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   Chapter 3 Let's Get Hammered Tonight

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Daniel Si saw Jane Shao's back with his sharp eyes, thinking how dare she challenged him? She was dead!

He then glanced at Spark, who held on his smile, kicked the front seat of the car and ordered furiously: "Drive!"

Back at the villa, her first thing was to call her great grandma. "Great-grandma, I am graduated! I am back!" said Janet, now feeling refreshed.

On the other side of the line, she heard her great-granddaughter's voice, and Melody Han smiled from ear-to-ear, revealing even her last few teeth: "Come here. I miss you."

"Okay, great-grandma, I will!" Janet threw her luggage into the living room and, without saying a word, she took out the presents she had brought, picked up a car key, and entered the garage.

But before leaving, she cast a glance at the second floor and pouted at the thought of her parents. They hung out and seldom stayed at home. It seemed that they cared little about her!

In the old house.

Viola Yang was retired and was playing with her two-year-old grandson, John Shao. Beside her was Vincent Shao, who was now comforting the excited Melody.

"Our Jane is the cutest ever! Her heart is filled with so much filial piety. But I haven't seen her for over half a year. Oh, I miss her so much." Melody Han was over a hundred years old now and her health wasn't so good anymore.

"Hmm, Mother, Jane is on her way now. Don't be so excited, and watch out for your blood pressure." Since last year, Melody's blood pressure had become higher and higher, and the whole family was now taking care of her and her condition and accompanied her at all times.

Ten minutes later.

The door bell rang. Viola Yang handed over her grandson to Vincent Shao, and quickly ran to open the door.

"Great-grandma, grandma! Grandpa!" Jane's pleasant voice rose in the doorway. Holding her walking cane, Melody started walking fast and then stood in the doorway of the living room

"Oh, my granddaughter, I've missed you so much!" Viola and Jane hugged each other.

"Jane, my sweet great-granddaughter." Melody threw her walking cane and headed towards Janet to greet her.

Janet passed the presents she had brought to Viola and ran to Melody and hugged her: "Great-grandma, don't hasten. I am here now!"

"Jane, let me see you. Oh, you're even taller and more beautiful now, just like your mother. How beautiful you are!" Melody stroked Jane's hair and looked with loving eyes at her great-granddaughter, who had grown up so fast.

"Great-grandma, I'm not as pretty as my mom. If I were, dad would ignore mom completely. Look at this poor little guy. He must have been abandoned again!" She pointed at her little brother who was in Vincent's arms. John looked at this big sister in front of him with a kind of familiar but perplexed look on his face.

Vincent laughed: "You misunderstand your parents. We're at home and have nothing to do, so we freely volunteer to take care of John." They couldn't be more happy at the fact that their son and his wife had such a good relationship going on.

"Okay, okay, come here, you little thing. Let me hug you." Holding her little brother in her arms, Janet sighed and thought how really good was their relationship going. Mom was now over forty, and she was still willing to give birth to another child for dad.

John then kissed Janet on her face. He remembered that this was his sister who often video chatted with their great-grandma. "Sister."

Janet laughed and kissed back his cute little face: "Hey, little baby, see what I got for you? A little toy."

Later, Jerry Shao also returned to the house.

The whole family had a good time, laughing and speaking with each other in the living room.

Janet hadn't returned home

yet, not even before dinner. She went to the place she agreed with Sally Si to rendezvous at.

In SL Group.

Since Daniel Si now took over the business of the Group, he rebuilt the Group building, which seemed to be more splendid and magnificent than before.

His CEO office, which was at the 88th floor, was even more fancy and luxurious.

Sally Si opened the door and entered the hundred-square-meters office.

She trotted for a few steps and then overwhelmed her brother Daniel who was working: "Daniel, go out with me tonight!"

Daniel put down his pen, and looked at his mischievous sister, and suddenly, he saw the shadow of another woman who proved to be also as naughty and self-willed as Sally.

"Where do you want to go?"

Sally smiled mysteriously, "You will know."

She had to accomplish a mission for her mother, and there was be a nice treat in store for her if she accomplished her mission, and of course Sally worked really hard to pursue her goal to the end.

"I am busy with other things." Speaking just those few words, Daniel continued working.

"Daniel, you're an utter bore! You're only 25! Why act like an old man?" Sally paused her excitement with discontent.

Daniel took a good look at her: "You are also 25 and also about to marry Jerry. Why you want to be childish?"

Married? She didn't want to get married at all. Sally smiled and said: "Come on, we need to make up our minds! We'll meet with Jerry, Sven, Jane, Selina..."

Jane? Daniel remembered the scene today and immediately put down his pen: "Go!"

Sally was now counting on the number she had pulled out for tonight. She paused at hearing that. Her brother changed his mind so quickly!

In the SOHO Bar.

In Private Room 666, Sven Si was opening beers, red wine and liquor.

Janet held Selina Bo's arms and pressed her head on her shoulder: "Selina, I've missed you so much."

Selina Bo picked up two cups of liquor lying on the table, and put one of them in Janet's hand: "Come on, let's get hammered tonight!"

"Okay!" After she immediately agreed, the door was pushed open. Daniel Si and Sally Si entered.

Jane gave Daniel a cold stare while the rest of them greeted one another.

After singing and dancing happily, Jane looked at Sally and said, "Sally, we are about to cheers. Will you join us?" She hold a cup of 50 gram liquor and swirled it in front of Sally.

Jerry took away his sister's liquor: "Okay, you girls stop doing that. You three should just drink some red wine or a couple of beers. "

Just when Jane was about to agree, Sally took back the cup from Jerry and patted on his shoulder: "Don't get involved in our woman affairs."

"Sally!" Daniel's harsh voice rang in the room.

Hearing her brother's harsh tone, Sally knew that he was angry and the whole party was now compromised. Just when she had put aside the cup, Jane picked up the liquor bottle and said: "Daniel, you guys drink yours, and we drink ours. We shall not interrupt each other."

Despite Jerry's helpless stares, the three women clinked their glasses full of liquor in front of them.

Sally was just about to take a sip out of her cup when Daniel took it away from her mouth.

Jane had already taken a sip of it when her eyes flushed red immediately and her throat started burning. "Oops, I haven't drank in such a long time. Now I can't handle not even one sip of it."

She wanted to see Selina's reaction, but just found her holding a cup and staring at Sally.

Jane then found out that Sally's cup was taken away by Daniel.

Humph! "Mr. CEO, you are such a bummer!" After rebuking Daniel in a weird tone of voice, she took Selina's cup and said: "You shouldn't drink because you are only 18."

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