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The Gang Leader's Little Princess By dprincess684 Characters: 1852

Updated: 2018-06-15 13:02

Elizabeth Susan Gryffin was a very well known lady in her town. Well, obviously she was, she was the mayor's daughter after all. Mr. Griffin was one of the most respected and powerful man in the whole town. He was a man of his words.

Mr. Gryffin has always been overprotective of his daughter, Elizabeth. He had always kept her hidden away from the society and world in fear of losing her. Since the day he lost his one and only love, his wife Susan Gryffin; he has been nothing but paranoid about losing his daughter.

Susan lost her life at childbirth which left Elizabeth motherless however Mr. Gryffin did his best to never let her feel the missing piece of a mother.

Mr. Gryffin did his very best rearing and caring the beautiful lady. He had always kept her in his warm arms never letting her far away from him. Although he knew one day he has to let her out to spread her wings and he realised that at his daugh

ter's 16 birthday.

That very day when his daughter requested to study in a school instead of getting home-schooled. At first Mr Gryffin was against the idea but he knew his daughter was growing up and he had let her out from his world. With much pressure from his daughter he couldn't stay opposing her wishes for long.

When Elizabeth started her high school life, she made another deal with her father. This deal had made her father lose his control. No way was Mr. Gryffin letting his little daughter walk alone at the streets where any kind of dangerous thing could happen but Elizabeth won again. She was her father's gem, she knew very well how to turn his every no into yes.

She was very happy with how life was working. She felt as if the stars were on her side. Poor girl she didn't know, soon her lovely and happy moments were all going to be taken away by that man that had been keeping his eyes on her.

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