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   Chapter 6 I Want Revenge

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"Is it a DQ facial mask?" There was a smile on Ella's face again. It was because of her daughter, who always understood her and always knew that she loved these kind of gifts.

Janet nodded and assured Ella: "This is the limited edition that I've asked Bill to manage and get a hold on! Mom, you see, I'm so good to you! I even didn't buy anything for Samuel. Hee hee." Janet held her mom's arm gently, having her own plan in mind.

Her mother was in charge of the whole financial power in their family. And so she knew that she had to tighten her belt later in life if she ever offended her mother.

Ella loved what her daughter had brought for her and kissed her daughter's face. Suddenly, she seemed to be thinking of something.

Putting the mask aside, she pulled Janet to sit next to her on her big bed, which was cute and colored in pink.

"Jane, what is your relationship with Daniel now?"

Janet felt a little puzzled as Ella suddenly mentioned Daniel. At the thought of the fact that he got her drunk last night, Janet stood from the bed and told Ella with all seriousness in her face: "Mom, I have nothing to do with him. He's HIM, I'm ME. I really have no relationship with him at all!"

Ella was puzzled and then blurted: "But why did Daniel kiss you last night?"

What?! While she was touching her red lips, Janet asked her mother: "Mom, what did you say just now?"

Seeing that Janet didn't know this, Ella coughed a few times: "Nothing. Since you have no relationship to Daniel, you'd better stay away from him from now on. Now go and get washed for lunch."

With this, Ella walked out towards her bedroom door.

However, she was stopped by Janet's arm: "Mom, please don't go."

"What are you doing?"

Janet looked at her mother seriously and spoke stunned: "You just said... Last night, Daniel... Kissed me?" When thinking of it, Janet felt she was angry and distressed at the same time.

If Daniel had did indeed kissed her, like her mother just told her, it was a true loss for her, since this was her first kiss...

Ella nodded helplessly: "When did you meet Daniel..."

However, Janet had now entered the bathroom and began to get washed just before Ella finished uttering her words.

This time, she spent only five minutes getting washed, while it usually took her more than ten minutes.

Samuel was holding John in his arms downstairs and was about to feed him. At this moment, a figure dressed in pink rushed down from the stairs.

"Jane..." Samuel yelled at Janet. Could she please slow down? What if she fell down or hit against something?

Janet unexpectedly kissed Samuel's face: "Dad, I want revenge and I have to go now as time is running short. I would like to chat with you more, but when I come back tonight." Then she left with the car keys in her hand after kissing John's face.

"What revenge and on whom does she seeks it for? Who dared to bully my daughter?" With John in his arms, Samuel curiously asked his wife, who was busy in the kitchen, what was that all about.

Ella wiped her hands and told him: "Perhaps she is looking for Daniel. How about you follow her to see what happens? What if they end up fighting?" Back when they were children, they would practice Taekwondo with one another each time they met.

Ella had to change more than ten Taekwondo teachers for Jane, since she never could defeat Daniel.

Having thought of Daniel, who was calm, Samuel said: "This couldn't happen, since Daniel could not be bothered to argue with her. But if he dares to lay a hand on Jane, I will send people to mess up his office really bad."

Ella busied herself in putting the food in the dishes. She then said with a chuckle: "Your daughter is 23 years old and has graduated from college. She is not a child a

ny more, Samuel!"

Samuel curled his lip in discontent. Jane was still a little girl in his heart.

"By the way, where is your son? We have come back and stayed home for already one night and one morning, but he hasn't shown up yet. What ever happened to him?" Samuel had just got in touch with the secretary in the firm. The secretary told him that Jerry wasn't in the firm last night and he also didn't come in this morning either.

After placing the last dish on the table, Ella realized that they had lost contact with her son for one night and one morning.

In the VVA International Chain Hotel.

The man who had disappeared for one night and one morning was on top of a woman.

Ten minutes later.

A man who got sweaty held an exhausted woman and entered the shower room. Jerry gently kissed the woman who sat beside him in the bathing pool: "Would you please go home with me later?"

It now just came to his mind that his mother had called him yesterday afternoon and had asked if he would come back home at night. Perhaps she was at home now, with John.

The woman nodded in a daze and quickly fell into sleep in the bathing pool.

Half an hour later, Jerry entered his house with Sally, who was still asleep in his arms.

While looking at Sally in her son's arms, Ella almost choked on the last bite of rice she ate.

She immediately took a swig of water from a glass: "Jerry, what happened to Sally?"

Samuel patted her on the back and said: "Slow down. There's no need to rush!"

Ella pushed her husband's hand away and walked up to her son: "Sally looks fine, but why is she in a coma?

Hurry, phone Sven!"

Jerry stopped Ella, who now ran for the telephone: "Mom, she's just asleep."

Ella calmed down: "OK!" Throwing a weird look at her son, she said: "You two..."

Jerry carried Sally upstairs, without answering his mother.

When arriving at the stairway of the second floor, Jerry said to his parents: "Mom and dad, you'd better stop going anywhere else and just wait for your son's wedding!"

Ella choked again as she was drinking a glass of water. She wondered if her son was going to really get married.

Samuel came to pat Ella on the back after he put John on the child seat: "Dear, you are not a child any more, so please don't be so careless with these matters anymore."

"Samuel, Samuel, Jerry just said that he was going to get married."

"Yeah, I heard it." Samuel appeared to be reacting with calm to the fresh news. After all, this was to be expected sooner or later.

They had become engaged when they were children, which wasn't a joke. It was sensible of him not to resist them.

"I have asked Jerry several times to marry Sally on a favorable day before, but he always told me with indifference that he was very busy at the moment and had no time to do it anytime soon. But why does he agree on it so suddenly this time?" Ella was a bit confused, wondering what had happened between Jerry and Sally last night.

With his head raised, Samuel praised his son from the bottom of his heart for his good choices.

Ella didn't understand what had happened just now, but it was clear to Samuel that his son must have conquered Sally's heart!

If they ever had to send their daughter to Harry, it was just now perfect that Harry gave them a daughter in return.

"I don't care that much. But as for you, you just can't wait to be the mother-in-law." When thinking of his daughter, Samuel believed that it was necessary to call her to understand what had really happened to her.

However, Jane had left her phone in the car as she went off in a hurry.

In SL Group.

The door of Daniel's office was pushed open all of a sudden while he was discussing some business contracts with his cooperative partner.

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