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   Chapter 4 Don't be So Serious with This Childish Girl

Trapped with Daniel By LARK COLE Characters: 7560

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Selina Bo fluttered her eyelids innocently.

Seeing Jane Shao's eyes, Daniel Si walked up to her and raised his liquor glass: "Bummer? Come, let me keep you company."

Baby girl! She would get drunk with only three glasses!

This was now a straight provocation! Jane Shao really wanted to slap him to death that moment. Did he really think that she dared not to, or what?

"OK!" Jane Shao grabbed the bottle furiously and poured some more liquor into their glasses.

The atmosphere now became more tensed, and Jerry Shao came up at once and stopped his younger sister: "Jane, why are you angry again? Don't get in a rage for nothing." Jane said that in a fit of pique.

"It's alright, brother, I have drunk liquor before, haven't I?" She wanted to challenge Daniel today and see if he dared to look down upon her ever again.

Failed in his persuading Jane not to fight with Daniel, finally, Jerry grabbed the glass from his sister's hand and said: "Give it to me, I'll drink it in your place!"

His sister sometimes was clever, but sometimes she acted like an utter fool.

How long had Daniel Si been in business for? He must have drunk plenty of liquor, even more than the amount of salt that Jane had eaten. It was obvious who would be the winner, wasn't it?

Facing the bickering of a brother and sister, Daniel looked at his glass of liquor with a faint smile and kept his silence.

Eventually, later, Jerry was unable to further dissuade his headstrong sister. Jane clinked glasses with Daniel and began to gulp down more and more liquor.

When Jane had finished only a third of a glass, Daniel had already drunk half of his.

And when Jane finished half of it, Daniel had drunk all of it. He held the glass upside down and there wasn't a single drop left in it.

Jane was still struggling with her drink. Daniel looked at her scornfully, and said: " You lost, admit it! Don't try to pretend to be stronger than you really are!"

Finally, Jane couldn't drink any more. The glass with one third of liquor in it crashed on the table and she began to cough terribly.

Jerry looked at his sister with pity, and patted her on her back: "Daniel, don't be so serious with this childish girl."

Daniel nodded slightly with peaceful face as he was about to go back to his seat.

But suddenly, Jane shouted: "Daniel Si, how can you humiliate a woman like this!"

While turning around, Daniel stared with doubt at this little girl, whose face had now become red.

"How can you compete at drinking liquor with a schoolgirl who just graduated, while you are a CEO!"

... Everybody in the box looked at Jane and were speechless, and why didn't she say so before the game, but acted so shamelessly like this after she had just lost it?

In fact, Jane's mind had gone blank already, and she could not stand straight now. She forgot what she had wanted to say.

"Well, I am kind of sorry indeed. I would punish my mishap with one more glass of liquor." Daniel poured some more liquor into his own glass and played with it in front of Jane's face, then drank all of it with one single gulp.

"Erm, what were you doing just now? I can't see clearly." Jerry felt so ashamed for what Jane had just said.

Obviously, Janet was playing tricks on Daniel, but how would Daniel react to these?

Being stared at by everyone present, Daniel tittered, and filled one more glass, then again drank it in one singe gulp.

"Clear now?" He said coldly to this little girl with reddened face. He must make her concede her defeat completely.

Janet hiccuped, and she almost closed her eyes: "What?"


What she really meant with this made Daniel even more mad. Did it mean that she had already been drunk before he drank? His efforts of drinking tw

o more glasses had been in vain, right? Had she totally lost her consciousness?

Sven Si laughed aloud, and spoke at the right time: "Daniel was fooled by Jane's act! Jane is actually a weak drinker, not able to drink not even one full glass! It wasn't easy for her to hold on up until this moment tonight!"

Gripping his glass more tightly, Daniel looked at Jane whose eyelids were now half-closed. He didn't know why he was so serious with just a little girl. What was he so serious about with her?

Jane nearly fell asleep, and Sally stared at her and whispered in Jerry's ear. Jerry looked back at her discontentedly, and spoke in a low voice: "What are you all talking about, forget it. Jane is my sister."

"I know, imagine if my brother becomes your brother-in-law, and Jane becomes my sister-in-law. That sounds so great!"

They were still whispering in each other's ear, and Sven Si laughed at them: "You guys have already arranged the marriage in your childhood. When are you going to finish your wedding ceremony?"

Jerry's mind was wholly taken up now with Sally's words, and spat out a single one: "Wait." Then he continued whispering with Sally: "No, don't you forget that your brother has already got a girlfriend!"

"That woman hasn't got my consent, not to mention my parents. Do you think my brother alone can resist against all of us?"

Jerry still did not agree to let Daniel drive his drunken sister back home. Sally was so anxious that she pulled Jerry up straightly and said, "Jerry and I have something urgent to do, we should go, you guys enjoy yourselves. And brother, don't forget to drive Jane back home!"

"I didn't..." Jerry was about to object, but Sally covered his mouth straightly and dragged him out of the box.

She got in the way to prevent Jerry from going inside the box. Then she took out the mobile phone and sent messages to Sven and others, saying that no one was allowed to drive Jane back home.

But Jerry finally decided that he couldn't let his sister get involved with Daniel who had got a girlfriend.

He dragged Sally away by force and was ready to open the door of the box.

However, Sally held him from the back suddenly and said, "Jerry, shall we talk about our marriage?"


Jerry's arms suddenly paralyzed.

Although they had an arranged marriage from their childhood, they had never been so close to each other like this before. And this was the first time for him that he saw such a gentle Sally.

Jerry stopped moving and Sally noticed this, and dragged him away at once and ran towards the gates of the bar.

Twenty minutes later, Daniel was smoking idly in Room 666, with his eyes on Jane who quickly fell asleep on the sofa.

The others had gone away for this or that as an excuse, and he guessed that this must be one of Sally's terrible ideas.

Finishing one cigarette, Daniel walked over near the sofa. Jane turned over suddenly, at the point of almost falling off the sofa and Daniel bowed and caught her in time.

Eventually, he laid her down at the back seat of his car unwillingly.

At the Royal Valley Mansion

Daniel patted Jane, who was now sound asleep, but she had no reaction.

He had to carry her out of the car. At first, he intended to lay her at the gates of the mansion and to go away. But, considering that this woman might lodge a formal complaint at him and bring him even more trouble, He pressed her fingers against the door lock.

... He tried each one of her ten fingers, but not a single one matched up with the lock.

He wouldn't have doubted whether Jane belonged to this family or not, if he hadn't already seen how her father, Samuel, spoiled her.

Feeling even more annoyed, Daniel carried her back to the car and called Jerry.

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