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   Chapter 15 You Take The Engagement As A Trifling Matter

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Janet wanted to pull her hand out of Daniel's, but he gripped it even tighter and warned her: "I advise you to heed me. If you still resist me, I'll throw you out immediately!"

How dare he be so rough to her! When she heard what he was capable of spitting out of his mouth, Janet ground her teeth and tried to raise her right leg to kick him, but Daniel was faster and pressed it back with his own.

Janet was not convinced and now tried to raise her left leg! But this time, Daniel stepped on her foot from the start.

"Ouch! That hurt!" 'The Bastard! Doesn't he know that men should be gentle to women?' Janet raised their hands and bit him.

Daniel looked at Janet furiously. He didn't feel the pain, but felt her soft red lips...

Daniel kept his mouth shut and Janet was embarrassed and loosened her teeth.

Seeing the deep teeth prints etched on his hand, Janet was pleased. She stuck her tongue out and said: "Hahaha! If you get scars on your hand, no one will ever want to marry you!"

Daniel looked at her and sneered. That was absurd. Even if he had scars on his face, he would still have a ton of admirers.

"Mother, I agree with what you said." Daniel eventually let go of Janet's hand. See how he fought her back!

Lola felt more happy and relieved at Daniel's words.

"Great! I'll post the news tomorrow and let everyone know about it."

After hearing their words, Janet loosened her hand immediately and ran up to Lola: "Mom*, I'm not marrying him. He must have his own sinister motives! Trust me, please!" (TN*: sworn mother)

Daniel wanted to be engaged to her? Janet wasn't that stupid to believe that Daniel was free willing to engage her.

"Don't worry, Jane. Daniel is a good boy. If he dares to bully you ever again, we will teach him a lesson he won't ever forget!"

Harry had been quiet for a long time, and hearing Lola's words, he nodded his head.

"Dad, mom, listen to me! I saw Daniel with a girl hugging with each other last nigh. I..."

"Are you jealous?" asked Daniel, who was now comfortably sitting on the couch.


Janet didn't know why Daniel acted so shameless. She suddenly had an idea, and said, "Mom, I agree with what you said."

'Daniel Si, wait and see!'

With both of the children agreeing to the engagement, Lola hugged her husband tight: "Honey, let's hurry up! Let's discuss the engagement of the two children together with Ella."

Harry held his wife and they both soon left.

"Dad, mom, goodbye!" Janet escorted the two elders out with a smile, and Lola looked at her son and shook her head: 'Jane is such a cute and well-behaved girl!'

"Bang!" Janet slammed the door.

She ran towards Daniel and yelled at him:

"Daniel Si, are you out of your mind? You hate me and I hate you. Why did you agree with mom and dad!"

Daniel picked up a box of cigarette on the desk, took out a cigarette and calmly lit it.

"Jane Shao, you assess yourself too highly. Yes, indeed, I agreed to engage you, but we will not get married in the end!"

"So, you take the engagement as a trifling matter?"

Daniel, wrapped in his thoughts, looked at her and said nothing.

Janet had to hold her fist clenched tight so that she wouldn't have to punch him in his face.

"Daniel Si, since you dared to be engaged m

e, just wait and see how I'll cheat on you!" threatened Jane.

She would let him be laughed at by everyone!

'Cheat on him?' These words were unfamiliar to Daniel.

Daniel slowly blew out the smoke out of his mouth and carefully stood up. The man's towering figure intimidated Janet immediately.

"You wouldn't dare cheat on me! Jane Shao, you'll see how I'll teach you a lesson!" He blew a puff of smoke in her face, and Janet couldn't help but cough and be irritated.

After coughing for a long time, Janet pointed at Daniel's nose and said: "Daniel Si, don't be so proud. Wait and see! See how I'll have you fixed!"

Then Janet walked out of the office and slammed the door furiously. Even the window glasses in the office trembled a bit because of the bang.

Daniel flicked some ash into the ashtray and asked Spark to watch out for Janet. He wanted to know every move she was going to do.

Before Janet could arrive back at the Secretary Department, she was stopped by Spark, who curiously smiled at her, and said: "Miss Shao, you have been promoted to Assistant President. Please go to the Assistant President Department where you will be conducting your new activities."

Spark had no idea why the calm and indifferent boss would have nothing else to do but fight with a little girl.

'Assistant president?' Janet held her fists out in the air immediately. 'Did Daniel Si began to fool me now?'

She took a deep breath, loosened her fists, smiled at Spark and spoke in a sweet tone:

"I heard you were Daniel Si's right-hand man. It is enough to have you by his side, I'm just a trainee and know nothing of value. I would just cause you a lot of trouble. So, please tell Daniel Si that I'm not going to be his assistant anytime soon!"

Janet's face turned serious when she uttered her last words, which made Spark be struck dumb with astonishment.

Janet continued to walk towards the Secretary Department after saying this.

But Spark stopped her again and spoke with a depressed look on his face: "Janet Shao, wait a second. The boss said that if I failed to bring you to the 88th floor then I'd be better off to be your assistant instead."

'Be my assistant?' Janet suddenly smiled: "Great! Mr. Shi, may I hire you to be my personal assistant? Let's leave the SL Group together. Salary is not a problem. I'll pay you double the money Daniel already offers you. What do you think about it?"

Spark was shocked at her words. He felt like... they were going to elope.

Spark said: "My annual salary is 10 million. This doesn't include the various bonuses and yearly allowances. If Miss Shao wants to indeed hire me, you should give me at least 30 million."


"Why don't you rob a bank!" Janet was now depressed.

Spark pushed his spectacles frame, cleared his throat and said: "So, Miss Shao, don't try to fight with the boss. Let's go now to the 88th floor!"

"No!" Janet left immediately, leaving Spark behind.

He was shocked by this little girl's attitude.

In the Special Force Corps of the General Military Region of C Country.

The vigorous and orderly pace of soldiers and loud slogans were staged here every day.

In A Detachment.

A man was doing exercises with his recruits, and his fair skin had tanned in just a few days.

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