberately try to ignore the teeth markings on his arm.

In that year he was bitten by Jane in a restaurant...

Daniel looked at the new tooth prints on the back of his hand and didn't expect to see that even after all this while she was even more hostile and wild than ever.

If he remembered correctly, the lighted room on the second floor was her room.

Suddenly, a scream was heard coming from the room. Daniel felt alarmed and ran to the villa to see what was going on up there.

Daniel looked around and climbed up the sturdy tree next to the house, despite wearing a white silk shirt.

He then jumped to the balcony of the second floor, but saw that the glass window was locked. He frowned and knocked hard at the window.

Janet was playing with her mobile phone. When she heard the knock on the window, she became scared. 'What was that sound?'

"Tok tok tok."

'Who could be knocking at her window?' She picked up a spray deodorant that was o

n the dresser, as there was nothing else to protect herself with.

Janet then dialed 911 and opened the window, but she felt relieved after seeing the familiar face.

Janet threw the spray away, locked her phone screen and angrily opened the window, "Daniel Si, are you out of your mind?" 'How dared he climb up to her window at night!'

Daniel jumped into the room and gazed around. He didn't find anything suspicious.

"Why were you screaming?" Daniel frowned and looked at Janet.

'She decorated her room in such a childish style!"

Right! Janet had almost forgotten about what had happened just a few moments ago. She unlocked her phone, opened the address book, showed it to Daniel and questioned him: "Daniel Si, did you delete the soldier's phone number?"

Daniel ignored her phone and stared at Janet: "So you screamed like that just because I deleted his number?"

"I did! You deleted his number. How can I contact him now, and send Bill letters? I hate you!" Daniel took her phone and threw it on her pink bed.

"Don't get so mad over a such little thing next time!" Then Daniel walked towards the door, and was just about to leave Janet's room.

"Stop. You didn't give me back his phone number! You are not allowed to leave yet!" Janet followed him and pulled his shirt.

Daniel looked at his wrinkled shirt, turned around and stared at Janet with a bad smile painted on his mug: "What? You want me to spend the night here?"

'Spend the night here?' Janet's face instantly turned red. She loosened his shirt at once and said: "As if! Get out! It's annoying to even just see you!"

Her last words irritated Daniel. He had never seen a woman who hated him with so much fervor. He grabbed her by the wrist and pressed her next to him: "Jane Shao, do you really want me to leave?"

They were close to each other, and Janet's face flushed even more. But she quickly straightened up her body and stared at him in the eye: "Of course. What are you going to do about it? Stay here until the Spring Festival?"

After she said this, Daniel threw her on the bed and pressed on her with his body.

Janet was shocked and stared at Daniel with an angry look in her eyes. Seeing Daniel lowering his head, Janet immediately knew what he was going to do next! "Daniel Si, how dare you... hmmm."

No matter how hard she slapped him in the face, Daniel didn't release her. Instead, he tightened his grip and deepened the kiss.

After a long time, Daniel raised his head and looked at Janet, who was now gasping for breath: "Jane Shao, go to work at the 88th floor tomorrow! Besides this, be honest in front of me from now on! Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson!"

Janet was stunned by Daniel's words and his expression. 'Daniel is handsome if you look at him more closely.

He was even more handsome than that soldier. Why hadn't I seen this before?'

And then Janet suddenly had an idea. She pushed away Daniel and pressed him down with her body. She ignored his angry face and raised his chin: "Daniel, you are in my house now. Do you believe me when I say that I'll sue you for trespassing and rap..."

She changed her words in an instant after seeing Daniel's furious eyes, "Robbery!"

Daniel dashed her hand aside, pressed her back against the bed and held her hands above her head. Janet had no chance to resist this rapid series of moves.

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