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   Chapter 8 Eight

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The gym is currently being used by the cheerleaders to practice in. The rain kept me from having to walk home so I've been here for the past half hour. One of my friends is still being a b–

I glance up to see James sitting beside me. He had a meeting and agreed to drive me, but we wanted to wait for those two to finish. Melissa actually lives closer to me so she would be the only to drop me off. And James would take Paige home.

For obvious reasons, he offered to take me and I'm not arguing with that.

The bleachers are put away to give them space to practice. It's uncomfortable and my legs ache but it's better than walking in the pouring rain.

"How was it?" I ask, remembering how he got stuck with helping the theatre kids.

His dirty blonde hair is hidden beneath his hood. A tired look on his face.

I don't catch his murmured words, simply laughing at his glare. My smile fades when I notice Melissa's eyes on me. Lunch was awkward between her not acknowledging me and making our friends feel like they have to take sides.

I sigh inaudibly, dropping my eyes to the ground. "I need your words of wisdom."

When I don't receive a response, I lift my head to look at James. His attention is trained on one of the girls on the team, the same one that was flirting with him at the party. Her cheeks are pink as she bites her lip to hide a smile.

I nudge his causing him to raise an eyebrow in question. "Yes?"

"What was that?" I ask incredulously.


I nod, waiting for him to brush me off.

This time he smiles and shrugs. "We're talking." He tells me.

I lift my head quickly, "What about Melissa?" I ask warily. "I mean, are you sure your feelings for her–"

James cuts me off with his hand over my mouth. I frown, my brows tensing as he chuckles.

"I thought I liked her because of the kiss we shared during the summer." He notices my confusion. "It was nothing, to me it was because we became close and I thought we could ease into a relationship." He explains.

I listen, not having much of a choice.

"I realized that it was pure infatuation, and messing with our friendship would ruin it all."

James p

itive words.

I'm ushered out of the room while she showers and gets it together. I offered to cook dinner so that she could rest and not worry about it. It was worth the try but she didn't want my dad to think anything was wrong.

I sit on my bed with my phone in hand, searching on what options are available for Candice. Instead of studying for a test I have tomorrow in History class.

There are too many words I'm unfamiliar with and I feel a headache coming on with how much I read. I understood getting a surrogate, and adoption. Apparently, those aren't the only alternatives.

I hear the front door open and close seconds later. My dads' voice is faint from my bedroom. I toss my phone on the bed, trudging down the stairs. The kitchen smells amazing, my stomach grumbling as a reminder that I haven't eaten yet.

"Hey dad, " I say, leaning over the counter.

He finishes greeting Candice, her eyes glistening with a genuine smile. Dad kisses my forehead before telling us that he has to change out of his clothes.

Dinner is good and we watch a singing competition in the living room afterward. Despite knowing the news, I don't let it affect my mood. Candice seems to be holding it together and I can only hope that dad supports her through it.

Not that he wouldn't, I have never seen a person so in love like the two of them are with each other. It would be amazing to have what they have in the future.


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