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The Gang Leader's Little Princess By dprincess684 Characters: 4026

Updated: 2019-03-14 12:16

Till the time I have been spending at this place I have established the fact that I officially hate this person known as Blake Simmons aka the gang leader of the RED Hawks gang.

He was an epitome of rudeness. He didn't know any manners and politeness. He was a wild beast.

We reached the dining table where the boys, I met before had sat down ready to eat. Blake sat on the only vacant chair at the table. I stood their awkwardly not daring to speak a word.

"Why aren't you sitting down?" A blonde guy asked with sweet voice. He was very nice guy. I could say it just by looking at his eyes. He had a very warm look that none of the male in here held.

"There's no chair." I sheepishly point at the table.

"Who says you're sitting at the chair? He's telling you to sit on the floor." Blake smirks drumming his fingers on the table. I huffed in anger. I don't want to talk with this rude person.

"Or if you'd like, you can sit on my lap." He smirked not forgetting to pat his lap.

"You wish. I rather die than sit on your lap."

"You sure?" I faced towards him, to see him taking out the gun and pointing it at me.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. I was just kidding. Why don't you please put the gun dow

concerned, but it was all an act because his lips were twitching at the ends.

"Don't you have living room or something? I could sleep there."

"Of course we do, sweetie. However, you see I am an evil person who would never let you have comfort with ease." As if his high pitched tone was not creepy enough, he had to laugh like those evil villains in movies.

"Oh! Wow! This bed feels so comfortable and warm. Ugh... Looks like I will have a great sleep tonight." He moaned getting comfortable under the quilt, taunting me. While me, I could just twist my lips in distaste before laying on the floor. Thank good, his room was carpeted and there was a furry rug at the end of his bed. Even though, it was not anywhere near comfortable than the bed at least it was better than the cold basement.

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