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   Chapter 8 Arrange A Job for Jane in the SL Group

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Janet sniffled and said, "Mother*, Daniel molested me last evening and didn't have the right at all to do what he did to me. He also threw me out of his office when I wanted to talk to him just to hurt me and make me feel ashamed of myself. I'm so embarrassed now..." She continued to cry. (*TN: Here mother means sworn mother)

"What!? Daniel molested you and threw you out of his office? What a horrible man he is, I must help you teach him a lesson! Please wait, and don't panic!" When Lola heard that her son molested Jane, she smiled with the corners of her mouth turned upwards. But she instantly felt very upset when she heard that Daniel had thrown Jane out of his office.

"Thank you. Mother. You're the best!"

"Jane, just wait for my call!"

Lola called her son straight away after she spoke with Jane. Harry, who was with her, glanced at her with a confused look in his eyes.

Daniel stood in front of his office window, smoking a cigarette and looking at the company's gates. Although it was far, and he could't see anything clearly, he still looked down towards the gate.

When he heard the phone on his desk ringing, he instantly got a bad feeling. After he blew the last puff of smoke out from his mouth, he walked up to his office desk and answered it.

It was, indeed, his mother calling.

Instead of dealing with the problem in other possible ways, Jane could only just complain.


"Daniel Si!" Daniel held his phone far away from his ear. It was the first time he had heard his mother to be so angry with him.

"Mother, what's up?"

When hearing her son speak in a calm tone, Lola was even more angry. "How could you be so despicable? You didn't have to be this way after you ill-treated Jane in the first place. You also even threw her out of your office. How dare you!? Can't you keep your manner gentlemanly? Have you forgotten what I've taught you in all these years?

Jane was just as afraid of pain as your mother. She was so hurt that she could barely speak with me when she called earlier! How could you be so ruthless? Oh, my son." (*TN: Here mother means sworn mother. Daniel's sworn mother is Ella Bo)

Daniel sneered when he heard his mother, thinking that Jane often practiced Taekwondo, and that being roughed up wasn't that painful for her!

She was just pretending to be pitiful, trying to make others take pity on her.

"So what?" After putting out the cigarette end, Daniel sat in front of his desk and stared at the ceiling.

Jane was really good at torturing people. She had just returned back home for less than two days, and in all this little time she had managed to cause so much trouble.

He should never have agreed to help Sally pick up this lawless girl!

Daniel had found that he was interested in calm and mature women with good tastes, and not that kind of little, childish girls like Jane, who were always troublesome!

"So..." Lola paused for a little while and spoke in a calm and firm tone, "You must now be responsible for Jane and marry her!"

Daniel could not help himself but laugh out loud this time. "Mother, it is the 21th century now! Do I have to be responsible for her, and marry her, just because I kissed her once? Do you think that all men around the world are like father, who is faithful only to his wife?"

Daniel had also found that sometimes Jane was very similar to his mother, especially when she was being unreasonable and caused trouble.

Lola gnashed her teeth in anger as she heard his son's words. She felt there was something terribly wrong with her son's words. "What? Do you want to have a lot of wives in the future?"

"It won't happen, but I don't like Jane at all. So please don't expect me to marry her!"

"But why did you kiss her then?"

... When hearing Lola's tough question, Daniel was silent for a moment and replied, "It was she who seduced me in the first place!"

Lola laughed aloud this time after hearing his answer. Sh

e knew her son very well, so she debunked his evil deeds bluntly: "Last year, how could you throw out of your room that model, who got naked and just laid in your bed? Two years ago, how could you hire people to cut off the fingers of the actress who had just touched your hand? And..."

"Mother, I've got so much work to do now. Have a good time with father, and you'd better not come back anymore!"

And then he ended the call.

Lola was stunned as her son ended the call. She seemed to hear that her son had asked them not to come back.

Lola cried aloud. She felt wronged and curled her lips. Lola was approaching 50, but there weren't any wrinkles on her face, since she paid so much attention to her care all the time. There still wasn't any wrinkle showing on her face even if she puckered it.

"What's wrong?" Harry held his wife in his arms. "Did he do anything to make you sad?" he asked.

Lola nodded and said, "He bullied both Jane and me!"

"Come on, let's go back home. I must teach him a lesson!"

Daniel had bullied Jane since childhood, and Lola thought that he needed a rough spanking this time!

Lola called Ella later, and both of them firmly believed that Jane and Daniel could eventually fall in love with each other. So they came up with an idea that they asked Harry, who was the company's chairman, to arrange a job for Jane in the SL Group.

When Jane had just graduated from the university in pastry, she was sent to the secretary department of the SL Group by her parents and sworn mother and father.

Janet, wearing an expensive casual wear, stood at the company's gate and looked at her colleagues arriving and leaving.

Lola planned to directly make her Daniel's special assistant, but Daniel forced Jane to work at the company's secretary department.

Janet now slowly walked up to the front desk. In fact, she had planned to run a pastry shop near the old house after her graduation. But why? It was just because her mother had asked her to work here, by threatening her with money?

Not only that, but all the people in the SL Group knew her since the day when she was thrown out of the office by Daniel himself.

Several of Daniel's secretaries had already seen her face, even if they didn't know who she really was.

"Excuse me. Which floor is the secretary department on?" Janet came back to earth and asked the front desk staff with a confident smile on her face.

"Sorry. Would you please tell me what are you going to do there and who will you be meeting?" The front desk staff asked her politely. Here was the SL Group, thus non-staff members were not allowed to get in it.

Janet, now embarrassed, scratched her head with a confused look on her face. "I'm the new employee of the company, and I need to go to the secretary department to report in for duty."

"OK. It is on the 21th floor. The elevator is over there." The front desk staff pointed the direction of the elevator for her. Janet thanked the staff and slowly walked to the elevator doors.

"Alas! Mom, now I'm wondering whether I am your own daughter or not. Why do you send me here to be controlled by Daniel?

Mom always thinks like this, forget it! But dad, why do you also believe that it is more appropriate for me to be working here? The holiday was just coming. And I haven't enjoyed it at all. Poor me!"

Suddenly, a voice interrupted her. "Don't stay here if you feel you are pitiful. That way you can also avoid being thrown out of my office."

Daniel pressed the open button of the elevator next to him and calmly walked into it, ignoring the woman's ferocious look.

The elevator's door was opened from the outside, just before it was closed.

Janet furiously walked into it and stood straight in front of the man who was a head taller than her and also her boss. She spoke defiantly, "Daniel Si, I will stay here today. I know you don't want me to work here, but I will stay here just to bother and annoy you!"

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