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   Chapter 6 Six

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The mall is packed with cars when we arrive. Candice barely finding a spot that isn't at the other side of the building. I wasn't expecting less since it is Saturday, the busiest day of the week.

I wasn't planning on going out after Paige dropped me off this morning. Especially not anywhere this crowded where I could be recognized by people from school. I only agreed because she offered to buy me something to eat.

The first store we enter is a fail. We walk past the food court, my eyes landing on a familiar blonde. He sits with his friends from the soccer team.

Our relationship was short and sweet. The two of us being fifteen and innocent. I catch his gaze, smiling in a friendly manner before turning to Candice who tugs on my arm.

"April is here, you can go hang out with Riley if you want."

I raise a brow, looking to see Riley watching us curiously. "I'd rather not, " I say with a laugh. "But I will go to the bookstore."

She nods, pulling out four twenty dollar bills from her wallet. "I'll let you know when I'm done." She hands me the money.

"Okay, thank you!" I say with a grin, waving at her friend who waddles with her hand over her very large bump.

The topic of kids tends to become sensitive real quick. I stopped bringing it up after Candice left the room crying, I was twelve and felt terrible afterward. Dad said it had nothing to do with me with a solemn expression.

I still wonder about it, since she's only thirty years old and she seems to adore children.

My phone vibrates in my pocket, Riley's name popping up when I slide it out.

You come here often?

His message causes me to roll my eyes although I laugh quietly to myself. Replying with a short response and heading to the second story if the mall.

The main hangout spot is where the entrance is. A lot of the smaller shops are upstairs, hidden and out of reach. Unless you know your way around.

I enter my absolute favorite place in this mall, the bookstore. It's a decent size and holds a lot of newer novels with a good amount of classics. The smell of new books satisfies me for some reason.

It's like an immediate reaction to want to sit inside on a rainy day with a book in your hands.

I have a bad habit of reading the first and last page of every book before deciding

it better. Asher stirs the conversation away from her boyfriend, complaining about how gross they are.

"Do you remember the drawing you made Zoey?" She asks Asher with a teasing smile.

I gasp, "The one to get back at that girl in our class?"

"How could I forget my first heartbreak." He shakes his head at the memory.

I laugh, remembering how dramatic we were at eight years old.

Emily bursts into a fit of laughter. "You actually tried to make that poor girl jealous only to be exposed by Zoey." She wipes her eyes due to how hard she was laughing.

Asher sighs with a glare directed at his sister. "I thought she would come running into my arms and confess her love. Instead, I was tackled and humiliated." His lips purse together at the end of his confession.

I glance at Emily making her laugh even harder. He cracks a grin, raising his eyebrows at me. Once she's done embarrassing him we talk more about her and how California is treating her.

It sounds so simple, to pick a career and move away from the place you once called home. I know it's more complex than that.

And I can't see myself moving to a new place on my own. I'm basically stuck here until I stop being dependent on others.

Unfortunately, I have to leave which makes her pout. She gives me a hug, after typing her number in my phone.

"Bye, Zoey!"

I wave at the two of them while walking to Candice who is waiting for me. We spent a good amount of our day at the mall. I hadn't expected to run into them or to enjoy being there.

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