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   Chapter 14 Daniel Gets Along Pretty Well With His Girlfriend

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"Why did Jane slap you?" asked Lola. She looked her straight in the eye.

She knew that Jane was little feisty sometimes, but Jane would never hurt anyone for no reason.

Eh... Linda was embarrassed; she tried to open her mouth and utter some words, but nothing seemed to be coming out.

"Speak!" demanded Daniel. And Linda startled to blurt it out, " Because I accused her that she seduced our CEO. Everyone knows the rumor."

Daniel looked thoughtful, 'Could our last meeting have caused this lot of trouble to Jane?

I thought she was grumpy. But why didn't she complain about it?'

Lola let go of Janet, stepped in front Linda with an explicit sneer on her face and looked at all the people who were now lowering their heads, "Listen up: Janet is not only a godchild to me, she will also be my daughter-in-law. If any of you bully her or backbite her again, I swear you will be kicked out of the SL Group forever."

Her words created a heated discussion again between the employees in the secretary department. Was Janet the CEO's fiancee?

Janet was also dumbfounded when she heard this. When did she become Daniel's fiancee? How couldn't she have known that?

Daniel looked at his mischievous mother and frowned. He had to talk with her at once about what was happening.

Not here, but in his office.

"Mother, I am not..." Janet tried talking, but Lola's wink stopped her.

Daniel closely watched Janet. Huh? How was it then that Jane wanted to keep a distance with him?

"I don't know the source of the rumor, but flirting is normal in a relationship. There is no such thing as this seduction rumor! Everyone should focus instead on their own own work. If you spread this kind of rumor again, you will, I repeat, be immediately fired from the SL Group!"

Lola showed enough respect to Janet in front of the others to protect her from being bullied again.

At the CEO's office on the 88th floor.

Janet and Lola sat on the couch, and Harry and Daniel were talking about their business affairs. Lola took a brocade box out of her bag and handed it to Janet.

"Jane, darling, won't you try something on you? Here, have a look at these." Lola opened the box and took out a pair of earrings.

Below the ear stud hung a shiny pink teardrop-shaped diamond. The earrings were simple-looking, but delicate and elegant, and Janet instantly fell in love with them.

This pair of earrings was not that expensive, but Lola knew that they suited Jane well, and therefore she bought them for her.

The surprise in Jane's eyes betrayed her feelings. Lola knew that she would love them!

"They are beautiful. Mother, are they really for me?" Janet still couldn't take her eyes off the earrings.

Lola now sat closer to her. Janet usually wore nothing on her ears, and people who knew little or nothing about her would have misunderstood that she couldn't afford jewelry. But in fact Jane simply did not like to wear jewelry.

Being like a pearl held in the palm most of the time, Jane never worried about this kind of issues.

Lola took them out and put them on Jane's ears one by one.

"What a beauty! You are so pretty, my child! Just a simple pair of earrings can make you flush and bring color in you cheek

s!" Lola's praise had made Janet blush.

"Mother, stop it! I feel embarrassed now. Thank you very much, I love your present!" They two hugged each other tight.

Daniel somehow got close to them, "Jane, are you sheepish? I thought your skin was thick enough to be bulletproof."

Janet was in a good mood. On hearing this, she suddenly let go of Lola and stared at Daniel furiously.

These words were mean, and Lola recognized his true intentions.

And it occurred to Janet that her sworn parents were still present in the room. She suddenly switched to another emotional mode, and pretended to feel wronged instead of angry, "Daniel, you are hurting me, you make me feel so pitiful..." And Janet started sobbing.

"Daniel, How dare you bully her like that in front of us. You have no shame, and today I will teach you a lesson to remember!" Lola stood up fiercely from the couch and slapped Daniel on his back.

Daniel, a 25 year-old CEO of the transnational SL Group, was slapped in his office by his mother because of a woman...

And the woman tittered, totally ignoring his fierce glares.

Harry stopped his wife, " All right, stop it. Someone will see you if they come in."

Lola stopped and gave her son a judgmental stare.

"Daniel, take some time off work in two days. We are going to discuss the engagement between Jane and you with your sworn parents."

Before Daniel had a chance to refuse, Janet shot straight off from the couch and held Lola's arm in a hurry, "Mother, I could never get along with Daniel. Besides, he already has a girlfriend. Please, drop the engagement!"

"No! He is responsible for you!" Lola knew something about her son.

Janet quickly smiled grovelingly, "Mother, calm down, this is all a misunderstanding. Daniel gets along well with his girlfriend, and it would be wrong to rip them apart. We'd better...

"I do not have girlfriend!" spoke Daniel. That woman was not his girlfriend after all.

Janet bit back her unspoken words.

She closed her eyes, angry and speechless. Why was Daniel such a drag on her?

Lola was delighted. She held Jane by her hand, and held Daniel's too, and put them together.

Daniel wanted to draw his hand back, and Janet struggled even harder to do the same thing.

'Humph? She hates me so much?' There must have been something wrong with Daniel, because he grasped Janet's hand even more tightly instead.

So that Janet would now never get rid of him...

Lola shared a meaningful look for her son. She knew what was going on here.

"Daniel, you have hugged her. Aren't you responsible for her now?" Janet looked at Daniel who had an unbelievably grim face. His slender fingers were holding her hand tighter and tighter.

The warmth coming from his palm made her blush.

"I not only hug you, but also kiss you. It seems that I have to marry you." Daniel sounded indifferent, and Janet could not tell his mood or what he was really feeling.


Lola chuckled, let go of them, and stepped back to her husband. Daniel nodded to her, meaning that the two might be a promising couple after all.

Girls were girls, and just a little bit of banter could easily turn their face red in an instant. It was fun for Daniel to tease her.

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