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   Chapter 28 Help me.

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"Your future husband is one worry wart man, Mary, " I said as we waited for our food at the hotel restaurant with the rest of our classmate.

"He is a Prince, caring for his future queen. What do you expect?" She asked me while putting this proud expression on her face.

"But seriously though, why does he need these many guards, I don't know." She added.

She has a point. Not even Ava nor Rina this worry wart before. She does let me do whatever I want without any protection. But then again, Mary is carrying the next future king or queen of Astor. She's important!

"Are they armed?" I asked. Mary shrugged her shoulder. Soon enough, our food came and the most annoying thing happened again.

One of the guards actually went to our table and taste the food for poison! Both Mary and I looked at each other before the guard gave us his approval to eat! This is getting ridiculous.

"I have a feeling that something is going on but both of your wives and my future husband doesn't want us to know anything, " Mary concluded.

"Let's try to think about this trip rather than the whole situation right now, okay?" I tried to change the subject. Our lecturer came and explained to us about the fundamentals of arts and how it benefits everyone in many, many ways.

Why does he have to lecture us now?

"Today, we will go to a museum." The lecturer ended his lectures. We were surprised when he's suddenly standing next to our table.

"And I hope that these guards of yours will not interfere with our class session." He obviously annoyed by this. Not just him, us too! Why did we need these many guards, I have no idea!

"Well, if you wish to file a complain, you have to file it with our Prince or the duchesses. We received an order to protect our ladies and we will not leave their side because that's our order." Said one of the bulky looking guards when he realized our lecturer wants him to go.

"If you have problems with how we do our job, this is the direct line to our superior. I'm sure you have a lot to say to the prince and the duchesses." This is the first time we have seen our lecturer being a pussy.

"There's no need for that." He gave our such nervous laughter before facing us.

"Why do you two have to find such influential spouses?!" We are not shrugged our shoulder.

Hold on a sec, both Rina and Ava's in this too? I thought Daniel was being himself by protecting his future queen. Why did those two in this too?

I reached for my phone and texted in the group chat, asking for what purpose does his all. I waited but none of them replied me. Don't tell me they're too busy fucking each other than to care about me.

It didn't take long for someone to reply me after I thought of every possibility that might happen now.

I read the text and it received such .... pain in the ass replied from Ava.

"Ava said she's just worried I might end up in trouble without any supervision. Obviously, she never trusts me going on this trip in the first place!" This is .... annoying!

Another text came in and this time it's from Rina.

"And Rina said she's just worried that I might find another woman or man to add to the marriage. I mean, what kind of excuses is this? It is I who should be worried because they have far more mistresses in the past!" Mary chuckled at my outburst.

"You should be lucky that they said that. Daniel told me that he's worried I might be too excited and do things I shouldn't do. He keeps on telling me that I should care for our unborn child." Yikes, he sounds like an overly protective 'husband.'

"How does it feel to be pregnant?" I suddenly asked.

"Nothing much it's just now that I am eating for two." She smiled. I noticed she took quite a lot of food from the buffet. Ever since I know her, she never eats this many before.

"You gonna eat that?" She was eyeing my tart. I gave her a smile before I placed my tart on her plate. Even with a simple gesture like that made her happy.

"Speaking of pregnancy, will you be having your own? I mean, you married to a billionaire. I'm guessing they can afford you know ... make you pregnant." I chuckled. If only she knows that Ava herself can make me have our own baby.

"We had that talk before and I told her I need to focus on my studies first. I do t want to be one of those wives who only know how to spent their spouse's money." Mary chuckled at my answers.

"Do you wanna know what Daniel said when he knows?" She asked. I nodded.

"He said I don't have to continue with my studies since we're going to get married. But you know me. I don't like sitting around, doing nothing." I keep nodding my head.

"So, you have a plan?" I asked as we both took a bite of our food. She swallowed before replying.

"I told him I'll finish my course even if I'm in a lot of pain because of the labor." We both laughed at her answer. We didn't even realize that we were too loud until someone shushed us both.

It's our lecturer.

"Hey Nicky, I have a really important question. Is it just me or the guards seems to be on edge? I mean they all keep a close eye on us as if we're being a target or something." She has a point.

There's no doubt

d back.

I started to cry because i fear for my life, fear for everything they have in mind.

"Gerrard, today, I'll let you do whatever you want. I will not be a judge for today only." She took a step back before Gerrard show himself in front of me.

"I'll make sure to use this opportunity to the fullest. It's not everyday Natania let me do whatever I want." He laughed. I struggled in my seat as I watched him walking towards a table not far from us.

I want to loosen the ropes around my wrist but it was too tight. Suddenly two set of hand holds my shoulder down as Gerrard walking back towards me.

"I hope you have tolerance for pain. This will be ugly." Is that a plier?! No! NO! Gerrard smirked at me as she grabbed one of my hands.

"Don't worry. I'm sure your wives can afford to pay the medical bills. Unlike us, they destroyed us." Gerrard used the plier and pulled one off nails from my fingers.

I never felt so much pain in my life before. I screamed as loud as I can while crying my eyes out. He showed me my nails and I looked down at my bleeding fingers as he went for another one.

I begged for him to stop but he didn't listen to me as he pulled another one of my nails.

"STOP IT!" I yelled as he showed me my nail on his palm.

"Oh look. The Duchess is angry at us. Scream, scream all you want. No one will ever hear you since this is a private island."

"Awwww... I only wanted to be with you because I like your sister. She's hot Gerrard. But don't worry, I love you too Gerrard." Gerrard shrugged.

"I don't mind seeing my sister having sex with you. It's fun to watch and masturbate with." This conversation has gone to another level, I feel disgusted.

"Don't make that face. You married to two girls!" Someone said behind me. That's obviously Frederick.

"You had your fun pretty boy. Now it's my turn." Said the same male voice. It'a Frederick.

"Do you know what your wife, Rina did to me?" He asked as he kneels down and touched my knee. I didn't respond as I am still in pain of missing my nails.

"Katharina Grimaldi tried to kill me and make it look like an accident." Rina did that? She seems so pure. No! He's lying! He's lying!!!

"You don't believe me, did you? You thought that someone so innocent like her would never do what I just said, right." He leaned into me and we were inches before our lips touch.

"Trust me. The innocent looking one is always the evilest one you'll ever meet." He forced himself to my lips and bit my lower lip as hard as he could. When he pulled away, I can taste the iron from my blood run into my throat.

"Please let me go ... why are you doing this to me ... I want to go home." I begged while I slowly losing my mind.

Someone pulled Fredrick away from me and I feel a fist connected to my left cheek. It hurt so much that I'm bleeding from the inside of my mouth.

"I hate you, you know that." It was Natania.

She punched me again and again, repeatedly until she satisfies her needs to torture me. My face feels numb and I'm sure that blood runs through from my mouth to my shirt and jeans now.

"Natania, stop making her look ugly. I want to have a taste of what Ava and Rina had before we kill her." Gerrard said before he pulled Natania away from me.

I watched as he started removing his belt, unbuttoned and unzipping his jeans. He's going to do it! He's going to finish what he started months ago!

No... Ava ... Rina .... please ... HELP ME!

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