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   Chapter 30 Sweet revenge.

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"Whats her condition?" I asked.

"Don't you want to meet her first?" Alice asked me back. I shake my head no.

"I want to hear it from your own mouth first. I don't want my brain to do unnecessary speculation." She sighed before leading us to the sitting area.

"It's bad. Half of her upper torso was burned real bad including her face. She's almost unrecognized. For now, I can't promise anything if I can fix her because I need proper tools to determine her real situation. But she's not in critical condition like she was when she arrived here."

"What do you mean by burn?" Rina asked.

"Acid Burn. She was suffering from acid attacking. She was stabbed and beaten all over her body but thats not fatal. I just never experience treating someone with an acid burn. And for her to endure such trial and alive still, she's one heck of a woman, to be honest."

"Acid burn ...." I manage to catch Rina's body before she went weak on the knees.

"That's why I told you to sit down, Lady Rina." Alice turned around to fetch a piece of paper.

"I did some rape kit test. It's negative." Alice tilted her head as I read the report.

"You look very calm, Ava. I'm proud of you." I looked up with a smile but that made her surprised.

"Trust me, I am not calm at all." I stood up from the couch together with Rina. Alice did too and lead us towards Nicole's room. She opened the door and let us in. Rina turned away from the sight of Nicole because she can't keep herself strong enough to her.

I let her go and went towards Nicole's bed with tears in my eyes.

"She's sleeping now. I guess she needs the rest since she was torture for overnight." I turned to Alice.

"Torture?" Alice nodded.

"That's what Mira told me. The kidnapper told her himself." The kidnapper ...

Looking at the state Nicole's in now, only God knows what she's feeling. How will she react to the fact that her face is half gone and her body will be this way for life? Will she be able to handle it?

"Alice, do stay with Rina while I'm out. I'm going to meet someone before coming back to Astor." I was walking towards the door when Rina took my wrist.

"Where are you going? Don't leave her like this. What if she wakes up and didn't see you there? She will be sad." I smiled.

"It won't take that long. I promise." I gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaning into her ear.

"I have some unfinished business to attend to. Take care of Nicole for me." I let go of Rina's body and went out to find Kelly.

"Kelly, " I called out as I walked across the villa towards the front entrance. Kelly stood beside me, waiting for my orders.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"Mira, Vera and Mika are having fun with him in the basement." I can't believe they start without me.

"Don't kill them here. I do t want to handle another national scandal like before." Kelly smiled.

"Yes, ma'am. Umm, where are we going? I thought we're going to meet the one we captured." We went into a car and I asked the driver to go to the address that stated in a paper that I gave him.

"Not yet. I want to meet someone rather important." I smiled. I remembered something.

"Will you be able to prepare the suitable transportation for our guest, the kidnapper? I want them all in Astor. Not Maestropolitan. Also, prepare a plane for Nicole as well. I want her to be treated in Astor. Alice should be able to use the best medical team we can muster up. Money is not a problem." Kelly nodded while taking notes.

"I must say, ma'am, you look quite calm. I never see this side of you." I gave her the same smile I gave Alice before and it made Kelly surprised as well.

"Trust me, I am not calm at all. I am furious if you must know. But I promise Rina I won't act hastily." The car stop and I looked outside.

It's deserted but I saw an abandoned house not far from where we are. I got out and waited for Kelly.

"Where are we, ma'am?" She asked.

"A hideout I guess." I tapped on the driver's window and he opened the back boot for me. Kelly followed my footsteps and she gasped when she saw what I had asked the driver to provide me with.

"Are we going hunting? I don't think the government will authorize this, Milady. Who knows there might be an endangered animal that's on the verge of extinction. We need a special permit for it." Is she seriously thought I'm going hunting for some animal?

"Don't worry your little head. I have friends in the embassy. They will allow me to do this. All you have have to do now is being my second eye. Because I'm sure I won't be focusing on other things than hunting this ... creature."

Kelly doesn't have a choice but to agreed with me.

I choose the most suitable weapon available and satisfy with my choice.

(I feel like I used this picture before but oh well!)

"My lady, are you ... it can't be help. Yes, I'll be your second eyes and ears." Kelly chooses a rather cliche weapon for protection.

"Seriously?" Why would she even choose a weapon a little as that?!

"What?! It's cute!" Cute huh. I sighed.

"Let's go inside, " I said.

"Inside that creepy old house? Milady ..." she's having a second thought.

"Kelly, if you want

know that your sister begged for your freedom. Even her husband did too. For that, you'll be off the hook. I'm sure these two 'man' force you to do what they ask you to do. But, I am also sure you have grudges against me for what I did to your family, am I right?" Natania keeps her head low.

I walked towards her and lifted her chin up. Our eyes met.

"But hear this, Natania Shinjuku. You'll never be a human ever again. You will have to follow whatever I say even if I tell you to jump off a building. I own you ... both your body and soul." I leaned into her ear.

"Like I own your sister, I own you as well. You'll know what kind of plans I have for you soon enough." I chuckled before letting her chin go.

"Release her from her bind. A limousine will be waiting for her outside. Make sure to give her a nice long scrub. I don't want her new partner to see her in this state. She's going to be marrying a crown princess after all." Her eyes widen as the guards dragged her away.

"LET HER GO! WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHES MARRYING A PRINCESS?! SHES NOT A DYKE!" Gerrard screamed at the top of his lungs.

Kelly used her own fist to shut him up.

"The Lady is currently speaking. Don't be so rude to the Duchess, vermin!" Kelly warned him.

"Now Kelly, don't be so mean to our guest. He doesn't know how to act like a loyal dog yet. Release their bind." Kelly and the guards seem reluctant.

"Trust me, release them." I smiled.

Kelly sighed heavily before motioning the guards to do as I said. I watched as both Gerrard and Frederick rubbing their wrist and looked up at me.

"You wish for freedom?" I asked them both. They looked at each other.

"If you wish for freedom from this hell hole, fight me, 2 on 1." When Kelly suddenly pulled my shoulder and forced to face her, I chuckled at her expression. It's almost comical.

"Are you losing your mind! You don't have the strength to do such thing! You are not healthy enough!" She shouted at me.

When she realized what she had done, she apologized.

"Well, come on boys. Have some fun with me will you?" I invited them to attack me. Gerrard seems ready but Frederick holds him down by the shoulder.

"I suggest that you don't even think about getting that close to her. She might look like a fragile-looking woman but trust me, she's not. She's far from what she let people think of her true self." Frederick warned him. I just keep smiling at them.

"What? She looks so weak to me. I mean, you listened to what she said." He referred to Kelly.

"She's weak! Not healthy!" He tried to lunge towards me but Frederick manages to grab his wrist.

"Come on, let him have it." I ushered him.

"Let me go, Fred! I want to have a taste of this Duchess." He forcefully released himself from Frederick's hold and lunged towards me, fist at the ready.

Just before he swung his fist towards me, I took a side step and watched him almost fall over.

"Stay still will you!" He said when he tried to come at me again. I stick my leg out and watched him fall on his front. I chuckled as he got up from the ground.

"Now I'm pissed!" He said angrily. He tried to do a spinning kick but I manage to grab his leg. I laughed as he's hopping while I kept his leg up.

"What a nice view your giving me now. It's almost comical." I snickered.

"Now, shall I end this fight?" I turned to Frederick.

"Do you wish to help him?" I asked. He shake his head no vigorously. That's a wise decision.

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