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   Chapter 2 Two

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The parking lot is packed when we arrive. The sweet smell of snacks and foods filling the air. It's the very end of September and the air is still warm enough to pass for a summer afternoon.

I grumble something under my breath, annoyed at the couple making out beside me. I squeeze out of the car, slamming it shut loud enough to startle the pair.

They pull apart with glares directed at me. I give them a smile, walking around to meet Paige.

We make our way inside the school, the perks of having a friend that's a cheerleader. I get to skip the ridiculous lines and sneak in. Although it's not really sneaking in if no one cares.

The locker room is filled with girls in their uniforms, talking excitedly with each other. Simultaneously, they all turn to look at the door. Greeting us with warm smiles before turning back to their previous conversations.

I sit on the bench, watching as Paige ties her shoe. "Can I just hide out in here until it's over?" I jut my bottom lip out.

Her eyebrow raises as she looks up at me through her lashes. Sticking my hands out I frown in defeat.

"Fine, " I say with a huff.

I don't mean to listen to their conversation, but my ears practically perk up at the mention of his name.

Angela Andrews stands a few feet away from us, her hands on her tiny waist. "He quit the football team, I'll be surprised if we win tonight."

I pretend to be focused on the shiny linoleum floor.

"Asher asked for my number yesterday if we're not dating after tonight I'll think he's into girls with criminal records or something." She giggles, fixing the giant bow on her head.

I roll my eyes, Paige laughs beside me which causes me to grin. We talk for a few more minutes before I'm kicked out by the coach. She needed to give them the usual motivational pep talk so I went to find a seat.

One of our friends from study hall is on the committee that helps put together the banners and such. I find her on my way to the football field.

"Sabrina, hey." I grin, casually walking beside her.

She shakes her head, red curls falling around her shoulders. "There you are, I almost thought you found some other way to skip the line."

I shrug with a small laugh. "Of course not, I knew you'd be here, " I say matter of factly.

We sit right in the front, the sight of the marching band opening up before us. If my dad can't hear the loud trumpets from three hours away, I'll be shocked. Sitting too close might not have been the smartest idea.

The seats across from us are filled with visitors and supporters of the other team. Our rival school from the very start. Our football team is basically undefeated. At least they were until Asher decided to drop the team last month.

There were too many rumors to even know the truth. He quickly shut them down by telling everyone in a very polite manner to hop off his back.

Our school has been almost hesitant about tonight, talk about having faith, I do know that there are still some decent players on the team so I won't be quick to diss them. I'm not very knowledgeable on any of the correct terms, or the sport itself.

The roars and claps from my side of the field pull me out of my thoughts. Our school's football team runs out, cheering on the crowd. The mascot for our school is a fox, our colors being red and white. I simply watch the other team, their claps sad compared to ours.

I scold myself for always making everything a competition.

"When do they start t

ackling each other?" I glance at Sabrina.

She throws her head back laughing. "Did you learn anything in the last three years of coming to these things?" She tilts her head in question.

I cross my arms with a scoff. "Yes, the food smells really good, but it tastes like dirt."

"They start tackling each other in five minutes." She responds.

I nod liking that answer much better.

My eyes dart all over the field attempting to keep up with what's going on. I stand up when my side does, and boo when they boo. In the end, we end up winning which has us all screaming until our throats hurt.

The cheerleaders do one last routine before our principal takes over. She's a tall woman in her forties, her daughter is on the cheerleading squad. A grade below us, but she's really sweet.

Mrs. Lyons thanks everyone for coming, and for being civilized. She announces king and queen, no one is surprised when Angela Andrews and one of the football players names are called out. They make a small speech on how much it means to have been voted for king and queen.

Once it's over, the crowd starts disappearing. I meet up with Paige on the field. Passing by the team and the cheerleading squad. There's already talk about a party to celebrate the win.

We enter the locker room, the smell of flowers itching my nose. I check my phone while Paige changes out of her uniform.

"We're going right?" Paige asks, stuffing her clothes in her bag.

I'd much rather be in my room with a bowl of lucky charms. I follow her to her car without answering. I'm still contemplating my choice as we make it to the parking lot.

Paige stops a couple of times to talk to some of her friends. They all ask if we're going to the party. We make it to her car when she finally faces me.

"Please." She pleads, clapping her hands together. "I'll get down on my knees if I have to."

I sigh dramatically, leaning against her black bmw. Before I can respond, the strong smell of cologne wraps around me like a blanket.

"Is that offer still available?" A deep voice asks.

I scowl at Brody, seeing his smug face staring at Paige. She seems to snap out of her trance, her cheeks heating up.

He chuckles, amused by her expression. "I'm kidding." He winks.

He turns to face me, a sour look on his face. I'm starting to think that he doesn't like me very much.

"What?" He grumbles.

I roll my eyes, tugging Paige to get in the car. Asher joins his friend, laughing about something on his phone.

I'm fully in when he knocks on the window. "Are you two going to the party to celebrate?" He asks.

"No, " I say, just now deciding my answer.

He raises an eyebrow, "Why not? You're so uptight, I think you need to get la-"

I narrow my eyes at him, cutting his sentence off by rolling the window up. Paige laughs, starting the car. The parking lot is less packed now that we've wasted time.

"We're not going?" Paige questions, leaving the school grounds.

I shake my head. "You can go, your friends are probably going." I smile.

She rolls her eyes, "It's fine, we can go to the next one." She grins triumphantly.

I don't say anything, letting her believe that. Parties are fun every once in a while, but they become repetitive. And I've gotten drunk a handful of times to not want to do it again. So in the end, I just watch everyone else embarrass themselves when I could be at home sleeping.

Luckily I got out of this one so that's exactly what I'll be doing.

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