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   Chapter 23 This action... isnt exciting!

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"When are you going back to Astor?" I asked when I noticed Rina has been packing.

"I'm not sure when. Why? Do you want me to go back to Astor that badly?" She asked me again. I shake my head no.

"No! Heaven's no. I'm sure Nicole agreed with me, right?" Nicole was shoving food in her mouth when she nodded at us.

"Seriously, What are you doing? Don't eat too fast, you'll choke." Rina went to her side and wipe her mouth with a clean napkin. I can't help but to think about my sister at this moment.

I have no idea how to help her. Every step I took to look for the person responsible for her accident came to nothing. It always end up in a dead end.

"Ava, you seems tense. Are you thinking about Vero?" I nodded. I looked up to Rina and Nicole who's looking at me with their worried looks.

"Is it really okay for Fiona to take care of her tonight? I don't want my sister to die if she decided to do something to her." I was about to take my car keys when Tina slammed my hand on the table and looked at me with a smile on her face.

"Don't be silly okay. She won't dare. She promise she will take care of Vero tonight and we shall take that offer. If you want to feel satisfy, we can call for Kelly or one of the butlers to check on her. You need some rest." She nodded her head at Nicole.

"Nicole will take care of your needs tonight. I have something to do. I'll be back before midnight." She took my keys and walked out of our room.

Nicole walked and stood behind me before placing her hands on my shoulder, massaging me.

"I'm really sorry. I ruined your honeymoon."

"Can everybody just stop being sorry for me. I think I can afford to go anywhere now that both you and Rina like to spoil me rotten. London is nothing. We can go next time, all three of us." That made me smile.

Only this woman can do such thing.

"Do you know where Rina's going?" I asked. I'm beginning to feel curious about that though.

"No idea. But she did called for several maids to come with her earlier. The destination, no idea." Several maids?

Where are they going?

If she need the help of the maids, that's probably a serious matter.

"Did you two hit it off?" I asked. For some reason she seems ... glowing and the way Rina talked to her, they seems closer than usual.

"Hmm.. that's a good question. Maybe we did." She said the last part as low as possible. Oh wow! They did had sex. I smiled.

"So Rina finally manage to break into that thick brick wall around you huh? Even I haven't penetrate that deep before. The last time we did, you were not conscious." She blushed.

I mean who passed out while having sex?! Only she does. She's not even drunk that night!

"Ava, can I ask for a favour? I know it's not a perfect time for it but ..." I raised my hand.

"What is it? You can ask for anything ... well if I can give it to you that is." I smiled.

She removed her hands from my shoulder and suddenly sat on my thigh. It was weird since she never did this before.

"Umm. I was wondering if ... I can ... Umm... ask for your permission to go on a trip with my friends. My whole class and our lecturers will be there." Seriously?

"Did you ask Rina? What did she say?"

"She said to ask for your permission since your the man of this household." She covered her mouth immediately after she realised what she had said.

I'm the man huh? That's a first.

"Where? When? For how long?" She started to played with my hair. Is this her way of asking for permission? This is cute.

"Bali, Indonesia. It's for our assignment, I promise. Umm.. in 2 weeks time. For about ... hmmm... 1-2 weeks." 1-2 weeks?! That long? And to Bali? That's too far.

"So, can I go?" She asked with that looks on her eyes. I really want to say no but she deserve to travel the world as much as the other person. I nodded my answer but she seems curious about something.

"If you don't want to agreed to it, just say so. I'm not going to be upset. I know now is a dire situation, if you need me, I'll stay." But, I don't want to be selfish.

"No ... I want you to go. It's fun. Travelling overseas with your friends, that's one of the wonders of youth. Do it, you'll enjoy yourself. If you want, you and your classmates can use one of the plane we own as well. Tell me how many in your class and I'll make the necessary calls."

She shake her head.

"Where's the fun in that? Let me travel by commercial plane, please?" I chuckled before I took something out from my desk drawer.

"Here. I prepared this for you. Rina has hers. I am the 'man' after all. You expanses is my responsibility. It's unlimited so, you can use it for your desire." I smiled. There's no harm in telling her to shop till she drop right?

It is a credit card after all.

"Well, I do need a new phone." I smiled again before took out a box out from my other drawer.

"Rina bought this for you since she destroyed your phone. She's sorry for what she did. She just realised there's a silent feature in a phone." She laughed and took the box from me. She looked inside and gasped.

"This is different than the one you bought for me." I smiled.

"She bought the latest model for both of us. See, we match." I showed her my new phone as well. I remembered something.

"So, will you be needing anything for your trip? I can prepare them for you." She shake her head.

"I don't need anything. I just need my laptop and other materials for my assignment." If like that, maybe I should let Jacks

you as a veteran among the others but ... you just have to act like a dick to us. You've seen everything that we had done in your past mission. Why do you just had to provoked us? Is it because we look so normal while we're being the duchesses of Astor? Or is it because you just want to be kill by us?" He didn't respond.

"Tell me Jackson. Why do you have to provoked us like that?" I asked again.

"She deserve someone who can truly make her happy. Nicole doesn't need to live in fear of you two might someday lash it all on her. We, the servants know what you both did. You have too many mistresses who will someday has the courage to say it all. By now you use your money and power to shut them all up."

Mistresses? I smiled.

"Those mistresses you mentioned worship us, little boy. You really think they will betray us after they received few millions every month? I don't think so since all of them are gold diggers to begin with. Listen, we eventually will have to tell Nicole about our dark side but not now. Not before we found the culprit who done this crappy shit to Veronica."

I finally done cleaning his face.

"You know, you should just keep bury those feelings for Nicole deep in your heart. If you cross the line again Jackson, I will never hesitate to nail you inside the casket." I snapped my fingers.

"For now you will be sent to Volin. I'm sure these representative will make sure you arrive in Volin safely." I smiled as I watched these girls forcefully carried him away from my sight.

"Why do you have to force yourself like that? You know you want to kill him that badly." I heard a familiar voice talking behind me.

"Kelly? So, you heard everything?" She nodded.

"So, you considered me, your personal assistant, also known as one of your mistresses, worship you like a God and a gold digger?" She seems tick off.

"What? Your not? It seems like you and the others is working for Rina and me." She scoffed.

"What are you planning now that Nicole doesn't have her own butler?" That's a good question.

"We have more capable servants that could take care of her other needs. But I do want to meet the maids inside the empty room on the second floor. They were using that room as heir sanctuary." Kelly was weirded out.

"Which room? The gold room? Or the Parisian room?"

"Parisian's. I want to meet them now." Kelly nodded and went to check the CCTV. After she made sure of who's inside that very room, she went to called them.

I smiled at one of the young maids who prepared my refreshment as I wait for the others to arrive.

"The maids you 'ordered' has arrived." Kelly chuckled. Kelly went to my side, watching them like I did. The maids were looking down on their feet. They perfectly know that I know what's going on behind my back.

"So does anyone wish to tell me what's going on? Or should I just guess what's inside your mind right now?" I asked. One of them looking up with trouble looks.

"We ... knew what's going on. We tried, we really did but he just won't listen to us." I raised one of my eyebrow and face her head on.

"What was he planning to do with Nicole?" I asked venomously. She took a step back but I grabbed on her uniform, pulled her closer to me.

"Better answer me or you all will lose a limb or two. I will never hesitate to do so." She started to shaken with fear. I sighed. Maybe I was being too aggressive.

"Alright, let's make a deal. If you tell me what's going on, I'll make sure that your family will be safe from your enemies, how about that?" I smiled.

They looked at each other before bombarded me with Jackson's evil plan. Now this is how I want to know shit.

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