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   Chapter 26 Things Happen.

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Hmm... I think I bought enough stuff for them. But, then again, she's in Bali while Rina's inside another room, working her ass off again. I went to the bed and threw myself onto the bed, enjoying the bliss I'm having now.

It was a long flight and I just have to take a power nap for this fatigue I'm experiencing. I sigh in relief, slowly closing my eyes before i heard the door being opened from the outside.

I was too lazy to looked up until someone straddling on my thigh. From this scent, I am absolutely sure it's Rina.

"How's Tokyo?" She asked. I gave her two thumbs up before burying myself even further in this comfy bed.

"I see you bought gifts. Any for me?" I pointed at the boxes.

"You can choose anything you like. Do keep some for Nicole. When will she come back home?" I asked.

"She went to Bali just yesterday. Maybe in a week or two? If you miss her that much we could always fly to Bali ourselves and surprise her." Rina suggested.

"Nah. Let her have her fun with her friends. Mary's with her right?" I opened my eyes just to see she's already naked on top of me.

"Yea she's with Mary." Then we don't have to worry about a thing since Daniel probably provided the best bodyguard for them. Mary's her future wife after all.

The future Queen of Astor!

"Fara was this close to reveal our secrets to Nicole last week." Oh yea, her.

When Rina told me on the phone about that, it made me want to kill her for what she's done. She blew me off saying she's not feeling well but instead she flee to Maestropolitan just to get her present from Rina!

"It was unprofessional of her to do such thing. She's lucky she arrived just in time for the show. If this continues, I just have to fire her from my company." I'm not even kidding.

I smiled when Rina laughed. I will never get tired of her laughter. It's my therapy after all these years of being married to her.

"Ava." She took my hand and placed it on her left breast.

"Do you feel that?" If she's asking about how full her breast feels on my hand, yes I do feel it. I even feel that the urges to penetrate her became even more ... unbearable.

"Oh hello there little Ava ... not so little though. Are you getting excited for this? And did you make a call to this doctor I suggested? I think you do because the size of your member is quite different from the usual." Does she have to comment on it?

I thought she wants me to meet that friend of hers.

"Oh Ava, it must be that long since we're together like this." She's right, it's been too long. The last time I had any action was when Nicole pleasure me with her hands and mouth.

"Ava, I'm sorry for not be able to give you the joy of being a parent. I know we've been spending a lot of money and time for this. Maybe, you should given up on me and let Nicole be the mother of your child." I used my hands to covered her mouth.

I really hate it when she's being this way. She's only making herself even more depressing than usual.

"Stop talking like that. Alice said it will take some time for us to have a child. It's not your fault it's mine. I am not ... like any male who could just have a child with anyone. I am not the perfect one, I was created."

"We've checked and it was me who can't bear a child in me. We've tried, but still, it's not going to work." Her voice crack. I could see tears shimmering in her eyes.

Oh God how I wish I could make things better than they are now. When her tears finally ran down her cheek, I got up and hugged her shivering body before she finally cry her heart out.

This always happen while we're alone. She only shown this side of her to me and me alone. I'm not sure if she ever cry in front of Nicole but, she never let anyone seeing her this vulnerable, ever.

"It's fine. If there's a will, there's a way. That's what I always told you everyday. I'm sure, sooner or later, we shall be parents. Either you or Nicole, we shall be parents."

Rina pulled away after I said those words into her ear. I wiped the tears on her cheek before she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It was passionate and I could feel her love for me as strong as ever.

I stood up from the bed while carrying her body and placed her on the bed again as gentle as I can.

I removed my jacket and shirt before proceed to removed my pants and underwear before started to touch her sensitive spot. I'm not even tired anymore after seeing how her body reacting to my little touches.

I leave a trail of butterfly kisses on her chest, leading up to her neck as she turned her neck to the other side, letting my mouth pleasure her as she moaned her feelings out.

"Oh God your such a talented kisser ... do me now." She whispered into my ears before I felt her hands on my back, pushing my body down before wrapping her legs around my waist.

I looked down on her lower body before guiding my erected member down her wet opening. I grind my lower body as I easily penetrating her. She closed her eyes in bliss while jolted up every time I hit her deep inside.

I moaned when I felt her inside getting tighter around me. I felt her legs losing its grip around me and I took this chance to move my hips even harder and faster.

I watched as her mouth opened and closed as she gasping for air every time I hit her inside. Her eyes stayed close as she enjoying my treatment on her body.

I could feel I'm almost at my peak. She screamed in euphoria as she cum hard w

go of my hand before I went to sit on Vero's bed.

"Veronica, you're a Grimaldi. Even if you don't have to work you received money every month from our parents." I reasoned.

"If you love someone, don't let her go. If you do, you will only regret it in the end. Trust me." Rina added.

"Beside, we have Alice on our side. She's a surgeon after all. She'll know what to do with you." I assured my sister.

"Why did you two even ended up talking about breaking up with each other? I thought you two will be marrying each other." Rina said.

"That was before I'm in this state. Now I can't even take a bath on my own. How do I even feed my significant other if I'm like this?" Veronica was being hard on herself.

I wanted to say something but someone knock on the door before opening it. I was surprised when Claudia, Rina's assistant appeared in front of us.

"You're here. Finally." Hold on! Rina asked her to come?!

"I'm sorry for being late. Fara kept me busy." Claudia winked. I turned to my wife and can't believe she called her here of all places!

"What?" Rina asked as if she's not in fault at all!

This is not good. Rina only called her when there's a matter in hand that can only be done with force. Why does she need this moron now? Was she keeping a secret from me again?

"You look like you're ready to kill me. I can explain everything but for now, my servant need her orders." Rina smiled.

"Claudia, your orders would be ... To find Frederick and bring him to us, alive." Fiona stood up from her seat with shocking expression. I am too if I was told that my dead brother was alive and well.

"He's alive? But, that's impossible! He was burned alive by you!" Claudia shrugged at Fiona's remark.

"Well, I probably made some mistake before. I didn't checked the lock properly. He manage to escaped and now he's in France, enjoying his time while you, his little sister suffered." Claudia turned to me.

"Why you need him alive anyway? He did just ordered some guys to tinkering with you sister's car and made her the way she is now." He did what to my sister? And Rina knew all along?!

My wife gave me her apologetic smile. She explained to me about Frederick and how he secretly planned to kill us both for what we had done to him.

"Grudges do make some people go loco. Anyway, will I be able to do anything to him as long he's alive?" Rina turned to Veronica who's been in silence.

"Well, a couple of bruises doesn't kill him. You may do as you please. But I need him alive. The others should know how I do things. Please tell those sisters to come here, to Maestropolitan as well. I need my eyes and ears while I'm here." The sisters?

She meant Mira, Vera and Mika?

Once again, she only needs them when there's something she wanted to investigate. Maybe I've been neglecting her while I'm busy with Nicole. It's like I don't even know her anymore.

"What's wrong with you? I only need them to help me with something. Don't worry. I won't be doing anything bad ... I think." She sighed. She was shaking her head before looking into my eyes.

"Actually, Daniel told me about a man he caught snooping around Nicole and Mary's hotel. His people said that this guy been following them since they arrived. He took extra precaution and did a little investigation about this stalker and it turns out he's someone that Nicole and Mary knew."

Someone stalking our Nicole?

"You recalled anyone named Gerrard Newman?" My eyes widen.

He's the guy that drugged Nicole and Mary at that party, the person Christopher sold them to.

How did he manage to escaped from the law enforcer that easily?!

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