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   Chapter 10 She was Even More Arrogant than the CEO

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"You bitch! What nonsense are you talking about! Ouch!" Mr. Xue was helped up by some people, and he fully denied what he had just done.

"Did you call me a bitch? Do you know who I am? Do you know who my brother is and who my father is? And my sworn father and mother?" Regardless of the pain that was coming from her injured hand, Janet escaped Daniel's control and again kicked Mr. Xue's big belly with her foot.

Mr. Xue howled in pain again: "You bitch, I am not scared of any of them, even if they are bigwigs or the king! I will definitely charge you, until the moment that you are sentenced to death! Where is my lawyer? Go and ask my lawyer to come here at once!"

'What background could a worker, who serves tea to guests, actually have? I have been around here a lot, and you take me as a coward?'

Daniel dragged Janet to the corner and said: "Jane, sit still here! Dare you move one step!"

The anger from his eyes made Janet feel even more heart-broken. She massaged her painful hand and said: "He acted indecently towards me! I must kill him!"

"Calm down, let me handle it!" Daniel was capable of handling and mediating any sort of situation with calm and peace. But Janet's behavior always triggered his anger.

The doctor came in with a medicine box. Without noticing the scalds on Janet's hand, Daniel said to the doctor: "Go and check Mr. Xue's wounds."

"Daniel, there's no need to check that bad man!" Janet was massaging the back of her hand, which was totally red.

Daniel turned around and gave her a quick stare: "Shut up!"

Janet was frightened by Daniel's angry stare, and she curled her lips and shrank in the corner.

"Mr. Si, I have applied some basic treatment, but we still need to send him to the hospital." The doctor took off the mask and reported to Daniel.

Mr. Xue stood up from his chair and walked towards Janet, "Come to me, I will teach you a lesson today! You worthless thing!"

But before his hands reached Janet, Daniel's arms were already in the way between them.

"Mr. Xue, it's more important to go to the hospital first and handle the wounds."

Mr. Xue stared at Janet who was also in her rage: "No, I am waiting for my lawyer. I've got to make this bitch pay for what she's just done to me!"

"What bitch?" Janet kicked his leg one more time.

Mr. Xue was so angry that his face instantly flushed up, and he pointed at Janet without a word.

Hearing of what just happened, Kim rushed to the meeting room. When she found out that the new comer had offended their client, he blamed Janet at once: "Janet Shao, this is the SL group, and Mr. Xue is one of our most important clients. How can you hurt our client like this? Apologize now, at once!"

"Why should I apologize? He started it!"

She felt humiliated in an instant, as it was out of Kim's expectation that Janet would answer her back so quickly and straightforward. She took an embarrassed glance at Mr. Xue, who was now nearly fainting, and said: "Janet Shao, apologize now! Or you'll be fired!"

"Fine! Who cares?" Janet pushed Daniel away and walked outside the meeting room.

"Stop there and wait for my lawyer. Dare you try to escape your punishment!" At the point of gripping Janet's hand back, Mr. Xue was slapped hard across his face by her.

Poor him! He had just been scalded and now was also slapped. It was so painful that he could hardly speak anything at all.

"Enough!" scolded Daniel. He lost his patience after seeing this mockery. Now everyone was quiet.

"Jane... Janet, make an apology first." Daniel was about to call her Jane, but thought that it was not proper during working time, so he corrected his words immediately.

However, on hearing how Daniel called Janet, Kim suspected that

they might already been close acquainted to one another.

There was a great chance of this being true! Janet got this job on some inner relations. There wasn't any such precedent in the SL group. This indicated that Janet might indeed have a strong background.

Janet was so sad at what Daniel had said.

"I won't apologize to him and I am not afraid of any charges. You are kidding me!"

"Don't bring any trouble onto your brother!" Daniel was talking with Spark just now when things started happening, so he really didn't see things that clear. Daniel would have believed anyone else but Janet, but she was so wayward that it was hard for him to judge whether it was her fault or not. So he put the interests of the whole situation above everything else, and decided to let Janet make any trouble afterwards, in private.

"Should I suffer from injustice just for the reason of not bringing trouble to my brother? Daniel, if he is your important client, then what about me? Let alone other things, at least I am your staff member. How can you let your staff be bullied by others so easy?"

Janet was not only very wayward but also was a very clever talker, which made suddenly Daniel speechless.

Her father had always spoiled her too much, and this had resulted in her arrogance. Daniel thought that if he ever had a daughter in the future, he would definitely not spoil her like Samuel did with Jane.

And his own father had also spoiled his elder sister and younger sister so much that he was eager to give them everything they ever wanted, including the stars and the moon in the sky, if it were possible.

His elder sister's character was better, but his younger sister Sally was almost as wayward as Jane was.

"If this is only a misunderstanding, let's take the time to solve it. But if someone really did something wrong here, I won't let it go so easily!"

Daniel's sharp voice made Mr. Xue shrink in an instant.

For Janet, it was impossible to apologize to him. It had been so benevolent of her for not charging him yet. How could she make an apology now? Ho, ho*. (*TN: a mimetic word for chuckle)

"Daniel Si, I resign!" Janet took off her suit coat in front of the crowd and violently threw it to the ground. Then she started moving her feet and was ready to leave the meeting room.

Everybody was shocked by Janet's wayward behavior. Was this the right attitude a staff worker should have? She was even more arrogant than the CEO, she was... a spoiled little princess.

Janet had gone abroad since high school, and many people didn't recognize her anymore.

At that moment, Mr. Xue's lawyer, who had to be present for the meeting anyway, finally arrived.

On seeing his lawyer, Mr. Xue threw a glance at Janet, and he seemed to now be regaining his confidence. "Mr. Ming, don't let her go. I was disfigured by her and I must charge her!"

Janet gave Mr. Xue a disgusting eyesight, walked towards a man, who was charmed by her, in the room, and said: "I want to borrow your mobile phone for a moment."

"OK." The man still had his eyes on Janet's perfect build and passed her the phone like a fool.

Janet dialed a phone number in front of the crowd, and spoke in an arrogant tone: "Jerry Shao, someone here acted indecently towards me just now and I have to charge him at once!"

Jerry Shao? The lawyer gave an uneasy glance at Mr. Xue.

Mr. Xue seemed to understand his worries and spoke in a low voice: "Jerry Shao? Is this the son of Samuel Shao?"

The lawyer nodded.

Daniel took the phone in Janet's hand and said: "Jerry, I will handle it, don't worry about this."

Jerry said something on the other side of the phone and Daniel nodded: "He would come to no good if what Janet said is true."

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