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   Chapter 20 Unexpected.

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"Did she agreed to fulfil your wish?" Ava asked as she pack her stuff in the suitcase. I walked out from the closet and present her other clothes.

"She smile and nod. I take that as a yes." I replied while watching her continue to pack. She hummed before looking up at me.

"Well I don't mind if she says yes. It's just that you need to present yourself to her side of family. They're not like our parents who agreed for polygamous relationship easily. They're old minded kind of people who believe only one love does exist." I sighed. Oh yes. Them.

"When are you coming? Do you need me to do the whole ceremony or will you be doing it yourself?" Good question but this is my decision so I want to prepare them myself.

"I'll do all the planning myself. All you have to do is find a suitable clothes for her if that's alright." Ava nodded. I know I could rely on her. I smiled.

"Ummm .... where's Nicole?" Ava pointed outside the door.

"Kitchen I guess. You did asked her to bake the cookies." Oh. I smiled before I went to the door and made my way towards the kitchen where I noticed she's looking into the oven.

"Nicole?" She turned around with a smile.

"It's almost done. Don't worry. I made enough for you and you alone." I laughed before I too looked into the oven. The cookies seems delicious. I can't wait to have a taste.

"Ummm... Katharina." She still insist on calling me by my full name huh.

"I told you that you can call me Rina. What's up?" I face her and waited. She was having trouble telling me about whatever she wanted to tell me.

"Were you serious when you asked me to walk down the aisle with you?" Oh that. I nodded.

"Why should I be joking around about that? I am serious about it and I want us to walk down the aisle like you did with Ava. I can take care of the university matter." I smiled.

She really need to stop being such a worry wart.

"Honeymoon as well?" She blushed. She's looking forward to that? Hmmm. Last time Ava took her to Santorini. Maybe I should be bringing her somewhere she never went to for our honeymoon.

"Do you have any place you have in mind? If so, I can make it happen for you. Of course we should treat it like a honeymoon. It's the only way to spent that holiday." I smiled. She sighed.

"I don't know. Since I was born in a family with nothing but ourselves, I never think about something I will never can afford. How about you decided everything and i just follow them like a good wife." Did she just .... she finally said the W word!

"Hmmm. Really? You wouldn't mind at all?" She shake her head while smiling wide at me. Not long after, the oven made a sound, telling us that the cookies are done.

Nicole took the oven mitt before she opened the oven and pulled out the hot tray. Immediately the sweet smell of chocolate invaded my nostril.

"You like to bake?" She nodded.

"Why choose a course that doesn't match your hobby?" I asked. She doesn't look like a designer at all. But then again, my eyes could be deceiving me.

"I love to draw, creating something artsy. I won countless art competition as well. But then, it's all in the past. I should stop reliving my glory days in high school." She laughed it off.

"Why not pursuit your dream to be an artist? Why choose interior design instead?" I was trying to take a cookie when she slapped my hand off. She realised what she had done and apologised.

She haven't been able to joke around me without feeling the need to apologise.

"Because, I thought being a interior design will make more money. More money, I can finally help my parents with my sisters education and future plan. Instead I was force to marry Ava and now I know that she's married as well... married to a Duchess, well, it's really a lot to handle." Hmmm.

"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't exist." She grabbed on my arms.

"No, don't say that. Please, I'm sorry for saying those stuff to you. It's just ... I am grateful that Ava helped my family and my sisters. I'm ..." I smiled as I placed my finger on her lips.

"A piece of paper has your name, my name and even Ava's as proof that it's legal. I never thought I would say this but, you own me. This whole house, my wealth, my land, my title, all belongs to you." I winked as I finally told her the real situation to her.

"I own you? What do you mean?" The confused Nicole is back!

"Well, your my wife. That's mean your name is on our will. The child you'll bare in the future will have all this. What? Hard to believe? To be honest, we both have a lot of secrets. I'm sure, soon you'll know about it one by one. So wifey, let me ask you again. I'm sure you have some place that you dream to go to." I asked again.

She shake her head as her answer. Seriously? She doesn't have any dream place to go? Hmmm, Interesting.

"What about Europe? Japan? Korea? Africa? Madagascar? Dubai?" I faintly heard something came out from her mouth.

"London." I smiled. Europe huh.

"London? Are you sure?" She nodded.

"Alright. London it is." Her eyes widen.

"For real?" I nodded.

"I'll make all the arrangement. All you have to do is walk down the aisle with me. That's it. Of course our honeymoon will be splendid." She took a cookie jar and beginning to insert the cook

of road. It's impossible for him to escape without any sustained injuries, right?" Thats a good question.

I too wonder about that part myself.

"Maybe the perks of being the second son of the Warrick Family? I mean his family owned one of the best hospital in the world, The Warrick Memorial Hospital." My maid replied Kelly's question.

That's a fact as well.

"All we know is that he shouldn't be alive today. It should stay that way to avoid conflict between Ava and him. Stop that woman from leaving Astor. I want to see her and confirm it all."

"You mean Fiona?" I nodded.

"Of course I mean Fiona. She's the sole reason that man shot my wife." I pinched the bridge of my nose when I remembered that dreadful day where I found Ava's lifeless body laying face down on the ground of our old mansion in Maestropolitan.

"I'll ask someone to pick her up from the airport then. Is that okay?" Kelly asked as I nodded my head. I

"Just drag her to me if it necessary." To even meet that bitch, I must've been desperate to catch this man.

"To the international airport." Kelly told the driver as I looked at the view outside. I heard my phone ringing but I asked my maid to answer it. She talked for a few moments before hanging up.

"Milady, the orphanage called. They invited you to a party the kids were hosting. They wanted you to come and have fun with them. Should I add that to your agenda?" She asked.

A party with the orphanage kids? I nodded. I need my fun time as well. That's very considerate of them. As if they know I'm in such stressful situation. I smiled.

"When?" I asked.

"Tonight. It's someone's birthday." Oh, someone's birthday huh?

"After we pick that bitch up we will go to a toy store. Asked one of the drivers to drive another car to pick the toys up. I'm sure this car won't fit." I looked at the time.

"Yes Milady." The maid and she did as told. She gave my phone back.

Not long after that we arrived at the airport. I chuckled when two of the security guard grabbed on Fiona's underarm. She was struggling until the car stop in front of her and I opened the windows.

I looked up with a smile.

"Get inside." She was force to entered and when she did, she was about to slap me when my maid grabbed on her hand.

"You even graze my lady's face, I won't hesitate to kill you. My lady is my life." I raised my hand to stop her from continuing hurting the poor model.

"You heard her. Sit down and follow me."

"What do you want from me? Isn't it enough you almost kill my career? What more do you want?" She asked, as if she's giving up on life.

"I don't know if you know but your brother is alive." I threw her the pictures of him in front of her.

"You know I really hate you for what you've done to my wife. The hatred still there but I promise my wife that I will never do anything to harm you." Fiona started to cry.

"This is not possible. I don't know what happened. It's not my fault." I nodded at my maid to wipe her tears away.

"You will be living in hiding for a while. He might be searching for you. Ava doesn't know and I don't want her to know. I will find Frederick and kill him myself if I have to. But then again I can't because of my position and all." I sighed.

Sometimes having all this power only kills me.

"Why helping me when you obviously hate me?" She asked.

"Because I'm a woman who will follow whatever her wife's ask her to do. And Ava asked me to protect you when the time comes."

Im loyal wife after all.

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