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   Chapter 11 I'll Let Him Rot In Jail

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Mr. Xue was now very nervous. 'Jerry Shao, Janet Shao... Damn it!' he thought. He seemed to have screwed around with the wrong people!

But he did it under the desk, and nobody had seen what he did. He just stubbornly refused to admit it!

Janet was mad at Daniel and was reluctant to accept his offer. She took back her phone and said, "Jerry, I'm going to sue him! I'll let him rot in jail!"

Jerry comforted his sister, "Jane, I trust you. I'll wait for Daniel's call."

"Why do you have to wait for Daniel's call? He wants me to leave. You say you trust me, but actually you don't!"

Janet was so disappointed with Jerry that she decided to call her dad instead!

Before Jerry could say anything, Janet said, "I'll call Samuel!" And then she hung up the phone on him.

When Janet was dialing her father's number, Daniel took away her phone, "Knock it off! Let me handle it!"

Daniel inadvertently saw the burns on Janet's hand and his eyes darkened in an instant.

Janet bit her lower lip. 'He is the boss. Let's just see what he's going to do.' Janet found a place and sat down, waiting for Daniel to handle the delicate matter.

Daniel immediately asked the doctor to treat Janet's burned hand.

There were only Daniel, Spark, Mr. Xue, Mr. Ming and Janet in the meeting room.

Daniel sat at the head of the desk without uttering a single word, tapping it with his fingers for a long time.

The coldness he radiated gradually repressed the atmosphere in the meeting room, giving a chilly sensation to all those present in the room.

Mr. Xue fixed his clothes from time to time, and Mr. Ming was also a little bit nervous after hearing that Janet was indeed Samuel Shao's daughter.

Spark sat there calm, just like Daniel did. He looked at Janet, who was constantly fuming with anger, and thought that she looked funny.

When Janet was about to impatiently open her mouth, Daniel said: "Mr. Xue, we have worked together for several years. Surely you must know what I hate the most, don't you?"

Mr. Xue was deceptive, and he cleared his throat before he spoke: "Mr. Si, I have worked with you for many years. When have I ever deceived you? This little girl is lying."

Janet was about to defend herself, but Daniel cast a warning glance at her and Janet closed her mouth.

"Mr. Xue, which part of Janet's body did you touch?"

"I didn't touch her!"

"Then why did Janet say you touched her hand?"

Before Janet was going to say anything in her defense, Mr. Xue said involuntarily, "Bullshit. I touched her..."

And the case was entirely cleared at that moment.

Daniel stoop up, walked towards Mr. Xue fast like a gust of wind, dragged him and took him in front of Janet.

Daniel kicked Mr. Xue's knee crease with his new leather shoes, and Mr. Xue fell and kneeled in front of Janet immediately. Daniel ordered him viciously, "Apologize!"

Janet wanted to stand up, but Daniel pushed her back down to the chair.

Mr. Xue looked at Daniel with an embarrassed expression on his face, "Mr. Si, you can't do this to me. You know the Xue family..."

Daniel didn't listened to him at all. He walked behind Mr. Xue and kicked his back, and Mr. Xue was forced to give Janet a kowtow.

"I repeat, apologize!"

Daniel's cold and severe voice frightened everyone in the meeting room.

Mr. Xue was scared to death, "Sorry, Miss Shao. Please forgive me, it's all my fault!"

Janet went blank for a moment. Sh

e nodded her head stiffly and was not angry anymore.

Mr. Xue was taken away by the security staff who were already called in by Spark. Daniel spoke something in Spark's ear, then Spark also left the room.

There were only Daniel and Janet left in the meeting room now.

Janet knew Daniel didn't like her, so she didn't intend to humiliate herself any longer. She stood up and started to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Daniel, with a lazy voice behind her.

Janet turned around and found that Daniel was leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed.

"I'm going home." She didn't want to see Daniel anymore, nor work for others. She decided that she wanted to study pastry.

She turned her back around and was about to open the door.


Janet sneered, opened the door and went out.

No more than five seconds later and Janet was pulled back to the meeting room. It happened so fast, in the blink of an eye, that even the secretaries outside the meeting room were confused.

They seemed to have seen something just now, but now there was nothing there.

The meeting room's door was closed silently behind her.

In the meeting room.

Janet was pressed against the back of the door by Daniel's body. He put one hand beside her head and the other in his pocket.

"Go away!"

Holding the angry little girl, Daniel pinched her chin with his right hand and raised her head to face him.

"I have asked Spark to cut his hand off and put him in jail for ten years. Are you satisfied with this?"

'Satisfied?' After hearing that Mr. Xue's hand was about to be cut off, Janet froze and couldn't move a single muscle.

Although she was crazy and indeed she wanted to cut his hand at that moment, Janet was now a little bit afraid when she heard that this might actually happen.

"No. Just put him in jail." She dared not think of the bloody scene that might happen.

Daniel smiled and said nothing. 'She is just an innocent girl. Her face turned white after she heard that Mr. Xue's hand was about to be cut off.'

"Get back to work."

Even Daniel knew he had done something wrong a few moments ago, but he was not willing to apologize to her whatsoever.

The subject was changed successfully, and Janet pointed at the uniform behind him, "The uniform is damaged. Do you think I can still get back to work?"

She did not intend to ask for trouble here!

"It's just a uniform. Does the SL Group lack in uniforms? Or, are you frightened?" He could easily achieve his goal by annoying this little girl on and on.

'A coward?' Janet fell into his trap immediately. She puffed out her cheeks and pushed Daniel away, "Are you kidding! Janet Shao is not a coward!"

Daniel's features now softened, "Then get back to work at once, I haven't started the game yet. Jane, are you going to run away?"

Janet fought back, "Do I think I'm a fool? Fight with you, in your own company? I'm sure I will certainly lose!" With such a charming face, Daniel must have a dozen of admirers in the company.

'Good! She is not a fool.'

"Then work hard and try to be a regular worker as soon as possible. Then my mother will invest in your shop."

Janet blushed with embarrassment, "How do you know this?"

Daniel leaned on the desk behind him, took out the the cigarette box in his pocket, took out a cigarette and lit it.

"Daniel Si, did you know it is very impolite to smoke in front of a lady?"

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