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   Chapter 5 She Was Drunk

Trapped with Daniel By LARK COLE Characters: 6923

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"Sorry! The subscriber you have dialed is unavailable, please redial later..."

Daniel swore silently and woke Jane up, who slept soundly: "Jane Shao, get up!"

Jane opened one eye, looked at the man that was in front of her, and asked sarcastically: "Who are you?"

The man, who was now furious, released her. He did not want to talk to this idiot anymore!

Jane fell back down as Daniel loosened his grip on her. Startled, she held on to his arms. Off guard, Daniel was jerked forward and

Crashed down on her completely: "Ouch!" Jane, who had been hurt, caressed the painful area of her body where he had bumped.

Daniel was about to get crazy, but went completely blank after seeing her moves. He gulped unconsciously.

Jane did not know what she had done at all, but grumbled: "You hurt my breast. You should compensate me in full!"

The girl's sweet fragrance was twining all around his nose and Daniel couldn't bear it anymore. He lowered his head and kissed her cute little red lips.

So sweet!

An ambiguous sentimental atmosphere rose rapidly in the car. Daniel held her slender waist unconsciously and kissed her ear and snowy-white neck.

"Em. No..." This strange feeling vexed the girl.

Her twittering was like an aphrodisiac and made the arms on her waist tighten even more around it.

"What are you doing?" After he heard the sharp voice asking, almost screaming, Daniel came to his senses.

Looking at the girl under his body, and who still had her eyes closed, Daniel was in an utter shock. He let her go and got out of the car.

Daniel stood up, and Samuel finally saw who the girl in the car was. It really was Jane!

If he had not seen Jane's wedged heels, which were custom-ordered by him, Samuel would have let it pass. Even if it had happened in front of his house, he was unwilling to interfere in any way.

Samuel Shao, who now saw his daughter being bullied, came nearer and was almost about to hit him. Daniel hadn't recovered from the shock yet.

Ella Bo held Samuel Shao's arm immediately from striking: "Honey, calm down!"

"Father*, mother*." (*TN: Here father and mother means sworn father and sworn mother) Daniel cleared up his foggy mind and greeted them politely.

Ella looked at him and nodded with a smile: "Daniel, is Jane asleep?"

Daniel looked back at the girl in the car: "She was drunk."

"Drunk?" Samuel looked at Daniel with fury in his eyes and raise his voice: "Was it you who make her drunk?"

Daniel remembered the scene in the bar. He kind of got her a little drunk. Then he nodded his head.

But he did not want them to misunderstand him: "Jerry and Sally were there, too."

Hearing that his son was also there, Samuel was relieved. In fact, he believed in Daniel. However, when he saw what was happening a few minutes ago, he felt that Jane was being bullied by Daniel.

But it was not really a bad thing if they were together.

"You kissed her, then you should be fully responsible for her." Daniel frowned slightly at Samuel's words.

Samuel noticed his expression, and pointed out at him: "Daniel, we think you are a good boy. Don't let us down! Don't let me down!"

No one could ever bully his daughter, not even Daniel Si!

Daniel nodded his head: "Father*, mother*, let's discuss this matter after Jane is awake!" (*TN: Here father and mother means sworn father and sworn mother)

Samuel Shao took his drunken daughter back to their villa,

and Ella Bo called Lola Li immediately.

"Lola, do you know what Daniel and Jane have done?" The elders of the two families were willing to see their kids together.

"What? Tell me!" asked Lola excitedly.

Ella believed that Daniel was a good enough match for her daughter: "When Samuel and I went back, we decided not to tell Jane and to surprise her. But when we arrived at the gate of our villa, we saw Daniel kissing Jane in the car."

Right. Daniel kissed Jane. And Jane was drunk and asleep at that time.

Lola banged the table with her fist in full force and praised her son to the highest heavens. Well done! The only daughter-in-law that was in her mind was Jane!

"Ella, don't worry about it. I'll let Daniel be responsible for Jane!"

Ella was waiting for these words. She did not want Daniel to take advantage of her daughter, even if Daniel was her sworn son! He had to be responsible for her at all times!

"OK. When you're back home, let's talk together about what's going to happen between our kids and the future." They reached an agreement and hung up the phone on each other in a happy mood.

Ella saw that Samuel had walked in the room with wrinkled brows: "Is Jane asleep?"

Samuel nodded and looked at Ella who seemed to be happy: "Do you remember the female boss, who used to be close to Daniel?"

She heard Samuel's words, and Ella remembered she did, indeed, see a bold woman holding Daniel's arm on television.

"What kind of relationship did they have?" This seemed to be a troublesome matter for both of them.

Samuel shook his head: "After Jane is awake tomorrow morning, we'll first ask her what happened."

"By the way, Jerry hasn't come home yet." Ella picked up the phone on the desk and called Jerry.

Ella called him for several times in a row, but her son's phone was powered off.

"Forget it. Let's go to sleep. Our son is all grown up now. No need to discipline him anymore." Samuel went out from the dress room with his night robe on. Jerry wasn't like a daughter who should be taken care of.

Samuel was right. They didn't have to take care of him anymore. So Ella stopped calling Jerry that night.

Nearly noon of the next day, on the bed of the pink room, Jane moved uncomfortably in the quilt.

"Jane, it's time for lunch. Won't you get up already?" Ella pushed Jane's room door open and walked in. Seeing the little figure on the bed, she could not help but smile.

Janet was massaging her sore head. After hearing her mother's voice, she shook her head vigorously.

She seemed to be hearing Ella's voice. Shouldn't mom be with dad in some distant valley?

Ella pulled off Janet's quilt off of her. The girl on the bed, who had her eyes closed until, suddenly opened them wide awake: "Mom! It's really you!"

"Of course it's me, my sweetheart." A mother and daughter, who hadn't seen each other for whole months, hugged each other affectionately.

However, within two seconds aferwards, Janet looked at Ella with a sparkle of excitement: "Where's Samuel? Where's my dad?"

This ungrateful brat!

Ella changed her face and tone immediately, now looking at her daughter: "Brush your teeth, wash your face and come and have lunch!"

Janet knew that her mother was jealous: "Mom, look what awesome things I've brought you!"

Jane got off the bed in a hurry, opened the leather suitcase that was near, beside the bed, and got out of it a box and gave it to Ella.

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