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   Chapter 29 Save her.

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"What should we do now? We have to find her! God knows what happen to her now!" Mary begged her future husband. Daniel grabbed on Mary's body and let her cry on his chest.

"I'll do whatever I can to find her. Please, love, don't forget that you're pregnant. I promise I'll do whatever it takes to find her." Daniel assured.

"Of course you will or both Ava and Rina will have your head!" Mary shouted before pushing him away.

"Why didn't you tell us about the real situation? I would've followed her to the restroom ..." Mary was interrupted by Daniel.

"And what? Risking your life as well? No hun. There's no way I'll do that." One of the guards greeted them both before bowing his head low.

"I apologized, my Prince. We can't find any trace of Lady Nicole inside the restroom. We found something but, it doesn't lead us to her whereabouts." The guards showed the prince his findings inside the restroom where Nicole was last seen.

"What is this?" Daniel asked.

"And an empty bottle of sleeping aid. It was believed that the culprit used this to make the lady fallen asleep while they carried her out from the restroom." The guard explained.

"Didn't you find anything from the CCTV footage? It's a public area after all. There should be some cameras caught even a glimpse of them." Daniel asked. The guard could only shake his head.

"None of the footage even show any glimpse of weird looking people. We did ask the shopkeepers and any bystanders but they don't see anyone suspicious except for the time when the people who're inside the restroom were told to leave because that place need to be clean." That peek daniel's attention.

"And none of the people that's inside the restroom told this cleaner about Nicole who've might be inside the stall?!" Daniel pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Your Highness, Kelly is here." Kelly walked in, greeted the prince before the maid informed him that someone's on the private line.

Daniel was reluctant to answer the phone since he knows that only Ava or Rina know how to call him on the private line. He scared for his life when he placed the phone on his ear.

"Hello." He said lowly.

"By now, I'm sure that Kelly's in front of you. Rina and I are on our way to Indonesia. I hope that once we arrived there, our wife would be there, happy to see us. If otherwise, I hope you ordered a nice, close mausoleum because you probably don't want any of your subject to see your disfigure face once we're done with you."

Ava hangs up, leaving Daniel trembled in fear. He placed the phone down on a table before facing his future queen.

"This is the end, isn't it? I'm going to die." Mary comfort her future husband as she hugged him.

"You probably going to have a headless body once they're here. Your lucky that I was at a business convention in Asia." Kelly went to take a seat on Daniel's work table and placed a laptop in front of her.

"The wedding ring that Ava bought her was actually a tracking device. I can use the program our engineer created to pinpoint her exact location." Kelly informed the prince.

"Just think of this as a mercy act from Lady Katharina since she's worried Ava might go overboard when she finds out that you haven't even found a single clue where to find her, " Kelly added as Daniel finally see a new purpose in his life.

"Umm Kelly. What's going on outside of the embassy?" The prince asked.

"What do you think is happening outside? The news about the Duchess went missing went viral. But don't worry. I asked for someone's help while on the way here. My bosses said I can do whatever I want to find the Duchess." That peek Daniel's attention.

"Help? From whom?" He asked before the door that leads out being opened again.

"Hello, your highness." A familiar female voice greeted them before she entered the room.

"Mira, Vera, and Mika. Of course, Rina asked all three of you to be here." Daniel sighed when he was greeted by three most unexpected visitor.

"You don't sound happy to see us, brother." Mira looked passed the prince and smiled at Mary who feels intimidated by the girls' sight.

"Don't you want to introduce us to your future queen, brother?" Daniel turned to looked at Mary and offered his hand for Mary to hold.

"Mary, meet my half sisters. The oldest, Mira, the second child, Vera and the third child, Mika. They're working for Rina as their eyes and ears."

Mira offered her hand to Mary.

"I am Mira, the oldest."

Vera offered her hand.

"I'm Vera. This is Mika."

Mika offered her hand.

"Mika. Nice meeting you, future Queen Mary." They all realized what she just said.

"Damn! Queen Mary of Astor. That's such a coincidence." The sisters chuckled. Mira turned to Kelly whos working on finding Nicole's whereabouts.

"Did you find her yet? I want to find her before those two arrive here." Kelly nodded and asked her to look at the screen.

"She's on an island not far from the mainland. It belongs to the Shinjuku family." The sisters looked at each other before facing their brother.

"Natania? No way. She's a lot smarter than that, right?" Daniel was being in denial.

"Well, she does have grudges against Ava and Rina. Remembered w

h fire, Gerrard. Did you listen to me? No. Now I can't help you anymore. You just dig yourself a hole that's deep enough to bury your own life in." Mira snapped her fingers and a group of fully arm guards entered the room.

"I need a few man to carry the Duchess to the helicopter now! She's in a really bad shape now." Kelly shouted.

Gerrard didn't even retaliate when the guards capture him. He knows that even if he try to disobey Mira, his life will be over with or without Ava's presence.

Both Mira and Kelly watched as the guards carried Nicole unconscious body out of the room.

"What do you think they'll do when they see the state she's in? She was kidnapped just yesterday! Look at how bad her conditions are." Mira sighed.

"All I can say now is that I'm sure another bloodbath will happen. They won't let those two get off that easily. But I'm curious about something." Kelly pointed at three empty instant noodle bowl.

"From the looks of things, that third bowl doesn't belong to Nicole." Mira laughed at Kelly's remark.

"How can you be so sure about that? We didn't find anybody else besides them." Kelly smiled.

"Because if I recall correctly, Ava mentioned that Nicole's suffered a side effect if she even consumes any type of noodle. From the looks on her entire body, except for the bruises, stab wounds and acid burn, there's no sign of allergic reaction. Trust me I saw how red her entire body was when she accidentally consume them."

Mira went to the empty bowls and examined the entire area.

"Used condom." She uses the used fork to show the thing she found on the floor near the table.

"Don't tell me he rape ..." Mira cut Kelly off from finishing whatever she's about to say.

"Nope. I don't think he rapes her. Her jeans were still on when we found her on the floor. They tore her shirt because they want to pour the acid on his body." Mira threw it away.

"I think they were enjoying themselves while watching our dear duchess suffered from the burn and wounds." Mira pointed at the pool of blood on the floor.

"I think the prince will never see the end of the day once those two arrive here. I hope we don't have to do all the dirty work again. The last time we did that, it almost became a national scandal." Mira chuckled.

"Sometimes I think Ava and Rina have more power than the king himself. I mean, they're well known for their good but people like us, like those who know what's happening behind the scene, we know that those two aren't an angel. They are by far the devil if we really speaking the truth here."

Kelly smiled at Mira's statement.

"Why do you think the king listen to what Katharina has to say? He's afraid she might end his life. He's a king, but we all know that Rina's the one pulling the string in the Kingdom. How do you think she could wipe out the whole existence of the Shinjuku family just like that." Kelly snapped her finger.

"Ma'am. Lady Nicole has departure towards the villa. Doctor Alice is ready to treat her." Kelly nodded her head at the guard before excusing himself.

"How did you manage to snatch Alice from her busy schedule?" Mira shows her phone.

"Rina gave her an order to follow. You know how those ex-mistresses feel when they disobey Rina." Kelly indeed knows very well about that.

"We should go and wait for the duchesses to arrive. I don't think Rina herself could control Ava when she's full-blown angry at Daniel or the rest of his bodyguard." Mira chuckled.

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