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   Chapter 25 The Mysterious Fara

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"I'll be right back." Rina smiled at both Veronica and I before she went outside to take this phone call of hers. I sighed and that made Veronica chuckled.

"What made you sighing that way? It's normal for her to take her calls outside. She's a Duchess, she has a country to govern after all." That peek my interest.

"What? She govern Astor? I thought that's a job for the king." Veronica chuckled again.

"You really need to know the scope of her job. A Duchess has a public and auxiliary duties that support the royal family. In this case, she's married to my sister, the daughter of a princess." Veronica explained.

"She travels to places in behalf of the king, representing the royal family of Astor. Sometimes Rina did her own research for any charities that she choose to attend and helped behind the scenes. Her work doesn't need any media exposure as much as Ava's work. But her duty as a duchess exceed her spouse." I never knew she has that many duty.

"If Ava decided to run for the throne, both you and Ava could be queen." Veronica winked.

"By the way, did Rina or Ava asked you to attend any classes? Your a Duchess after all. In the eyes of the nobles in Astor, you're their superior. I was force to attend those classes when I was 7-10 years old. It was hell for me." Does she intend to scared me of something?

"No classes that I known off." Right at this moment, Rina walked in again and smile at us both. She told us that Ava had just arrived in Japan.

After she told us that, Rina went to the couch and sat there, as I talked to Veronica even more.

"Just look at her. On the phone again." I whispered.

"She's probably has a lot of work put on hold just to be here. But I was confuse though. Why didn't she let you do any duty of a Duchess yet? Did you request to be put on hold off duties?" What? I don't even understand whatever Veronica's saying.

"Nicole has to focus on her studies first. After she's graduated, if she wish to continue, she'll continue. If she want to work, either she use her degree for a good cause or be a Duchess." Rina suddenly explained to us both.

"Is that okay with you?" She finally looked up to us both. She never fail to smile to me.

"I don't want to be a control freak. You have the will to choose whatever you want to do with your life. I'm just a wife, the person you'll be spending your lifetime with. Ava will agree with anything we suggest anyway."

She will? I remembered something that Mary told me before.

"Hey, does Ava have a fan base?" My question shocked them both. What's so shocking about that?

"You don't know? Ava has over 40 million followers on her social media's alone. Especially her Instagram." Rina informed me.

Dear mother of god! That's a lot! Even my instagram doesn't have that many followers... only few hundreds people.

"Her Twitter has over 50 milllion followers across the globe. Yes I have to say she's quite famous in the eyes of the world." Veronica added.

My eyes widen!

50 million?!

"She's a world class model after all. She even has a fan base named the Avalonics. Those fans are loyal." Rina chuckled.

The Avalonics?!

"Haven't you checked your social media? I'm sure you gained quite a follower now." I do? I haven't check my social media in ages since I don't have any need to post stuff.

"I have a million followers in Instagram." Rina showed her social media that I don't even know it existed.

"I followed you, you know." She told me. I gave her my tooth smile because I haven't follow her yet.

"I'll follow you back now." I reached for my phone and went on my social media.

To my surprised, my followers count went up. The power of being married to a famous model and a Duchess. Rina was right, she did followed me. And she like every picture I post.

Stalker much.

I went to her account and stalked her as well. This woman has a lot of selfies in her account and pictures of her trip to several country.

Jesus! Just how beautiful can she be. My eyes widen when I saw a selfie of her together with Ava in front of the Eiffel Tower.

"That was our third anniversary. We went to Paris because Ava has a show there and I have a meeting to attend. It's a business trip but we treat it as our anniversary trip." I didn't even know she was behind me.

I don't know why but I kinda like her selfies in here.

There's a picture of her in her office, her bathroom, on the bed... probably naked but covered herself with the sheets. There's even a picture of .... ME SLEEPING! I looked up to her with shocking expression.

"How did ... when did .... just .... when did you took this? Oh my God it's so embarrassing!" Rina laughed at my reaction.

"That's so cute! It was when you passed out while Ava eating you out. Just how did you even passed out while being pleasured is beyond me." They both laughed at me.

We heard knocks on the door before Rina went to the door and opened it. Kelly walked in with files for Rina.

"I know you told me not to bring work here but this is an emergency." Kelly said to her. I remembered when Rina told me about Kelly's position before I came to the picture.

She was the mistress.

Just how does she expect me to stay calm when she could just fallen for her again like before? I know it's strictly business with her now but still, they had history together.

"Lady Nicole, are you okay?" I asked.

I nodded my answer but I'm sure Rina noticed how uncomfortable I am. Rin

for it.

"And why would I agreed to follow you to probably my death?" I asked with such attitude. I just can't handle this any longer.

"Well, I'm sure you will follow me since I know a lot about Ava and Rina's secret." She winked. I hate to admit it, she does know how to reel me in.

I turned to Mary and told her my decision using my eyes. She nodded and mouth 'be careful' at me. Without a doubt I took her hand and let her lead me to the passenger seat of her car.

She shut the door for me and waved at the surrounding people before she went in and started to drive. She turned on the radio and act as if we're in a car pool karaoke for some reason.

"Can you turn off the radio please. It's bugging me." She seems sad when I said that.

"Radio, off." She said and the radio miraculously turned off by itself. It was surprising.

"It's voice recognition car. It's my present from Rina." I felt like I've been shot in the heart when I heard she said that.

"I wish for a car that can talk back to me and heard my command and she gave me what I want just like that. She's such a kind woman, right?" She chuckled and that makes me want to kill her for some reason.

"Where are we going?" I asked just to keep myself sane.

"Somewhere." She replied.

"Are you going to kill me?" I asked, actually fearing for my own safety at this point.

"And let myself be beheaded? No way. I don't think I can win against both Ava and Rina. You married to them, you should know how powerful they are." Honestly I don't know anything about that.

"Wait, you don't know? Every Nobleman in Astor knows about their secret and you, their wife, doesn't know about it?" She actually laughed.

"Oh honey, you're married to Katharina, you should know what does her late father do for a living!" What the hell was she talking about?!

We finally arrived at someone's home. This is where she probably kill me or something.

"Where was I? Oh yes, the truth. Honey. You should know this. Katharina inherited ...." We were both surprised when someone palm were on her side of windows.

It was a loud bang.

"What are you planning to do with my wife?! I heard a voice before the person bend down, showing its face. It's Rina! I immediately went out and ran towards her side.

"Did she did something to you? Mary called me and I'm sorry I asked Kelly to hacked into your phone GPS system." Fara suddenly laughed.

"Oh wow! Still the overly protective Katharina we all know and love." This is the first time I saw Rina glared at someone like she was about to kill her.

"Oh sister, I'm sorry. Honestly, I came to Maestropolitan just to meet this famous Nicole everyone love and care. I mean, even my mother likes her." Sister?

"Nicole, meet Fara, she's one of my half sister." Oh, now I get it! Fara smiled and waved at me.

"You should be in Japan, not here." Rina was pinching the bridge of her nose. Far waved it off.

"Ava will kill you for this you know. Why are you here anyway? I know your lying when you said you wanted to meet Nicole." She took her phone out and showed us both.

"Look at the date please. I'm here for that." I heard Rina sighed.

"Oh yes, her birthday." Rina turned to me.

"Every year, on her birthday, she always find a way to find me. Even though she was in such a hectic schedule, she never fail to show her face whether I'm in a meeting or any part of the world, just to get her present."

Hmmm... I don't know what to think about that. That's pretty hardcore.

"So ... what do I get this year?" She was rather excited.

"A hard slap on the face..." Rina smiled. That little remark made us both surprised.

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