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   Chapter 10 Ten

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The past week has been going pleasantly well. We all seem to be getting along and things are back to normal.

My dad and Candice have discussed it and have decided to try the IVF procedure. I'm excited and hoping that everything works out in the end. They went in yesterday for their first appointment.

Things with Melissa are also better, she even greeted Asher the other day. Although it was awkward for both, it was a step forward and I'm proud of her.

Scarlett and Janes are officially going on their first date. And Paige is still annoyed with everything that comes out Brody's mouth.

We invited them to our table for lunch, Brody, and Asher that is. Our table slowly filling up.

Paige looks at him in disgust. "Why would one girl better yet two sisters get anywhere near you?"

"Are you jealous Paige?" He asks, leaning forward with a glimmer in his eyes.

She scoffs, glaring at him. "As if, I would never even let you touch me."

His laugh booms in the air making Paige even madder. Asher nudges his side while the rest of us quietly watch.

Melissa thankfully breaks their banter before Paige explodes. He enjoys winding her up and she lets him get to her.

"Is everyone here going to the Halloween party?"

Right, it's in two days.

There are collective yes's and one no. I turn to Asher who is sitting to my right.

I raise an eyebrow at him. "What do you mean?" I ask.

There are always Halloween parties here and everyone goes all out. The costumes are my favorite part, next to drinking and having fun. Oh, and the hangover the next day.

Even though it's on a Wednesday, it's not stopping anyone.

He gives us a shrug, taking a swig of his water. "I don't have plans of going out." His explanation isn't good enough.

Brody rolls his eyes with a laugh. "You're going. No doubts." He looks at me, "He'll be there." He whispers.

"I'm right here?" Asher chuckles, shaking hi

et us there." Paige answers.

The mall is practically empty apart from a few cars that are in the lot. We have a seasonal store at the mall for Halloween specifically. That's where we head straight for.

After buying lemonades of course.

"Is the hot cop idea taken?" Melissa teases.

I walk behind them, laughing at Paige's response. Her middle finger aimed towards us. James and Scarlett wave us over to where they are. I see the costumes in their hands, nodding in approval.

Melissa and I find ours fairly easily. I'm eager to wear it on Wednesday night.

Paige has always been indecisive even with the amount of help we try to provide. She finally gives in and takes the cop uniform, the sexier one. We leave before she can change her mind, although I want to ask why she chose it.

You'd think that would be the last costume to be picked after what Brody said.

We decide to grab some food before we go home. My phone vibrates while I stand in line, pulling me away from the conversation about which fries are superior.

I open the message from Asher, smiling to myself.

It reads, Have you chosen your costume yet?

Yes. I press send, seeing the dots appear immediately.

Sneak peek? My smile widens as I respond.

You just have to wait and see...

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