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   Chapter 16 Why Do You Always Refuse to Help Me Get Out of Trouble

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During breaks, Bill Han ran towards a squad, out of which its members were practicing creeping forward not that far away.

He waved at the military officer who was commanding the training and spoke to him, "Cousin Brian, come on already!"

After he seriously stared at Bill, who was now grinning cheekily, Brian yelled at the team members who were creeping forward: "Fall in!"

More than twenty members of the team stood neatly in a row within only just one minute.

"Take a five-minute break on the spot. Dismissed!"

Brian walked up to Bill, who was waiting for him under a tree. He then took off his service cap and said: "Bill, do you know you've disturbed me during the training? Since this is your first time, you don't have to run the ten kilometers as your punishment. But don't forget, I'll let you off only this time!"

"OK, Brian!" Bill immediately stood up straight on his feet and gave a military-like salute to Brian. His behavior, which looked serious enough, brought a smile on Brian's swarthy face.

"Well. What's up? Tell me, quick!"

Bill anxiously took out an envelope from his pocket and gave it Brian: "Brian, would you please do me a favor?"

Bill was miserable and couldn't get in touch with anyone, because his mobile phone had been confiscated by his grandfather when he was enrolled in the troops. He could only get in touch with the people outside of the camp using the old-fashioned way.

Brian took the military envelope after taking a brief glance at it.

"Please help me send it to Janet, who works at the SL Group." Bill had no chance to use his mobile phone and also couldn't get out of the troops under the strict surveillance he was being put under.

But Brian, who had just been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, could not only get out of the camp, but could also get out with the orderlies at any time, and without any supervision by anyone.

"I won't help you!" Brian handed the envelope back to Bill.

'Such an awful guy! How dare he make me his courier and even ask me to send an envelope to a woman!'

"Brian, I'm so miserable, would you please have mercy on me? If your to-be sister-in-law runs off with anyone else, could you at least be able to bring her back to me?" Bill's grandfather had confiscated Bill's mobile phone and had kept him from contacting Janet, which made him very angry.

Luckily, he met Shirley, who retu

net immediately rushed and clung to him.

She also grabbed the man's neck and climbed up on his body as she did on Daniel's, fearing that the Samoyed would bite her.

Brian, who had just got out of the car, stood immediately rooted and surprised on the spot, and let Janet hold his neck and climb on him as she continually screamed.

Brian stretched out his hand and touched Janet's soft body and smelled her faint scent.

Janet, with a small cheek and a pair of big eyes, was in Brian's arms now, and was staring at him with even bigger and rounder eyes than usual.

She had a pretty nose bridge and a red mouth which was slightly open. Brian, who always kept himself away from women, now even seemed to be a little enamored with her, with the outline of his face turning a bit soft.

He subconsciously held her slender waist with his right hand, and felt he could raise her in the air with only one, since she was very light.

At the sight of this, Daniel yelled at the Samoyed, with his eyes turning black: "Kelsen!" The Samoyed, which was just barking at Janet, ran back, flicking its tail. It then began to lay docile and tamed, next to Daniel.

The Samoyed's owner got out of the car and walked up to Daniel.

She was a beautiful woman with flowing long hair and who wore a black leisure suit and a pair of white sneakers. Janet was stunned by her exquisite face and even forgot to get off of Brian when she saw her.

At this time, the beautiful woman with long hair ran towards Daniel.

Kate Song hugged Daniel and raised herself on tiptoes to kiss him on his cheek.

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