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   Chapter 2 Just Go On and Challenge Me. If Not, Sit and Admire

Trapped with Daniel By LARK COLE Characters: 7791

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At this moment, a line of black Bentleys slowly started driving towards the airport's gates, something that immediately drew everyone's attention.

Wow! Five luxury cars! Were they brought here to shoot a TV show?

Janet Shao was chatting with Shirley Zheng pleasantly, not noticing the spectacle that was happening there. Janet didn't pay any attention to the Bentley's until the first Bentley stopped in front of her steadily enough for her to observe it.

Janet felt that she knew the man who got out of the driver's seat, but couldn't remember where she had met him.

"Miss Shao, please get in the car!" Immediately then after, several bodyguards got out of the car and, following them from behind, took the luggage from the two girls and put them into the trunk.

Involved in the pompous situation, Shirley was now scared to get in the car.

Janet now asked the man in front of her: "Who are you?"

The rear window of the first Bentley was rolled down, and a handsome face showed itself from it, one which Janet hadn't seen for one, two, three... Six or maybe seven years.

"Sally is busy at the moment. Please get in the car."

Janet glanced at the man who didn't look at her, saying: "No, I won't get in your car! Please, give me back my luggage!"

After hearing her refusal, Daniel Si slightly frowned. This woman was still as disobedient as he knew she was before. She had not improved at all, not even after all these years.

"Throw Jane Shao into the car."

"Daniel Si, how dare you!" Two bodyguards immediately came up to Janet, intending to hold up her and to throw her in the car.

Janet raised her right leg and kicked one of the bodyguards to the side, as he was off-guard.

The other bodyguard tried fighting Janet, but was also trampled to the ground by her after only two moves.

She stared at the man aggressively: "Give me back my luggage. I will never get in your car!"

Daniel met her eyes and glanced at them with a sharp look in them. They were always particularly unfriendly to one another when they met each other.

One door of the Bentley was now opened and Daniel, who was dressed in a suit and wearing expensive handmade leather shoes, got out of it.

He threw Janet into the car with three moves.

They hadn't seen each other for six or seven years. Without a trace of the kindness that was supposed to be between two old friends, they turned against each other again.

As Daniel threw her into the car, Janet bumped her head against the window. she got angry at once: "Daniel Si, I will accuse you of kidnapping!"

Her brother was one of the best lawyers, only second to their father, so he should have been able to defeat Daniel with ease!

"Whatever!" As Daniel closed the backseat door, the Bentleys slowly left the premises, under the amazement of all the people that had witnessed the scene.

"You hate me, right? Why the fuck did you pick me up?" Her good mood was quickly spoiled by him! Janet now rubbed her sore forehead.

And then she rolled her eyes and took out her mobile phone from her bag to look through its contact list.

Hearing the rude words that came from her mouth, Daniel slightly frowned: "Do you think I'd come to pick you up if it weren't for Sally?"

Sally didn't trust others, so she asked him to come in person.

"Well, you don't want to come?"

As Janet pressed the talk key, a complacent smile appeared on her lips. The phone call now was connected: "Mother*!" (*TN: Here mother means sworn mother)

While he heard this word coming from her mouth, Daniel glanced at her with another murderous look.

Janet was at the same time awesome, and could always provoke his anger with ease!

Ignoring Daniel's murderous gaze, Janet spoke gently: "Mother*, I miss you! Where are you now?" (*TN: Here mother means sworn mother)

"Jane, I'm in Iceland with your father*, but we wil

l come back soon. Don't worry!" (*TN: Here father means sworn father)

"OK. Mother, I won't worry, but..." When Janet changed her voice into an aggrieved tone and suddenly about to complain about her experience, Daniel leaned close to her and vigorously covered her lips with his left hand.

The only soft spot in all Daniel's life was Lola.

This woman had always told lies and could only talk nonsense, so he couldn't let her tell on him!

With her lower body pinned down by Daniel, Janet smelt his pleasant breath. His breath engulfed each and every one of her nerves, which made her briefly forget to stand against him at that moment.

Daniel grabbed her mobile phone from her hands, put it against his ear and interrupted the caring questions that Lola was about to ask. He spoke while looking at Janet: "Mother, Jane is fine. I just picked her up and I'm going to send her back home soon. That's it, bye."

After he finished the call, Daniel loosened Janet who was a bit dazed and confused and rudely threw her mobile phone into her arms.

He then tidied up his business suit, and kept at a distance from her.

"Who... Who allowed you to talk on my phone?" Janet put aside her messy thoughts and gave the nonchalant man beside her a fierce glance.

"It's my mother!"

"Well, you are indeed right, but just because she's your mother doesn't give you the right to take my phone!"

In the face of this unreasonable girl, who was bothered about trifling things, Daniel didn't respond to her and instead leaned back in the seat, with his eyes closed.

While knowing that he deliberately ignored her, Janet was very angry. He again ignored her in this way! He was the same as he always had been years ago. Darn it!

She drew out a tissue from the tissue box in the car to scrub her cell phone excessively, as if it were infected with something foul.

Having squinted at this, Daniel didn't say a word. There was only anger flaring in his eyes.

Spark Shi, the driver sitting in front of them, held back his laughter as he finally saw both of their expressions and responses in the rear view mirror.

At the Royal Valley Mansion.

Janet opened the car door and unwillingly said: "Thank you." She then slammed the car door and walked towards the door of her villa.

Two bodyguards carried her luggage and followed her at once.

It was not until she saw them that Janet realized she had left Shirley behind.

She went to the Bentley again and knocked on the car's window. However, for a while, there was no reply from inside the car.

Janet was so angry that she failed to control her temper at that moment and kicked the brand-new Bentley with one of her feet.

The car window was finally lowered. Daniel's cold voice scared Janet.

"The cleaning bill is five hundred thousand dollars. Spark, please charge the money. "

Five hundred thousand? Janet stared at him bewildered. She was shocked, not because that she needed five hundred thousand dollars to wash the car, but because Daniel could now have the opportunity to blackmail her!

Her father only spent several thousand dollars to wash his luxury car for just one time.

Could it really be possible that he thought she was too poor to have seen other luxury cars?

Taking a deep breath, Janet calmly replied: "Where is Shirley?"

"Miss Shao, please don't worry. We have asked the bodyguard to send her back." Spark Shi was near her and answered her politely.

Oh. She felt relieved. "Thank you."

After smiling at Spark, she got her wallet out of her bag. She took out a coin and flipped it into the car. The coin fell exactly on Daniel's seat. "Just go on and challenge me! If not, sit and admire then!"

Janet turned round with eminence and grace, and walked away, leaving those words behind her.

Daniel looked at the coin in the car, and his face finally became gloomy.

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