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   Chapter 12 Don't Try to Seduce Me

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Daniel held the cigarette between his index and middle fingers and gave her a glance: "You are a lady?"

Janet almost spat blood out of her mouth in anger. She was discontented, and walked up to Daniel and straightened her back in front of him: "You dare doubt me?! Let me show you what kind of a woman I am!"

Her next move made Daniel choke on his cigarette smoke.

She started unbuttoning her shirt, and when Daniel had finished coughing, his eyes had already become bigger and wilder.

Fortunately, she wore a white sun-top inside, which suddenly relieved Daniel. But when he saw her body curve again, his mind turned blank at once.

Without knowing it, he started breathing faster. Janet looked at his face and buttoned up her shirt with satisfaction.


'Creak' The meeting room was now open, and Kim froze at what she saw.

Daniel drew back his sight, and coldly said: "Janet Shao, don't try to seduce me. It won't work on me! Get back to work at once!"


Kim immediately understood what was going on.

And Janet broke down in an instant.

Daniel acted as if he did not feel Janet's anger, and kept speaking coldheartedly: "I already have a girlfriend. Janet Shao, you should remember that at all times and keep away from me!"


Janet freaked out immediately and threw a punch at him. Daniel was agile and immediately dodged that her fist missed him and her whole body fell forward.

Daniel slightly moved and Janet eventually fell into his arms.

Okay! It was now harder to explain what was going on.

Seeing the smug Daniel above her, Janet wanted to cry but couldn't shed any tears. Ahahah! She wanted to kill Daniel with all her heart!

So, before she started to work again, a rumor had gone all over the company that the new employee in the secretarial department, Janet Shao, had tried to seduce the CEO himself.

Plus, Kim didn't tell people who Janet really was, so Janet was isolated in no time.

She even was the last one to eat during lunch breaks, and her colleagues always left her on duty in the secretarial department. And when it was her turn to eat, she didn't have enough time before she started work again. So she ate lunch as quickly as a Guerrilla War happened every single day.

This went on everyday, so Janet was about to freak out. She was not happy about anything recently happening in her life.

Fortunately, Ella always encouraged her when she was at home in the evening. Seeing how tired his daughter was, Samuel's heart was in grave pain.

This day, gripping on to her empty stomach with one hand, Janet slowly walked out of the company.

It was dark outside, and Janet sadly looked at the people in the square that were passing by her.

She was really upset, and often thought how long could she still find the power in herself to still hang in there. And now she actually didn't want to stay at this company anymore.

She hadn't seen Daniel since that day.

In the meeting room, it was never her turn to serve drinks to the bosses, and they always let her do some work without any chance of improvement or promotion.

She always was sent out to buy coffee, pick up water or to get the mail.

Janet had no working experience whatsoever and no one was willing to tell her what to do. So she just had to go ahead and do it.

She hated this job now and would like to quit.

She walked to the parking lot and picked up her car key from her bag. Her attention was caught by a couple in a black Bentley parked next to her car.

They cuddl

ed intimately and the woman, dressed in Sapphire blue suit, sat with her back to Janet.

The man who sat facing towards her was Daniel, who she had not seen for tens whole days, and who was now staring at her.

The woman that was in his arms was maybe his so-called girlfriend.

It turned out that he, indeed, did have a girlfriend.

She was already depressed as she was, so was in no mood at all to greet Daniel. Climbing in the driver's seat, she started the car and slowly drove away.

Back at home, Ella had already made dinner and was waiting for her to return.

Janet had tears in her eyes when she saw her parents.

Samuel was the first one to notice what was wrong with his daughter. He put John on the crawling carpet and walked up to Janet: "What's the matter, Jane?"

After changing out of her shoes, Janet couldn't help but cry. She jumped into Samuel's arms and said: "Daddy, mommy, I missed you so much!"

"Oh, dear, what's the matter? What happened? Who gave you a hard time? Are you ill?" Samuel looked at his crying daughter and his heart broke in thousand of pieces.

Janet shook her head and, somehow, she remembered Daniel hugging the woman in the car. When she remembered that scene, she started crying even harder.

"Jane, please tell dad what's happening. Are you upset because of the job? Don't go tomorrow. Daddy will support your every decision." Ella and Lola's plan was good, but he couldn't let his daughter suffer this.

"What's wrong? Jane?" Ella came out of the kitchen, put the dinner on the table and hurried over to her daughter.

Janet shook her head and jumped from her father's arms to her mother's.

"Jane, tell mom all about it. Who gave you a hard time?" Ella looked at her daughter with her heart broken. Her Jane was always strong and optimistic, and now it was the first time that they saw her cry so hard.

When she was done crying, Janet was in a better mood. She was going to tell her parents how sad she was at first, but she didn't want them to worry about her.

"Nothing, daddy, mommy. Just something from work. No big deal."

Samuel had indeed known it! It was a work thing! "Tomorrow you won't go to work. I will call Harry." So he picked up his phone and started to call Harry.

"Dad, no. Maybe it's because it's my first job, so I don't fit in right away. Give me more time. If I really don't want to do it anymore, I won't go there even if you ask me to."

Janet wanted to hold on for longer. And she thought that she was actually happy during work hours, except for the fact of being isolated.

Samuel couldn't change her mind so he put down his phone.

Janet got back to her room after dinner, and talked to Shirley over the phone.

Samuel finished bathing and told Ella to call Lola and ask where she was.

Just when they were back at the mansion, Lola and Harry received the call from Ella. She heard that Jane was upset because of the job.

Lola promised to Ella: "Don't worry. It is late now. Tomorrow I will go to the company and check it. If Daniel dares to bully Jane again, I will teach him a lesson!"

Hearing that, Ella was relieved. It was not convenient for her and Samuel to show up in the SL Group. Lola would be the best person for this.

"Hum, okay, Lola. Sorry to bother you."

"Never mind. It was my idea to ask Jane to work there, and I must know how she is doing in the company." Because Jane had just graduated, she had to support her in the company so that no one would bully her out of her lack of experience.

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