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   Chapter 3 Oh! Not this again

The Gang Leader's Little Princess By dprincess684 Characters: 2661

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I sat there jaw dropped waiting for him to say just joking but no it never came. Why? Why on the earth was I kidnapped by the Red Hawks guys? Moreover why on the earth was the leader of the biggest gang in the world so young and dashing?

Oh! Great I went there again. Elizabeth Susan Gryffin for the last time I am telling you, no fangirling over your kidnapper. N. O. F. A. N. G. I. R. L. I. N. G. No fangirling.

I looked at the man who claims to be the leader of the most dangerous gang out there with the most poker face I can manage. Maybe he really is lying. Maybe he is just some wannabe gangster that my dad paid to threaten me, so I'll stop walking home and take the car. With that thought I let out a sarcastic laugh.

"That was funny. I know it's my dad who send you to scare me so I wouldn't walk alone, right?" I tried to look unaffected but my trembling lips and sweaty body gave away my facade.

The man gave me the most notorious smile I've ever witness in my life and pulled something out from his back pocket. The moment my eyes landed on that thing I nearly fainted. No scratch that my soul and body had practically given up. Somebody save me. I'm going to die. He is gonna kill me.

"Really, you sure it's funny because I don't think so." He pointed the gun on my forehead. "You see I'm in no mood t

o joke around. If I want I can blast you here and now."

I heard the sound of the trigger being pulled. This is real. Me being kidnapped by the most dangerous gang was actually, seriously, utterly, completely and honestly real.

My eyes were closed tightly as I prayed hard in my head. Please lord don't kill me. I love you and always have so don't kill me. My dad will be left alone if you take me away like my mom. He will be torn. My dad's sad face invaded my mind as my lifeless body lay in front of him.

"Gosh! You're such a crybaby." I opened my eyes to see him scratching his head with the gun nonchalantly. I only realized then that I was crying loud and hard.

"Damn, you are annoying. The ones that I hate the most are crybabies. And fortunately or unfortunately you just turned out to be one." He shook his head with distaste.

My eyes were blurry with tears. I couldn't have a proper vision around me because of the tears, I didn't notice something sharp and cold was jabbed at my neck. I cringed at the slight pain.

"My apologies princess but I rather have you asleep than give me headache with your nonsense crying."

I was frowning at confusion until I felt my head getting heavy and my consciousness draining away.

Oh! Not this again. That was my last thought before I was met with darkness.

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