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   Chapter 17 Now Behave Yourself And Go Back Home

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Now Jordan Han was holding Janet in his arms, unable to be able to either think or move, and Kate Song was hugging Daniel tight in her arms.

The situation they were in was very weird. When he saw what was happening, Spark stepped back a couple of paces and went around them silently and slipped into his Bentley.

Daniel pushed Kate off of him and strode towards Janet, who he rudely dragged down off the man in the army uniform she was up on. "Janet Shao, this is the company's gate!" warned Daniel.

"Of course I know this is the company's gate! Do you think I'm blind?" Janet thought better and decided that she shouldn't listen to Daniel anymore. She couldn't believe that he refused to help her not even in her worst moments of fear!

When she thought of this, Janet felt hurt and her eyes became instantly red. This proved that Daniel did, indeed, really hate her!

"Then take care of your esteem! How ridiculous of you to be climbed on a man here!" She wasn't just hugging him, Janet was climbed up the man with her legs on his waist. Daniel was so furious that rage seemed to be burning in his eyes, and he wasn't even conscious of it.

Facing his blaming words in such a loud voice, Janet suddenly burst into tears: "It's none of your business! I just want to hug him!" Then she threw herself into Jordan's arms again.


Daniel's look in his eyes was so sharp that it seemed it was just about to pierce straight through the soldier who seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.

Kate watched all of this in silence, and judging from Daniel's reaction, she knew that this little girl, who was embracing an unknown man, was not a common girl after all.

Janet cried like a little baby, and Brian fondled her head like a big brother. He stared back at Daniel fearless.

"Mr. Soldier, you are so handsome! Can you please be my boyfriend?" Janet thought that she had to go back and tell her sworn mother that she would not be engaged to Daniel anymore.

Brian, with a smile on his tanned face, asked with a gentle voice: "What's your name?"

Janet choked a little, and after she wiped her tears off, she said to Brian: "My handsome boy, my name is Janet Shao." Brian was dumbfounded when he heard this name.

'Janet Shao...'

Brian's hand stopped and remained still above her head.

When Daniel noticed the strange expressions on Brian's face, he rudely dragged Janet off his

en able to say something so passionate like this before he went away.

However, Janet felt it interesting enough that he wrote a letter, with all the communication ways available that were so convenient nowadays. So she drove out and also bought an envelope and a piece of paper from a store nearby a school.

When she came back, she was surprised to see that Daniel's car was parked in front of the community's gates.

The windows of the back seat were open and Daniel was smoking, with his girlfriend next to him. They were talking about something and Kate laughed happily.

While she was looking at them, the huge Samoyed dog poked out its head and barked out at her.

Janet was so startled that she nearly drove the car off the road. She quickly reacted and carefully turned back the steering wheel, or else the car might have crashed in the green space.

She turned to look around and was about to stare back at the Samoyed dog, but found that the man and the woman in the car were now holding together one another.

'Daniel, you playboy! You promised the engagement on one hand, but on the other hand you're now holding another woman in your arms.' She suspected that he promised her sworn mother the engagement just to insult her even further.

At the thought of this, Janet stepped on the gas and quickly left the premises.

When the Benz disappeared from sight, Kate let go Daniel in the car.

Daniel put out the cigarette in the car's ashtray and, with an unfriendly face, he said to Kate coldheartedly: "Kate, I haven't promised you anything. Never come so close to me again."

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