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   Chapter 9 Nobody Knew Why Daniel Frowned

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It was the rush hour now, and some employees even covered their mouths in amazement when they saw what was happening.

Who was that girl that dared to take the same elevator with the boss and even to provoke him? Oh my god! Did she want to die?

The exclusive elevator was slowly closing, but opened at the very last moment, "Get out!"

Daniel pressed the open button and drove the girl away with no remorse.

"Like I care!" Janet snorted and got off the elevator ostentatiously.

All the employees that were outside the elevator were shocked. When Daniel cast a brief cold glance at them, they all flocked into another elevator.

Only Janet was left alone. She had to wait for the next elevator.

On the 21st floor.

Janet caught an employee and asked her, "Hi! Could you please tell me where the new employee registration is?"

"Over there." The employee seemed very busy. She gave her brief directions and then immediately left on her way with a pile of documents in her hands.

Janet followed the directions and saw a manager's office.

Wearing wedged heels on her feet, Janet walked up to the office and knocked at the door. "Come in."

In the office, a middle-aged woman who wore a business suit and frame glasses took a quick glance at Janet, then lowered her head and continued to sort out the documents she was handling.

"Good morning, manager. I'm Janet Shao, the new employee."

New employee? She must be the person that was introduced by the chairman himself. But the chairman said that there was no need for special treatment.

"Em. During the internship, Kim Fan will be responsible for you. Go and find her."

"OK. Thank you." Janet left the office, asked another colleague and finally found Kim.

Kim was in uniform. She heard that there would be a new colleague who entered the secretarial department through the back door, and it turned out to be this girl!

Kim measured Janet up and down, from head to tow, and noticed she looked young, "How old are you?"

Janet did not know if she should feel happy or sad, "I'm 22."

"Follow me. Change into your uniform and start working."

Kim took her to the staff's dressing room and gave her a new black uniform.

Janet took the set of clothes and briefly hesitated. She used to wear new clothes only after she had washed them first. But this was impossible now. She decided to wear them like they were.

Janet then walked out of the dressing room and started attracting people's attention.

The little girl had become more mature in her appearance after dressing in the black office uniform. Several male colleagues even whispered between them that Janet Shao was sexy in the uniform.

Janet pulled her tight skirt. She had never worn a tight skirt before and was not used to wearing it now.

Kim showed her a seat, "It will be your desk from now on."

"OK. Thank you." Janet was about to sit down at her desk.

But Kim stopped her, "Don't worry. Follow me to the meeting room now. Some important partners will come."

In the meeting room, on the 22nd floor.

"The partners are here. Go and serve tea with Gigi." Kim called over Gigi Du, a senior employee, and asked Jan

et to assist her.

Kim left. Janet saw Gigi preparing six glasses of green tea and one cup of sugar free coffee.

"Take the tea and give them to the suppliers." Gigi took a cup of coffee herself and left.

Janet looked at the six glasses of tea on the tray, took a deep breath and held them up.

She had never done this before, but she had learned Taekwondo for many years, and was not that weak to hold six glasses of tea.

"Hurry up!" Gigi impatiently urged Janet, who was behind her with the tea. Janet was afraid to spill out the cups and had to be extra-careful with them.

"OK. Wait."

Gigi gave Janet an angry look, pushed the door of the meeting room open and walked in.

Janet followed her and became the focus of all the people in the room.

White shirt, women's black suit jacket, knee-length tight skirt and snowy-white legs. What a view!

Daniel took a glance at Janet, who was serving tea earnestly, and slightly frowned.

Nobody knew why Daniel frowned.

Janet put down the tray on the desk and was finally relieved. She shook her sore arms, held a glass of tea in the air, and put it in front of a partner.

"Excuse me, have some tea please." She gently put the tea in front of everybody, just like Gigi did.

Janet was about to serve the final glass. But the man touched her leg naturally or half unconsciously.

Janet paused and clenched her teeth.

She told herself that he didn't really mean it.

She continued to serve the tea, but the man put his hand on her leg again.

Janet trembled with anger, and the boiling tea spilled directly on her hand.

Ouch! Janet closed her eyes. At this moment, someone was already curious about what had just happened there.

Janet opened her eyes, and anger seemed to blaze out of them. Daniel looked at her and murmured, "Damn it!"

The next second, Janet threw the cup of tea into the man's face.

"Ouch! My face!" The man screamed and covered his face immediately.

The meeting room was in a mess.

"Call the doctor." Daniel stood up and said to Spark, who was next to him, calmly.

Gigi gave a tissue to the man and blamed Janet, who was now rubbing her sore hand: "Janet Shao, what are you doing? Do you know that Mr. Xue is one of our biggest clients?"

Mr. Xue wiped his face with the tissue. His plump face now turned red completely.

He gave Janet a ferocious look and said, "I'm going to sue you for disfiguring!"

Janet replied scornfully, "Fine. In addition to disfiguring, you can also sue me for malicious injury!"

Daniel was now standing aside. After hearing her words, he immediately stretched out his hand and tried to stop her. But Janet was closer to Mr. Xue than he was. She kicked the chair behind him and gave him a shoulder throw!

All the people in the meeting room were shocked.

Before Janet could beat Mr. Xue again, Daniel took control of her arms, and said "Jane Shao, stand there!"

"Why should I stand there? This stinky man, how dare he touches me! I'm going to beat him to death today!" Janet stared at the man who was in pain and wailing mournfully on the ground. In her 22-years of life, she had never seen a bastard like him before.

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