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   Chapter 24 Surprise, surprise.

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"Leave us alone." I said to the maids who helped me get Nicole on the bed. I still can't believe that Jackson dare to do such things to her. She's so innocent looking right now and I can't shake the feelings to protect her with my own life.

Hah! Says the person who need medication just to get by. That's funny. I sighed before take a seat on an arm chair that facing the bed. I watched her sleep before I heard my phone ringing. I wanted to ignore it but after looking at the person calling me, I just have to take it.

"I hope it's good news." I said through the phone.

"Of course, my friend. It's about the investigation you asked me look upon. I did look up into Maestropolitan official police camera all over the city, I found two figures tinkering around her car while she was inside the premises."

I raised both eyebrows.

"Can you trace the faces?"

"Unfortunately, no. They're smart to wear a mask but not smart enough. One of the figure's tattoo were visible. Right now I'm waiting for the result of it."

I smiled. A least I received some good news after what happened tonight.

"Good. Sent me the result as soon as possible." I hang up and continued to watched Nicole sleep on the bed. What took the doctor so long to get here? I looked up at the wall clock and sighed.

I was surprised when Ava's iPod suddenly played one of our favourite song together.

"The atmosphere here is different than the ones outside." I heard a voice coming from the door. Well she took her sweet time coming here.

"Please, just check my wife over there. She was spiked." She raised her eyebrows and begin her routine check up. I watched as she doing what needs to be done and I waited patiently as she went to the refreshment that Jackson had prepared for her.

"I can't believe you called me for a house call while I'm with my fiancée. You she's just came back from Spain. I need my alone time with her." She seems like waiting for something.

"I paid huge amount of money each session. So?" She shaking her head. When she's done, she walked towards me as I was pouring a shot of vodka for myself.

"Vodka?" She shake her head no.

"I'm working right now. Anyway, don't worry, she's fine. It's not a strong drug. She's going to be fine." I feel so relief.

"That's good news. Anything else?" She nodded and gave me a letter.

"This was sent to me by parcel. It says here that whoever this person is, will exposed my secrets. The only secrets I could think off is that I was your mistress. Better watch your back Rina. Someone out there is going to get you."

I looked into the letter and sighed. Another problem to think off.

"Did you tell the others?" She nodded.

"I did. Even Kelly. But non received any letter like I did. Rina, watch your back, promise?" I nodded.

"Thanks Alice. I will be careful. I'll tell Ava about this. But, do tell the others to be careful as well." She smiled.

"Of course. I'll be going now." She handed me a bottle of medicine.

"Gave this medicine to her when she's awake. I'm sure she will feel like shit when she's awake." Alice winked before walking out of the room.

I placed the medicine on a table and went to sit on the bed. I removed the strands of hair from her face and watched her chest went up and down as she breath.

"How is She? I saw Alice walking down the stairs earlier." Jesus Christ her shirt stained with blood.

"You walk around the house like that? Did you remove the bullet yourself?" She nodded. I was shaking my head when she stood beside me.

"She's fine. Don't worry. Alice said she's going to be okay. The drug wasn't that strong to begin with. She's lucky. What happened to Jackson?" I asked.

"I called Althea, Irina's wife and she handle him. I sent him to Volin prison." Nice choice. She didn't end his life but she sent him to one of the strictest prison in the world.

She sighed before walking into the bathroom to clean herself off. I waited for her to be done. I'm just ... I don't know what to think of all of this. Why does everyone wanted to do harm to us even after we decided to leave those dark past behind us?

"Rina, you look tense. You shouldn't think about it too much. Your not that healthy to begin with. Please take care of yourself." I heard Ava's voice.

"I know, I'm sorry. Ava, come here, we need to talk." Ava did as told.

"Honey, sooner or later we will have this talk with Nicole. You know, about our past mistresses. Honey, I think we should tell her before she heard about it from somebody else. These kind of things, she should know from us, not from others." Ava sighed.

"I know. It's just, we just get the hang of being in this kind of relationship, like official, with strings attached. I don't want to make her feel insecure and think that we will do things like that again." She has a point.

"Ava dear, we should start tell her about it, the real us before this. We should tell her about Kelly, Alice, Fran, Lizzie and Amber." It was at that moment I thought I heard someone gasped.

When I turned to Nicole, she was asleep though. I turned back to Av

e think for a minute.

"I don't have anything in my schedule today except for a video call with some of the board of directors from Astor at 2 pm. Why?" I'm done with my breakfast and reached for a cup of coffee.

"I thought maybe after the visit to the hospital, we could do some shopping for my trip? Nothing much though. Some clothes, assignment material and probably a new charger for my laptop." I raised both eyebrows.

"Sure. We can do that." I smiled as I drink up my coffee. She seems happy after I said that. She seems like she's trying to say something.

"Umm, who's Fran, Amber and Lizzie?" I froze when I heard her question. I looked up to her with such surprised expression.

"Where did you heard those names from?" I asked while keeping a normal posture.

"I heard you and Ava talking about them." That means she heard everything, did she? I sighed. Why does she have to asked me about them now? Why not when Ava's here with us?

"There's no point in hiding the truth about them anymore, is it?" I sighed. Maybe it's time she knows about our ... stupidity years ago.

"Those girls were our mistresses. Including Kelly, Ava's personal assistant and Alice, the doctor who treated you last night. Fran, she's married to a viscount of Astor, that made her a viscountess, a noble. Lizzie, she's a senator also a business woman. She's married also and last but not least, Amber, she's a politician."

I can see Nicole gulped down her food.

"Is it just me or all of them seems .... Influential." I laughed.

"They are. Don't worry though. We're not like that anymore. We were bored living apart from each other and decided to have them accompany us. Ava has hers and I have mine. We shared." Nicole seems uncomfortable knowing the fact we shared those woman together.

"Like a prostitute?" I chuckled as I shake my head no.

"They don't consider themselves as that. They had the freewill to choose if they want to stay with us or leave us. They enjoyed spending our money and treat themselves like a queen. But those type of lifestyle are not something their parents and family approve so it end just like that." I Explained.

Nicole nodding her head before smiling at her plate. Why would she smile like that?

"You think we were cheating on you?" I asked with amusement. She nodded as she blushed in deep red.

"There's no way we would cheated on you. It was hard enough for us to ask you to marry us. I know, living with us might make you feel all sort of feelings. But, trust me, Ava and I, we both love you with all we have." I smiled as I leaned in to kissed her lips.

It was short and simple but the message were there. My love was there and she likes it.

"Do you have any secrets left to tell? Let's get it over it today no more secrets between us okay?" I sighed again. I don't know if I should tell her about our dark past though.

"For that, honestly, we have some things that probably too hard for me to tell alone. We need Ava for that. If you wish to know, Ava should be here." She smiled.

"I feel it's something that you shouldn't even tell anyone if she has to be here with us." If only she knows how many times I have to get my hands dirty because of my father's decision before he died.

Ava was kind enough to deal with it together. If it's somebody else, they would leave me on the spot.

But, should I let Nicole carry the same burden as we are?

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