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   Chapter 1 Sweet Dream, Princess

The Gang Leader's Little Princess By dprincess684 Characters: 2755

Updated: 2018-06-16 19:32

The last day of school before summer holidays has finally finished. The warm breeze hit Elizabeth's face as she walked down the streets to her home.

This was her favourite moment in all day. Going back home alone; no nagging nanny, pampering maids, overprotective dad nor any perfect lady etiquette. It was just her alone taking in the surrounding and savouring her peaceful alone time.

Most people felt happy going back home after a long tiring day, she didn't. Elizabeth knew as soon as her foot was to be set on the compound of her home, she would greeted by her nana who would drag her to her perfect lady lessons.

Elizabeth never understood the need of those lessons. Nana reasoned that she was a daughter of high class family and it would be embarrassing to see a daughter of well respected family to behave lowly. Nana's reasoning was great but she was still puzzled abou the fact why it was necessary to read at this age. The age where she barely went out of the house and mingle with outsiders. The only time she actually went out was when she was attending where people mocked her for her behavior rather praise.

Elizabeth loved her nana but at times she thought otherwise. Nana had always been very strict upbringing Elizabeth. At the age of seven, she was forced to act mature than her age. Why? Because she was a mayor's daughter and it didn't suit a ma

yor's daughter to act childish.

With a sigh Elizabeth plugged on her earphones and started jamming to her favourite song. She remembered very well her nana had warned not to wear headphones and always be cautious while walking on the road but she was tired of always following her nana's footsteps.

This time was the only time she could be herself without getting conscious about others' intimidating eyes. This walk back home was the only time when she could do as she please without hearing her nana's nagging. So, she did as she pleased.

Oh! How much better would have been if today she might have taken her nana's into consideration. Without a care in the world she started bopping her head to the music, unconscious about the fact she was being followed for a long time.

The moment she found about the people, it was already too late. The person had already put a cloth in front of her mouth when she notice she was being followed. Elizabeth screamed in fear but the screams were mumbled because of the cloth. She tried her best to get out of their grasp but soon the darkness and dizziness were taking control of her.

She felt her limbs getting weak as she was getting carried away by the person. She couldn't make out the face of the person but she surely heard his voice after he laid her down and before she blacked out.

"Sweet dreams, princess."

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