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   Chapter 19 The land by the sea.

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As we entered a section of the royal palace, the familiar sound of music invading my ears. Katharina would be playing this type of song when she's in deep thought, usually when she has to go through a huge pile of paperwork.

"Don't be nervous. You look amazing tonight." Ava whispered into my ears as we waited for our turn to be announced.

"So do you." She smiled.

"But I think Katharina's the only daring one here. She didn't follow the theme at all."

"It's black and white not cream and red." Katharina smirked.

"I like to be different that others." She turned to me.

"You look pale."

"This is the first time I felt my heart pumping this hard. I'm not even that nervous for my exams." I tried to calm my nerves.

"Relax. Everything will be okay. Don't worry about anything. Ava and I will take care of everything. Heads up, Hannah is coming our way." Katharina said before she slide her arms around my waist.

They both seems like telling everyone I am off limits as they literally make sure everyone know I belongs to them. Well, I could get use to this. I mean being sandwich by two most beautiful woman in the history of mankind does have its perks.

"Katharina ..." Hannah called out to her. She seems so formal now that she's in such a beautiful mermaid dress. Katharina decided to ignored her calling.

"Duchess Katharina Grimaldi. I apologise for being rude to you and .... her the other day. I was out of place, it's my fault. Please forgive me, your humble friend." Katharina finally turned her face to Hannah who seems to be smiling now that she gained her attention.

"I have no friends after they stabbed me not long ago. Be gone before I asked the guards to escort you out of the palace like a criminal you are." Hannah was taken aback but did as told. I feel bad though.

"That's was not necessary. She was just apologising." Katharina face me.

"For someone who's apologising, she didn't even call your name nor your title like she did with mine. She wasn't being sincere. I hate hypocrites. I despise them." I sighed. Well, I only knew her for nearly a week and yet I still don't know what's going on inside her mind.

It's almost our turn when I heard a familiar voice coming from behind us. It's both Veronica and Fiona walking, waving at us excitedly.

By now I noticed Katharina's demeanour changes. I don't know how to explain it but it's different.

"Vero? And Fiona... oh boy." Ava sighed.

"Look at what the cat dragged in. Fiona of all people. What are you doing here? This ball is for important people only and the last time I checked, your not important." Whoa whoa whoa!

This is new! I never though Katharina could be sarcastic like that!

"Ahhh ... Duchess of Astor, Katharina Verosha Grimaldi." Verosha? Is that her middle name? It's beautiful. Fiona looked from her head to toe.

"Still not pregnant I see." Veronica suddenly stepped on Fiona's feet with her heels.

"That's too much even for you. I'm sorry Rina. I should put a leash on her tonight as well. Again I'm sorry." And now even Veronica bowing her head to Katharina? Just how fierce this gentle human being can be?

If she can make even Veronica bowing her head down, she must be something else.

"Place her on a very tight leash. If you don't, I'll call the animal control for you myself." Fiona seems pissed but she still smiling at the Duchess.

It's finally our turn and I am nervous. Just at the other side of this door, there's hundreds of the world most important world leaders, royal family and nobility gathered in one place.

I am a commoner among them all and I can't shake the feelings that the staring I get earlier will never match to what I'll be receiving after walking through this door.

"Announcing the arrival of Duchesses of Astor. Lady Avalynn, Lady Katharina And Lady Nicole Grimaldi."

I froze when their eyes landed on me. If those gaze could kill, I may be dead by now. It's ... too intense for my liking.

Both Ava and Katharina slide their arms around mine and we all walked down the stairs. Soon I heard the announcer announced Veronica and Fiona's name before Katharina scoffed.

"She's not a fucking lady. Now that's a whore I tell you." Did she just called Fiona a whore?

"My Duchess. It's good to see you here instead of the busy office like always." Katharina sighed. Its low but .. she's sighing.

"Mr Charles Warner. It's good to be here rather than coping myself up inside the office for somebody else's mistake." I chuckled when he seems uncomfortable by Katharina's retort.

This Duchess knows how to shut them in their place. She's a pro!

