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   Chapter 7 You Are A Rapist

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A furious girl was followed by Spark and two other members of the security staff who looked miserable.

"Boss, we couldn't stop her..." When saying this, Spark felt so disgraceful in front of his boss. A big man like him couldn't stop a little girl with not even two security guards.

"Daniel Si! You are a rapist, and I'll take you on!" In order to fight Daniel with her full strength, Janet wore a pair of sneakers.

Rapist? Em? The security staff, secretary and partner were all shocked.

It was rumored that Daniel Si wasn't so obsessed with women like his father. How did he now suddenly become a rapist?

"Mr. Si, let's call it a day for now. Go ahead, please." His cunning partner looked at the now poker-faced Daniel and gathered the papers with elegance.

"OK. I apologize, Mr. Du." The two men shook their hands and said goodbye to another. Spark escorted the partner out.

The security staff also left the room, with their tails tucked firmly between their legs. Soon, there were now only Daniel and Janet left in the huge office.

Janet looked at the man furiously, but the latter did not intend to reply to her whatsoever but only sat back on his chair in front of his desk and continued to work as usual. "Daniel Si!"

"Get out!" The man ordered with coldness in his voice, without even raising his head.

Bang! Suddenly a loud bang was heard, and then Jane swung her hand with a painful look on her face: "Ouch. Daniel Si, is your desk made of iron?"

'Ouch. That hurt!'

The man was amused and discreetly laughed so that Janet could not see. But he still continued to ignore her.

Her pain was finally relieved. Janet blew air on her now red and swollen palm, her eyes turning red: "Daniel Si, how come you always bully girls like this?

Daniel Si, you're a bastard. I'll tell mother*!" (TN*: Janet's sworn mother is Lola Li)

Janet searched for her phone in her pockets and quickly found that she had forgotten it at home. Janet saw, from the corner of her eye, Daniel's phone. She picked up his phone rapidly, but soon found out that it was locked with a password.


Tears fell down from her face.

Daniel was unable to focus on work. He threw the pen on the desk, irritated: "Jane Shao, I don't want to say it again. Get out!"

Janet looked at the angry man in disbelief and threw his phone on the desk: "Daniel Si, it was you who took advantage of me when I was drunk. You stole my first kiss. Who are you to be so rude to me and disrespect me?"

The man sneered and took a glance at Janet: "You spoke as if it wasn't my first kiss either."

The weeping look on the girl's face could have made any man, except Daniel, irresistible to holding her and comforting her.

'It was his first kiss as well! Daniel hadn't kissed other girls before!' After an inexplicable rejoicing, Janet patted her messy hair: "The key point is not the first kiss, OK? The key point is that you, as a boss, aren't ashamed of taking advantage of another person in a perilous state."

Unexpectedly, Daniel nodded his head and spoke: "I feel ashamed for touching you. A little dry bean sprouted then. You're not even sexy, from any angle whatsoever. Why did I kiss you? Because it was you who took the initiative in the first place!"

The scene where Janet had massaged his painful spot last night ran through his mind, and the man couldn't help but gulping.

'A little bean sprouted? She took the initiative fi


Janet, who felt humiliated, walked in front of Daniel and straightened her body: "Have you seen this pretty little bean sprout before? It is impossible for a pretty little bean sprout like me to take the initiative to kiss a skunk like you!"

Daniel sneered and stared at her from head to toe: "Pretty? Jane Shao, who gave you the confidence to say such things? If you say you're pretty, then it means that there aren't pretty women in this world!"

... 'Doesn't she look pretty?' Janet touched her smooth face. For the first time in forever, Janet was suspicious of her looks and appearance.

'Why did Bill say every day to her that she was pretty? Bill must have been the one to have deceived her, that rotten egg!'

"I don't care. You kissed me, and you should be now responsible for me!" Janet banged the desk again, but she had now learned her lesson and did it more gently.

Although this slam had little or almost no sound at all, Daniel still felt her anger.

Daniel stood up and dragged her back to her chair on which she sat before. He propped his hands on the chair's arms and spoke near the scared girl: "Jane Shao, who gave you the right and courage to be bossy in front of me?"

Daniel was very close to her. The distance between their faces was just a few millimeters.

Janet's anger and courage suddenly disappeared without a trace. She said in a kind of distorted voice: "You... Daniel Si, are you fooling me?"

The girl's small pink lips attracted Daniel's full attention, and for a while he forgot to answer Janet's question.

Janet thought that Daniel felt guilty. So she seized the time to seat herself into a more comfortable position. She straightened her body and looked in his deep eyes: "Humph! I knew you would only do disagreeable things! Forget it! A great man rarely stoops to such pettiness... Hmmm."

The talking lips were now shut, and Janet unbelievably looked at the face in front of her which was now glued to hers.

He, he, he... Daniel Si! How dare he kiss her!

Mom had not lied to her at all. Daniel Si was a rogue and rapist. How dare he bullied her so openly!'

She calmed down, stretched out her hand and was just about to spank Daniel. The man, who had his eyes closed, caught her wrist as if he already knew what was about to happen.

She was not convinced! Janet stretched out her left hand, then her left leg, and then her right leg... After all these series of movements, Janet was still under Daniel's hold.

Just as Janet was about to sink into Daniel's charm, she was suddenly lifted up in the air. Daniel carried her on his shoulder.

The girl shrieked and everyone shouted, and Janet was thrown out of the office by Daniel.

"Bang!" Daniel slammed the door of his office. Janet massaged her painful butt and could not regain her composure for a long time after.

"Daniel Si, you are a rotten egg. Just wait and see!"

She ignored the shock and surprise she had brought to everyone present in the office. Janet yelled at the office door, then patted the dust of her body and entered the elevator.

Getting back in the car, Janet saw a series of missed calls from Samuel. She ignored them, but called Lola.

"Mother*, waah..." (TN*: sworn mother) Janet burst into loud sobs, which scared Lola who was shopping at that moment. She immediately found a quiet place nearby and asked Janet what had happened.

"Jane, Jane, stop crying. Tell me what's going on."

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