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   Chapter 5 You Despicable Man

The Gang Leader's Little Princess By dprincess684 Characters: 6336

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I took my time taking the shower. I always took a generous amount of time whenever I am showering. I think I took my time a little too generously for Mr gang leader; yes, I'm calling him Mr gang leader because he's too much of meanie to be called Mr Greek god, because he banged on the door after a few minutes- it wasn't really a few minutes but felt like it when I was relaxing under the warm under.

"Are you dead or something? What's taking you so long?" He growled as he stomped on the door like a caveman. Mannerless, I huffed as I turn off the shower.

I headed to the sink where I had kept the shopping which he threw at my face. Taking the clothes out, I inspected all of them to be a size or two smaller or bigger than mine actual size. There was a t-shirt that was double my size; I chose the cloth as it came right above my knee, making it look like a dress.

Well I didn't have any option, if I had wore other t-shirt, I had to wore pants and none of them fit me properly. I rather this gigantic t-shirt than spend the whole day pulling my pants.

I was met with a predator like gaze when I walked outside the bathroom. Mr gang leader was looking at me from head to toe.

"Where's the pant?"

"None of them fit my size." I crossed my arms, narrowing my gaze.

"Well I'm sorry, your highness. I couldn't find the clothing of your size. Maybe next time you may write it down before your royal servant go run your errands again." I knew the man was being sarcastic but I couldn't help play along with it.

"Well if you say I'd liked to be informed." He gave me an amused expression.

"Let's get going princess, we've stalled enough time." He opened the door for me, bowing down with a very posh 'After You'. When I was out of the room, he slammed the door shut. A little loudly to my liking causing me to cringe.

"Couldn't you close it little gently?"

"Just because I

for us."

"Bu--ut I don't even know how to prepare tea. How am I going to cook?" I stuttered as I felt sweat forming around my neck.

"Well, then you're going to be in trouble. Because everyone's hungry as f*(k right now, and need something to feed on. More precisely something that you'll cook."

"What if I mess up?" I squirmed as his steps approach closer to me.

"Then there's a punishment. Firstly we'll stuff your mouth with your garbage of a food until you choke on it. And for every food you waste, you'll be left hungry and leashed outside the house without any clothes on." He stops right in front me, his breath hitting my face. He was sporting a sinister smile while I was on the verge of tears at his threatening tone.

"Blake, stop it. You're scaring the girl." One of the guy's call out. Blake's or Mr gang leader as I like to call face morphs into amused one as he examines my state.

"I can't help it. She's so stupid. It's so fun to watch her expressions, they're priceless." He laughs loud as my tears run down my face. He was making fun of me. He thought scaring me to death was fun.

"You despicable man. You're so hateful. I hate you." With that I stormed off from the kitchen not once glancing back at them, him to be precise

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