"So this is the second wife? Tell me, how was your life after knowing your wife cheated on you?" Huh? Cheated on? This time it's Ava who took a step forward.

"Excuse me. Watch your mouth you son of a bitch. I never cheated on my wife, not once and never will." Ava was on verge of punching the man when Katharina hold her shoulder down.

"Jesus, calm down my love. There's no need for you to be in trouble for him. I'm sure uncle Harvey will have a blast doing so." I looked up to the president of Maestropolitan who's now cracking his knuckles not far from us.

"Your in deep trouble for what you have done with all the orphans after all. He has been waiting for this moment for a long time. And you know how Uncle Harvey feeling towards kids." Katharina hummed.

"Good day sir." The Duchess quickly ushered us away as the president walking towards him.

"It's best for us to not be there when he's teaching him a lesson. Anyway, ano

hile sulking.

"I thought you said you'll be free if I get my schedule free today. You lied to me you bitch." She even called her a bitch!

"I'm sorry. But you can bring Nicole along with you. I'll be there as soon as possible. I did promise you that we will be visiting the orphanage today."

Wait, orphanage? Here? Katharina took another set of clean clothes before putting them on.

"Alright. If your late more than 20 minutes, consider yourself sleeping alone tonight. While Nicole and I having fun alone, you'll be sleeping with nothing but a pillow." She winked at Ava before ushered her out from the room.

"But - " Katharina slammed the door in front of her face before she turned to face me.

"That should teach her a thing or two. Get yourself ready. We shall have our breakfast at one of the restaurant. I even asked that butler of yours to bring us a car yesterday." She smiled as she dangling her keys in front of me.

After I'm done, I followed her footstep from behind. Jackson bow when he saw us coming out from the palace. Aqua thanked us for coming last night and see us off.

Katharina went inside and so do I. She's planning to drive? That's odd, usually she would ask her driver to drive us around.

"Hmmm .... I love the smell. It's brand new." Yup she's driving us herself. Does she even know how to? She seems so confused when I noticed she's been pressing the buttons in front of her.

"I can drive if you like." I offered. She smiled and shaking her head no.

"I can drive. It's just I haven't drove this car before. I just bought it. Anyway, seat belt please." Hmmm... is it safe? Will I survive this?

"You mentioned this car is brand new correct? How was it possible for it to be here since we're not in Astor?" And why do we have to come to this country's orphanage?

"Hmmm. It is brand new. I just bought it yesterday, at a shop here. Since we're going home today, I'll just ship it to Astor later on." She said as if this is a normal thing to do! Well maybe for them.

"Why not use that money of yours to help others? Rather than spending on such trivial things like this, we could use a taxi." What the fuck am I saying to a Duchess?! She laughed.

"Hmmm.. that's true. I should be frugal with all the money I have. Maybe I'll do that." Huh? She's mocking me or she's being serious? Not long after that, we arrived at a fancy looking restaurant.

It was beautiful and classy but, the thing is, she forgot that I am fear of heights ... she choose a table at a balcony that oversee the whole city and of course ... the ground. I wanted to say something but I'm afraid it would cause her trouble.

"Hmmm.. What would you like to have?" She asked as she look f at the menu. I was too scared to even opened the menu. Katharina noticed this and looked up.

"I'll let you decided." I said while trying to control my true feelings. This is going to be a long breakfast.

She ordered and gave the menu back to the waiter. She was enjoying the view before she touched my hand. She was rubbing her thumb in circular move as she smile.

"The truth is, I have something to tell you." She start off.

"I'll be coming to Maestropolitan in few weeks." Thats it? Is that all she wanted to tell me? She still smiling at me. I don't know what to say honestly. Should I what? Congratulate her? Or welcomed her?

"Do you know the reason why?" I shake my head no. Nothing that I recalled off.

"I want to walk down the aisle with you silly. What? You get to walk the aisle with Ava but not me? That's not fair." Huh? Hold on! What?! I am confuse.

"So, what do you think? Wanna get married again?" She asked with such excited tone.

With that face and voice, how could I say no.

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