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   Chapter 32 Family is everything. END

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*5 years later*

"It's a girl." Alice smiled before she placed my newborn daughter on top me.

Without realizing it myself, my tears begin to flow down my cheeks until Ava wipe it off for me. Rina was smiling as well before she kissed my daughter on the forehead.

"Whats her name? Do you have anything in mind?" Rina asked.

"I don't know ... I asked Ava to think about it since I am bad at figuring names." They chuckled.

"How about Marie?" Rina suggested.

"Marie Grimaldi." Ava said it and hummed.

"It does sound lovely. What do you think hun?" She asked me. I looked down at my daughter and smiled.

"Marie sound amazing. Thanks, Rina." Rina leaned and gave me a kiss. A nurse came and took the baby away because they need to clean my lower part.

I dozed off from the exhaustion of being in labor for hours. By the time that I woken up, I was already in the wardroom.

As I opened my eyes, the white ceiling was the first thing that greeted me. When I turned to the side, I saw Rina, with her glasses on, working on something. She looked up and smiled.

"You awake? Do you want something to drink?" She asked as if she knows what's on my mind. I gave her a little nod.

Rina stood up from her seat and went to poured a glass of water for me.

"RONALD GRIMALDI, GET BACK HERE!" I heard Ava's voice by the door. Not long after hearing that, the door was open, revealing a little kid running towards me.

"MAMA! SAVE ME!" Before he could jump on the bed Rina manage to catch him by the collar.

"Ronny, mama is not healthy enough. You should apologize to mom." Rina's voice made him froze.

"Ronny ..." Rina's pissed.

"Rina, don't be mad at him." I pat on the empty space on the bed. Rina sighed and did as told.

"You shouldn't be too soft on him or he will step on our head when he grows up." I chuckle when he hugged me, obviously afraid.

"I don't think he would end up like that since you and Ava always yell at him. He's a kid, a five-year-old kid. He's naughty. Am I right Ronny?" He nodded.

"Ronald!" Ava walked in and I felt his hold tightened around me.

"Ava dear, stop being so evil to him. My poor son!" Ava sighed at me before he shows us a shredded paper.

"He put this important paper inside a shredder machine while I was looking away." I stared at her.

"Is your child more important than your work? Tell me, Ava." I asked. Ava sighed again.

"My child is important. It's fine Ronald, you're forgiven." Ava smile, forcefully.

"It's fine Ava, I'll help you with it later." Rina offered her help.

"Ronny, what do you say to mom?" Ronny let go of me and face Ava.

"I'm sorry." Ava waved it off. She excused herself and went out from the room.

"She's probably going to the nursery again." Rina smiled.

"Ronny, you are a big brother now. Promise mommy that you'll take care of your baby sister okay?" Ronny wiped off his tears and nodded his head at Rina.

"Mama, when are you coming back home?" my son asked me.

"Soon." I smiled.

"Mama, Ronny made this for you in art class. Aunt Kelly said it's beautiful." He keeps on feeling his inside jacket for something he made for me. He was about to cry for no reason until Kelly barged in out of breath.

"Master Ronald! You forgot this!" Kelly handed over a small gift box to him. He smiled before gave it to me. I looked up to Kelly but she just gave me a smile while Rina shrugged her shoulder.

"Can mama open it?" He nodded.

I smile while opening the gift he gave me. I shake it a little and before opening the top cover. I think, it's made using .... macaroni?

"Oh, Ronny." I chuckled. I took the bracelet out from the box and put it on around my wrist.

"Mama loves it, Ronny. Thank you."

"Nothing for mommy, Ronny?" Rina asked.

"Nope. Mommy has to wait for her gift." Rina was astounded by his response and so do I!

We all heard a knock on the door before Kelly went to open it herself. It was Ava with our newborn daughter. Ronny was standing on the bed when he noticed Ava coming in with Marie.

"Sister?" He asked while pointing at her. I nodded.

"Ronny, meet Marie, your baby sister." Rina introduced her to him. Ava lowered her body a bit so that Ronny could see his new baby sister.

"So tiny." He pokes on her cheek.

"Ronny, don't poke her. You'll make her cry. You should be a good big brother, okay?" Rina said to him. He nodded his head while standing on his toe.

"Did Alice told you when will you be discharge?" Ava asked me. I shake my head no. Ava went to Rina and asked her to hold little Marie while she went to see Alice.

"Kelly, follow me please." Kelly nodded and followed Ava out from the wardroom. Rina went to sit on a chair by the bed and played with little Marie.

"Mama, why are you crying?" Wait, what? Crying? I wiped my cheek with my hand.

