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   Chapter 13 Do You Want To Be Fired

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"OK. Let's talk about Jerry and Sally's marriage sometimes." Speaking of Jerry and Sally's marriage, Ella finally smiled.

Then they hung up the phone.

"Take it easy. Lola will go to the company tomorrow and see how is Jane doing there." Ella took a glance at Samuel. 'He can rest assured now!'

Samuel nodded and said: "I feel relieved. Thank you!"

At the SL Group

There were a few parking space on the square, and Janet was too lazy to park in the underground car park. She drove around the square and finally found one.

When Janet was busy backing up her car, a red BMW parked on the parking space she wanted.

Janet got out of the car and stopped the owner of the BWM: "Excuse me, I found this parking space first. I was just backing the car!"

One of Janet's virtues was that she never goaded others first. Even when she encountered this kind of situations, she always tried the fairest means before ever resorting to force.

However, the girl seemed to look down on Janet. She gave Janet a cold stare and immediately left the parking space.

Looking at her figure, Janet felt angry. She got back into her car and parked it close in front of the BMW.

The BMW was now being sandwiched by a park behind and Janet's Mercedes in the front. 'Let's wait and see!'

After parking her car, Janet took a quick look at the BMW, snorted and entered the company's building with her bag in her hand.

It was almost noon now, and some colleagues went out for lunch. When Janet was printing some documents, someone called out to her: "Janet Shao, the beauty Linda Yang of the Public Relations Department is looking for you."

Linda Yang? The name was quite strange to Janet and besides, she had never worked with the Public Relations Department before. Why was she looking for her?

Janet wondered who she was and walked through the Secretary Department hall. A girl wearing rose red casual clothes had her back to her.

This girl in rose red clothes was the same as the one who drove the BMW this morning.

The girl turned around and stared at Janet: "Janet Shao, I heard you seduced the boss. You bitch, how dare you park your car in front of mine? Do you want to be fired?"

'Seduced the boss?' It turned out this was what the colleagues had thought of her behind her back all along.

"I quit. You can fire me all you want!" said Janet indifferently.

"You!" Linda didn't expect she would say it this way and didn't know what to say for a moment, "Do you think I won't find your manager?"

Linda was a recognized beauty in the company. Many people gathered around to see the fight between her and Janet Shao, who recently was now actually a popular girl in the company.

"Find my manager? Go ahead." She hated being threatened!

Linda stared at her furiously, "Wait and see. Now, move your car!"

"I already told you this morning that I found the parking space first. You ignored it!" Janet spread her hands and was about to return to the Secretary Department to finish her work.

"Stop! A bitch who seduced the boss is not qualified to stay in the company!" cried Linda, looking at Janet's figure.

Her words now igni

ted Janet's anger. She returned around and grabbed Linda's clothes: "Say it again. Just wait and see how I'll fix you!"

Linda had heard that Janet knew Kong Fu, but she was not afraid at all of her, since there were security guards in the company: "You are a bitch who seduced the boss!"

"Slap!" Janet gave Linda a hard slap.

People around them were shocked: "Holy crap! How dare Janet beat Linda!"

"It is said Linda is supported by... the boss!"

"What? I also heard it. Was it because Janet was jealous of Linda?"


All colleagues of the Secretary Department were now out and were talking about it.

Linda was already in the company for three or four years, and she had never felt so humiliated like this. She raised her hand and was about to slap Janet back.

"Stop!" A sharp voice came from behind them.

Seeing the other people coming at the scene, everyone took a deep breath.

"Mr. Si, Mrs. Si!" Everyone greeted the chairman and his wife and stepped back to let them pass.

The first cry had come from Harry. Now, Lola also opened her mouth, "Everyone stays here!"

Lola, nearing 50, still looked very young. She was wearing a green cape with peony embroidery, a pair of white trousers and white high heels.

She looked elegant and noble.

Everyone was scared breathless by these two people, and only Janet was excited. She was about to lunge at them, but stopped all of a sudden when she realized they were in the company.

Lola gave her a glance of encouragement and stretched out her hands. Janet understood it and lunged to them cheerfully, "Mom, dad*"! (Janet was their sworn daughter.)

Her words shocked everyone at once. 'Janet Shao called Harry Si and Lola Li dad and mom?'

After hearing that the chairman and his wife came, Kim, the manager of the Secretary Department, and even Daniel and Spark went down to the 21st floor.

"Jane, we haven't seen you for a long time. You are thinner. Is it because you are tired of work or that someone bullied you?"

"Girls pursue a slender body shape." Even Harry was gentle and delicate to Janet. Everyone began to recall how they treated Janet.

"Dad, mom! When did you come back? Why didn't you call me? I would've picked you up at the airport." Janet held Lola's arm and looked at them with a sweet smile on her face.

All the elders had been so nice to Janet ever since she was a kid, including her uncle, aunt, Harry, Lola, Chuck, Daisy, Joseph and Lillian!

"What? I told Daniel to tell you of my flight. Didn't he do it?"

The door of the elevator opened, and Daniel walked out royally.

"No. I was busy." Daniel didn't seem to feel ashamed at all and stood beside his father and mother.

He greeted them respectfully, "Father, mother."

Harry nodded to him, and Lola snorted and planned to deal with Jane's matter first, "What were you going to do?" She questioned Linda.

Although Linda was admired by so many colleagues, she had to lower her head in front of the wife of the chairman, "Mrs. Si, Janet Shao beat me just now! Look at my face!"

Linda put down her right hand, and a clear palm shape was drawn on her snowy-white face.

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