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   Chapter 22 Newly weds, again!

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"Do you take Nicole to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto her for as long as you both shall live?" Asked the minister.

Rina turned to me.

"I do." My heart skipped a beat.

"Do you take Katharina to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto her for as long as you both shall live?" He asked when he turned to me.

My hands are shaking, and I am nervous but I try to find my strength to give him my answer.

"I do." I managed to say. It was low but he heard me.

"If there be anyone present who may show just and lawful cause why this couple may not be legally wed, let him or her speak now or forever hold his or her peace."

Ava immediately stood up from her seat and glared at every single guest that watching us wed. She was crossing her hands while glaring at my side of family in particular?

When no one object, probably because of Ava's intense stare, Grace gave Katharina our .... crown.

"By the authority vested in me by the State of Maestropolitan I now pronounce you woman and wife and what God hath joined together, let no man nor woman put asunder."

Katharina smiled as she removed the veil and winked before placing the crown on top of my head. It was weird since I never came across anyone married using a crown before.

"You may kiss the bride." Katharina didn't wait as she leaned in to me, kissing my lips passionately in front of my family, Ava's and even her step mothers and siblings.

When Rina pulled away, she was smiling wide while winking at me.

"Thank you for walking on the aisle with me." She said before we both face our family and walked down the aisle again towards a limousine that's waiting for us outside.

Ava waved at us when I looked back at her.

"FUCK HER GOOD, NICOLE!" She shouted making me blushed and Rina laughed. When the car started to move, I leaned back to my seat, closing my eyes as trying to get everything straight.

"You know what Ava just did there?" I asked.

"I do. She's going to be blame for what happened today. I know about your family and your grandparents belief. Your mother told me." She said.

I looked out to the windows and I feel like the road seems familiar somehow.

"Where are we going?" I asked before turning to face her. I guess she decided to stay silent when she just placed her finger on my lips.

"You'll know soon enough." I don't know why but she seems to be quite charming somehow.

"I have a question though." She removed her finger from my lips. She motioned for me to continue.

"Does your side of family accepted me? I mean I never even met them."

"Don't worry about them. My real parents died so those people who came as my family just someone who use my money as they please. They came because they just want to see the wedding since I invited half-heartedly." She shrugged.

It didn't take long for us to arrived at our destination. The driver opened the door for us. I am still confuse but when I came face to face with a house. Please don't tell me this is what I think it is! I am speechless!

"Welcome to our new home." Rina said before she wrapped her arms around me.

"Lets check it out." She winked before leading me towards the house. Before we enter, I stood in front of the door, looking at her soft expression.

"I thought we're going to stay in Ava's home. Aren't we going to live with her?" She chuckled.

"Of course we do. But, I can afford to buy another home for you and Ava, so why not? I mean, isn't it a necessity to buy a house as a gift on a wedding day?" She asked before she opened the door.

"Seems like the maid are here already. Perfect."

When we entered I can't express the feelings I felt about it. It's like when Ava showed me the house she bought the first time as well. How did I even get this lucky, I have no idea.

"Villa of a Star?" I said out loud when I read a plate attached on the wall. Rina let go of my shoulder and stand in front of me with that smile of hers.

"Welcome, my star, to our villa." So, she name this home, star? She meant me? Where did she found the time to do all this?! Gosh she's full of secrets.

"First and foremost, our bedroom." She grabbed on my hand and lead me up to the stairs. She gave me a little tour while walking towards the room.

"And this is our room." She said before sliding the door open.

"So, what do you think?" She asked as I looked around the room. Plain and simple. Just the way I like it.

"I think ... I should do something for and Ava. You guys spoiling me too much." Rina chuckled before showing me a key. I recognised the logo though.

"And this, is my gift to you. It's nothing much but I hope you like it." She handed me the key but Im just too surprise for words. She took my hand and placed the key on my palm.

"It's in the garage, waiting for you." She winked. I am .... well I know what to say honestly.

I watched her went to the bed, patting the empty space. I went to her side and sat down with my thoughts all over the place.

"That's dress looks amazing on you." I blushed.

"I hope Ava packed your suitcase. Tomorrow we'll be going to London for our honeymoon." She announced. Oh my God!

Can she just stop with these surprises after surprises please! My heart couldn't take it!



I'm curious.

Just when will she devour me? I mean, come on! I mean, we just got married and since we arrived home,

Do you want this patient to not be able to walk?" A SCI? What is that?

"I didn't suggest SCI because she may not live if we did. She was in critical condition when she were reel into the OT." The doctor beginning to panic.

We all turned to the bed when we heard a cry of help. Aaliyah and Theodore immediately went to their daughter's side.

"Vero? Oh thank God your alive." Aaliyah was crying as she hugged Vero's body. I noticed she seems confused as to why she's here.

"Mom, What happened to me?" She looked around until she tried to move her legs.

"Mom... I can't move my legs... MOM!" Ava let go of me as she went to her sisters side.

"Veronica, listen, we're going to do something about this okay, we will." Ava tried to consult her little sister. Rina suddenly grabbed on the doctors'a jacket and dragged him out of the ward room.

I followed them and listened to their conversation outside.

"Listen here you idiotic doctor! I don't have any training to tell you that my sister in law is showing some cauda equina syndrome, symptoms of which include numbness or weakness. Don't make me sue this hospital!" The doctor took step back.

"Do as you please. I've done the best I can." He said. Is it just me or he seems like smirking? He walking away from Rina while I slowly went to her side.

"That's the stupidest doctor I have ever met. Anyway... oh hey." She took her phone and dialling someone. She waited until someone pick it up.

"Mama? Are you still in Maestropolitan?" Mama? Is that surgeon mother she mentioned earlier?

"Oh great. I need your help. Please come to the Memorial Hospital." She smiled.

"Thanks mom." She hang up.

"She's coming now. We don't have to worried about anything. She's the best of the of the best in the world. She's a world ranking surgeon and specialist in neurology."

"I'm worried about Ava."

"Yes, me to. She may seem like she doesn't care but she really care about her family especially Veronica. We should go back inside. I want to inform them about my mother." I nodded before she took my hand and lead me towards the ward again.

Inside, Ava was sitting next to her sister as they talk animatedly while both Theodore and Aaliyah seems like they're packing a bag.

"We'll be going home. After everything's done, we will come back so Ava can go home." Veronica nodded. Aaliyah and Theodore went to kiss their daughter's forehead before walking out of the room together with her husband.

Rina took a seat on the bed and joining Ava and Veronica in their talk. Since I have no idea what they talked about, I think I should just sit anywhere.

"How did the accident happened? Do you remember it?" Oh it's getting interesting. I feel so bad for eavesdropping, pretending to be watching this show in the television.

"I don't know. I was driving like normal and he next thing I know, a car hit me from my side. This car didn't stop when the light turn red so it hit me. It was so bad but I'm alive now."

So the person who hit her was not following the law huh. Well, we always find someone that careless and rude in the road.

"I think we should find this guy ... or girl." Rina suggested.

"Yes I think so too. Did you call mama?" Rina nodded. So even Ava have to call this woman Mama as well? I wonder how does she look like. Probably hot since Rina's late father could fallen in love with her right?

"Nicole, I'm sorry for this. You and Rina suppose to be in London for your honeymoon. Instead your having it here." Veronica apologised.

I stood up from my seat and went to the other side of her bed.

"It's okay. That's not important. What important is your health." I smiled.

Even if we did go to London, we won't be able to have fun anyway.

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