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   Chapter 5 Five

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"–Paige, your tinder profile is lame."

"It's honest."

"Exactly. No one cares about your first place in your poetry club."

"Says the one who put how many times you've watched all seasons of the office."

I laugh quietly, watching the two of them in amusement. We decided to hang out after school today and spend the night at Melissa's house. Rather than going to a party like James chose to do. Because he apparently enjoys the company of his male friends as much as he does ours.

Melissa was looking through Paiges' phone and clicked on the tinder app. She claims that it's not supposed to be so boring. That reminds me to keep my phone away from her.

I don't plan on downloading the app, but I'm always being bugged about my love life. Or lack of, that is.

Paige huffs, "Fine, what should I change it to?" She asks, giving in.

I spin in the chair Mel has for her vanity, scrolling through the movies while they do that.

"Zoey! Put the Breakfast Club on!" Paige yells, her eyes gleaming at her idea.

Mel protests, groaning about how she would rather watch a documentary.

I shrug, finishing the last of my lemonade. "One time won't hurt, " I say, interested to see why she loves it so much.

That causes her to clap her hands while Mel rolls her eyes, but agrees anyway.

We find a spot to be comfortable in and turn the lights off. The beginning isn't anything exciting and I ask questions here and there. I expected Melissa to fall asleep or to complain midway but she didn't. Paige could recite some of the lines which was impressive.

She even explained some of the scenes in deeper meanings, which I would have never picked up on. Not after one time of watching it.

"How was it?"

I answer honestly, "That was one of the best movies I have ever been forced to watch."

Paige giggles, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "Melissa?" she addresses our friend who is in a daze.

"Why do I want to watch it again?" She turns to face us.

"Because it's a classic and movies made now aren't so honest and vulnerable with their characters, " Paige explains.

I agree with a nod, staring up at the ceiling. "I felt like every sentence had a hidden interpretation."

"I didn't

expect to feel anything after watching it, " Melissa admits with a light-hearted laugh, We stay silent for a few moments, soaking in our own thoughts.

One of the reasons why I enjoy reading is because of how it makes me think. If you read word for word, you find yourself slowly feeling the characters' emotions and desperately searching for a solution in each word that comes next.

Movies are all sketched out, painted with colors and leaving gray areas. They make you think even harder because it's up to you of how you interpret things.

The lights suddenly turn on, my eyes adjusting to the now lit room.

Melissa stands at the door with a blank expression. "Okay, enough of that, I'm starving."

I stand up, stretching my legs and taking my phone before we head downstairs. I let the two of them go into the kitchen while I enter the living room.

Melissas' younger brother sits in front of the tv, a controller in his hands.

"Hey Ethan, " I say, sitting on one of the couches.

He mumbles a response, barely acknowledging me.

Their parents went out for the night, leaving him here with us. Melissa doesn't mind since he's twelve and spends most of the time playing video games. He basically gets up when he needs to use the bathroom or is hungry.

I scroll through my messages, reading the ones from my mother. I briefly spoke to her yesterday, not having the courage to call her and hear her voice just yet. She agreed with my suggestion and we left it at that.

I aimlessly scroll through my social media accounts while we wait.

I lock my phone when the food arrives. That gets Ethan to pause the game and join us, he greets us properly this time.

"Did you get egg rolls?" He gives Melissa a brief look.

She raises her eyebrows, "Of course I did." She says.

My mouth waters at the sight of all of the take out containers. I pile a little bit of everything onto my plate, as does everyone else. We watch half of a movie with Ethan until we're all satisfied with how much we ate.

He basically kicks us out to get back to his game. I laugh as the two siblings bicker and a pillow flies towards Melissa.

"Fine, " She laughs, tossing it back at his head. "You know where to find me."

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