"What's wrong Nicky? Is it hurt? Do I need to call the doctor?" I shake my head no.

"It's not that. I didn't even know I was crying, geez, relax!" I snickered. Ronny went to sit on my side again while comforting me. This boy, really worried about me, has he?

"Ronny, why do you have to be so cute! Oh, mama loves you!" I almost forgot that I just pushed a human being out of me when the pain came back as I was trying to hug him.

"Be careful! Geez." Rina chuckled. I can't wait to get home, to be with my family, to be with everyone.


"RONALD!!! GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!" I heard Ava's screaming voice across the hallway. From the tone of her voice, she's obviously pissed off.

She really needs to control herself more or she will wake Marie up. She's been acting up all day and i just manage to put her to sleep! As I was walking down the hallway, I noticed Rina walked out from her room as well.

"He never learns, that little boy? He enjoys making Ava mad at him." Rina shake her head before we both went down the stairs. Before we even get to the first floor, we both saw Ronny and Ava chasing each other.

Ava's phone was ringing and Ronny just wouldn't give up.

"Ronald Bennick Grimaldi! Put down the phone now!" Rina warned him. Ronny froze up and did as

f in the mirror without my mask. I cry every time I went to the bathroom to take a shower since I have to look at my damaged body.

At first, I refuse letting both Ava and Rina see me the without any clothes on since I'm afraid they will be disgusted. It was Rina who convince me that they both are fine with the way I am now.

It was on that beautiful night when Ava finally made her move on me and that's how Marie was conceived. Ava was kind enough to ignore the scars on my body as she appreciate me, making me as a whole woman again.

But, even so, it was Rina who breastfeeding little Marie since I'm not capable of doing so anymore.

"Mama?" I heard Ronny's voice. When did he even get inside the car?!

Mary was kind enough to let Ronny play with her daughter even though she looks like she's ready to give birth anytime soon.

"I hope you didn't trouble mama Mary that much." Ronny shakes his head no.

"Mama Mary told Ronny many stories when Mama was a child. She said mama likes to pretend to be a boy." Huh? Just what kind of stories did that woman told him?!

"Ronny .." Ava called for him.

"Yes, mom?" Ava smirked.

"We'll go for ice cream later after we sent mama, mommy, and Marie home okay, just the two of us." She's planning something!

"Really? Last time you said that we went to see a toothy doctor." I can't believe he still remembers that trip to the dentist! We had to lie or he refuse to go.

"I promise. This time, it's ice cream."

"Ava, I hope you're not planning to use my son for something that I never agreed on. If you do, you know the consequences yourself." Rina seems like she still mad about what happened at the hospital.

I think I should apologize to her when we're alone later.


After tucking Marie on her crib, I went to find Rina. I knock before turning the knob that leads to her home office. As I was walking inside, I saw her standing by the window, phone in her hand, looking out to the scenery outside.

"I told you to want to be alone, Kelly."

"I'm not Kelly." She turned and gave me a small smile.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were Kelly. Do you need something? Oh, you want me to look after Marie? Are you going out?" I shake my head no at all of her questions.

"I do have something to say but, are you okay? You look ... distant just now."

"It's about work. You said you wanted to tell me something? What is it?" She asked. I took this chance to walked towards her and hug her.

"I'm sorry for what happened at the hospital. I'm sure you were searching for us and worried about work at the same time." She chuckled.

"Honestly, I don't mind at all. I can take care of Marie while you two having fun but, neither you or Ava told me about your whereabouts. I thought something bad had happened to you. It made me worried. I don't want the same thing to happen again." I never realized that she's this worried about me.

I tightened my grip on her body as I hugged her. I feel so dumb for thinking about her feelings lightly.

"Do you, Ronny and Marie want to follow me to Russia. I have a few meetings to attend to with one of the prominent family there but I think I can find some time for us to visit the country if you want." I pulled away.

"Are you serious? You want us to follow you?" Rina nodded.

"Why not? Ava's going on a business trip as well. Rather than leaving you alone, you should follow one of us." She smiled. This will be fun! I never went to Russia before.

We were looking at each other's orbs when we both turned to the door where Ava suddenly appeared. She smirked before closing the door behind her and lock it.

"Let's have some fun, okay?" Fun? No! The last time we did, Marie was the result of it!

"I don't mind if you want another child. It's not my safe day today and I don't think I want to use any 'plastic'. Maybe that will cure this stress that's building up on me." Rina shrugged.

"More Gremlins huh? Well, the beauty of being in a polygamous marriage." Ava was being dead serious!

Wait, why am I being dragged as well? Hold on, no!


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