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   Chapter 2 My kidnapper is a Greek God

The Gang Leader's Little Princess By dprincess684 Characters: 4259

Updated: 2018-06-17 19:12

*Elizabeth's P. O. V.*

My head felt like it was being pressed by tons of bricks. My body was sore and it felt like something was restraining my body. The pain was so unbearable I wanted nothing but to go back to sleep.

Even though I was dying to go back to sleep, my body rebelled against my wishes. Look the poor life of Elizabeth Gryffin, even her own body doesn't work the way she wishes.

Soon my eyes were wide open after blinking it a couple of times to adjust in the lighting. I looked at my surrounding to witness nothing but darkness. The only light there was, was from the dim bulb above me.

The room was too dark for my liking. I have always been afraid of the darkness. I tried to move my body but it was tied with ropes. I screamed loudly. I screamed for my dad but it all came out muffled with the tape that was paste on my mouth. I want my dad. I want to go back home.

Soon the tears were blurring my eyes. Dad, where are you? I am scared dad. Please come and safe me. If only I have listened to my nana's? advice properly, I wouldn't have to face such horrendous thing. I have learnt my mistake so please dad come and take me back home.

I was so busy crying I didn't hear the footsteps that neared.

"Oh! Look the princess is awake."

That voice, I have heard that voice before. It was the same voice I heard before I got unconscious. The room was instantly lighten after the man's entrance blinding my eyes.

I was so angry at the man. I was ready to throw my angriest and scariest glare at me. However the moment my eyes were on him, my eyes were wide open and the first thought that appeared on my head was 'holy lord! My kidnapper was a Greek god."

"I see you have woken up princess."

Princess? Did he just call me princess?Who gave him the permission to call me princess? How dare you call me that? You have no right to call me that. The only person who has the right to call me that is my dad and no one else. I yelled at him but it all came out muffled because of the tape that was on my mouth.

The man took a chair and settled himself in front of me. He assessed me with his

penetrating eyes as I angrily mumbled at him. After a moment he sighed in boredom and in a swift motion he pulled the tape from my mouth harshly and without any warning.

I let out an ear piercing scream. The man flinched at the noise and clicked his tongue.

"Wow! That was loud." Came his raspy voice. Wasn't his gorgeous face enough he had to attack me with that voice of his? What on the earth am I thinking? He is your kidnapper Elizabeth Gryffin. You are supposed to curse, yell and get angry at him. Not be fascinated by his godly beauty.

"What is wrong with you? Ripping that tape off a girl that harshly. Do you know how sensitive my skin is? And how easily my skin gets bruised?" Really? That's the first thing you say after he removed the tape from your mouth. Even if it wasn't a lie, I expected myself better than this.

I looked up at the man to see a very amused expression on his face. Well someone was getting entertained by me. This is first for Elizabeth the mood ruiner to make someone's mood. The only problem here was should I be happy or mad at for entertaining the person who abducted me.

"Who are you and why have taken me?" I asked him politely as I saw him playing with his knife/dagger whatever it is called.

"Have you ever heard of the gang name Red Hawks?"

What does this man take as? Of course I did. Like who doesn't know the Red Hawks? The whole world is aware of the gang. As I have heard the gang was recently named as the most notorious and dangerous gang in the whole world wide.

They were the reason why most country's government and police force were having sleepless night. This gang had attacked more than half of the world's country and still they were out in lose. Yeah, they were that legendary.

"Of course I know but what has this to do anything with me being here."

I saw the man leaned forward with a smirk. He was dangerously close to my liking. I leaned backwards as much as I can, as I examined his devilish smirk.

"Hi, I am Blake Simmons. The leader of the Red Hawks." In that moment my jaws were dropped and the color of my body drained away.

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