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   Chapter 4 You Little Gullible Girl

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I felt something cool on my body. I tried to make out what it was with my closed eyes nonetheless failed. Opening my eyes slowly, I saw that it was a silk duvet.

My sleep hadn't completely gone from my eyes because as soon as I opened they instantly closed. Until. Until I realised something. Silk? Since when did I use anything silk.

My eyes widened on it's own accord when that thought passed my mind. I realised the pillow that I was using also had silk cover. Moreover, everything was dark and bold. I never remember having any kind of silk garment on my room let alone a dark one at that.

I was more of a cotton kind of person with light colours. I looked around properly assessing the room. When I was done checking the room, my eyes widened with only one thing on mind. This. Is. Not. My. Room.

I quickly straightened myself trying to remember any recent activities that could have brought me to this unknown place. After massaging my temple and pressuring my head- that nearly gave me migraine- to remember something, it finally played an image.

An image of me and the hot Greek god. The image where he had stabbed me on the neck. Remembering that scene somehow made my neck sore instantly. Massaging my neck, I look around the room once more.

So, does it mean that Greek god brought me here; to his room.

'How on the earth do you even know it's his Room?' Chided my inner consciousness.

I cleared my throat ready to have a heated debate with my inner self. Call me weird but that's how I am. Well, first of all the room is dark and colorless just like him. It's just filled with black and has some kind of edge to it.

When I was on my own thought I didn't notice someone had already entered the room.

"Oh! The princess' awake." There

in front of me was the same Greek god with that smug look leaning against the door. Why do I keep calling him Greek god? I need to stop doing that otherwise it'd become a habit of mine to call him, that one day I'd open my big mouth in front of him just to embarrass myself.

"Ye-- clearing my throat at the soreness, I straightened myself-- yes as you can see I have certainly woken up." He looked at me amusingly as if I'm the most entertaining thing in this whole universe.

"What's with that talk?"

"I'm sorry." I was genuinely confused at his question but he just snorted in reply.

"For someone your age you sure sound like thirty year old country club lady."

"Why, that's rude." I was clearly offended by his remark. I nowhere near spoke like those aunts from country club. I believed I talked perfectly like my age but he just smirked fueling my anger by passing minute.

"The taste of truth is always bitter. Here." Before I could defend myself he threw a shopping bag on my face. I repeat he threw a bag on my face. What an inconsiderate jerk.

I look up at him with a stern look to only meet with his bored ones. He leaned on the wall yawning.

"It's the third day you've been here. You haven't had a proper shower. I could smell your stench, a meter away from this room." His last comment made me conscious about my body odour I couldn't help lift the cover from my body and smell myself.

When I didn't smell anything funny from my body, I looked up to meet with a very amused expression from the said Greek god.

"You little gullible girl. Don't stall and get ready fast." I wanted to retort back for calling me little but his stern voice at the way he commanded made me shut my mouth, and head towards the bathroom with my head low.

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