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   Chapter 9 Nine

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I hear someone behind me, the familiar voice causing me to look over my shoulder.

"Hi, Asher."

I close my locker before turning around, greeting him with a smile. I ignore the not so subtle once over he gives me. He's not sly nor does he really hide it, his eyes raising mischievously.

It's not like I don't appreciate his good looks either. Which I would never admit out loud.

We start towards the cafeteria, taking the long way on purpose.

"How are things?" I ask, giving him a quick glance.

The halls are beginning to get crowded as everyone tries to switch classes. We have first lunch which is one of the largest since it holds everyone from the main building.

"Well, my muse hasn't shown up the past two days, " He pauses briefly to look at me. "She must be busy or something.."

I laugh at his dramatic way of saying that we haven't talked in two days. I've been dealing with Melissa and her immaturity. Although she did admit to it.

"I've been busy." I defend.

He doesn't hesitate to scoff, bumping into me. "I see." He nods.

I can't help but give him an eye roll, "Can I make it up to you?" I tease, not fully aware of my words.

Asher stops before we enter the cafeteria. "Are you doing anything today?"

"Nope, " It's Friday and Candice wanted to go out for the night with dad.

My friends were also staying in and doing their own thing.

I watch as he smiles lazily, "Cool, so grab frozen yogurt with me?"

That doesn't sound too bad. "Sure." I agree before his friends call out for him.

Asher slides his hands into his pockets, looking over to his friends. "I'll meet you at your locker, yeah?"

My answer is cut short when he's pulled away by two girls. I laugh at his expression, their apologies towards me furthering my amusement.

The cafeteria lines aren't too bad. I take advantage of that and make it to the table as soon as the second bell for the underclassmen rings.

Scarlett is in my usual spot, leaving me to sit on the other side of Melissa. I don't mind that she's sitting with us. I find it adorable how he gives her all of his attention. And seeing her cheeks

Paige beams, "You two are so cute." She coos with her chin in her hand.

"We're not–"


All eyes fall on James who shrugs sheepishly. She doesn't seem to mind, leaning over to kiss his cheek. They're disgustingly cute together.

Lunch ends and I'm quick to catch up with Melissa is walks fast even in high heel boots.

She shrugs my hand off of her shoulder w

of our favorite places to come to. Our parents all got along and would volunteer to drive us around just to be safe.

"So much changed in two years."

I look up from my cup, eating the last of it. "I agree, " I say.

He holds his chin in his hands, observing me quietly. It gives me a view of the tattoo on his wrist, I tilt my head trying to read it.

"It's my grandmothers' name." He tells me.

I remember how broken he was for days after she passed in seventh grade. I smile sadly still eyeing the ink.

Asher turns his hand over to give me a better look. "Did it hurt?" I ask, tracing over it gently.

"It was bearable." He smiles.

My brows tense together as I think of an idea. I chew on the inside of my cheek, deep in thought.

I lift my head to meet his curious gaze. "Have you ever drawn a tattoo for someone?" I question, hoping he agrees to my request.

He shakes his head still curious as to where I'm going with this.

"I turn eighteen in–"


I stare at him for interrupting but also because he still remembers. "Yes. Do you think you could draw my first tattoo?" I ask in a hopeful voice.

He holds eye contact with a serious expression before he grins. "I would love to, do you have anything in mind?"

I frown, I'm not creative enough for that.

"I could design something and you tell me if you like it?" He offers.

I have an even better idea. "I trust you. How about on my birthday we go with whatever you have designed and I get that done."

Asher seems surprised at that but agrees anyway, joking about how much power I just granted him with.

It isn't long before we have to leave and I'm dropped off at home.

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