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   Chapter 18 Power Couple.

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"Someone made me angry today." Rina mentioned when I walked inside her room. She was sitting behind her desk, eyes on whatever papers she's looking at. Someone made her angry?

God have mercy on that person's soul.

"Who?" I asked.

"Hannah and the gang. I'm not going to be friends with those people anymore." Oh ... well, if it's then I don't do if she wants to end them. They all bad influence for her.

"Rina, are you going to pull an all-nighter again?" She nodded. Hmm. I never like this part of her. But I can't say anything since I am like that as well.

"Have you taken your medicine? The eye drops? You shouldn't skip your medicine you know. If that keeps on happening God knows what will happen to you." Again she nodded while drinking her tea.

I was about to say something when I heard the door being knock.

"Come in." I shouted over and was surprised to see Nicole came in with a tray. Hold on, I know this smell. It's familiar and mouth watering She placed the tray on Rina's table and smile.

"I bake something for you to munch on." It's her famous chocolate cookies! Rina was eyeing the cookies and so do I.

"Please, have some. I hope you like it. I was planning to cook something but then, you two probably won't eat it unless it was made by a chef. So, I decided to bake cookies." Rina and I looked at each other.

"We would eat it if your the one who make them." I said with my mouth full. Rina took a bite and her eyes widen by the taste before she took another bite. She was impressed!

"I love it. Before you go back to Maestropolitan, do bake a jar or two for me." Nicole nodded. She was smiling wide as we both enjoying her cookies.

"So ... how stars do I get?" Nicole asked as she watched us eat. Rina hummed.

"It taste bitter.." it does? It's sweet though. Nicole's expression changed.

"Hmmm. 5 our of 5." Rina chuckled before she took the cookies in my hands using her mouth. I was not happy not impressed by the fact she just took my share!

"That's not wise little girl." Rina let her tongue out before laughing at me. Suddenly I remembered something.

"Are you free tomorrow after noon?" I asked the Duchess of Astor.

"Why?" Rina wiped her mouth cleaned with a napkin.

"I was hoping that we all could go somewhere for lunch. It's been ages since we spent time together." Beside we need to talk about the things we discussed on the phone not long ago. Since Nicole here as well, it's perfect.

"Can you make it?" I asked the Duchess of Astor.

"Hmmm. I actually have a packed schedule tomorrow. Can't we reschedule?" She asked. Go figure. It's not that I don't understand her situation but, hmmm.

"I but the day after tomorrow would be Aqua's party. We don't have much time." Rina sighed before she grabbed her iPad and looked at her schedule for tomorrow.

"I have a meeting with the R&D department first thing in the morning. Before noon I have a last minute go through for the new tower we're currently working on. At noon I have to go to the summit building for that presentation. After that presentation I have a meeting with Astor's senator.." Rina looked up to Nicole who's now cleaning the crumbs from her table.

"And by 4, I have a meeting with the immigration minister regarding the over populated illegal immigrants. They wanted to find a place for them here in the country. He asked for me himself." I leaned in.

"Please, can you reschedule? Please come with us just for lunch at least. I know I asked for the impossible but please, just for tomorrow, spend a day with us, all three of us even for an hour. I promise." Rina sighed heavily.

"But I really need to finish up my work before Aqua's party. I can't afford to ..." We both heard Nicole suddenly sneeze.

"I can't afford to lost another day." She leaned in.

"You know how important this tower is." She's right. But ... if Rina's not there, we can't have that talk I was looking forward upon.

"I ..." I given up.

"Alright. It's fine. Just do whatever you want. Work is more important than your wife's feeling I guess." I said before I leaned back. Maybe a little sulking will do good at this kind of situation. It won't be that long.

"Ava..." I ignored her and went to where Nicole's at. She was sitting on a couch not far from Rina's desk before I lay on the couch, making her lap as my cushion.

"Ava." I heard Rina called for me from her desk.

"Ava are you mad at me? Please don't do this to me again." I heard her chair moved and she's probably walking towards us. I felt Nicole moved a little before I saw Rina's legs in front of me.

Those sexy legs. I just want to lick them all over, again and again.

"Ava, your being childish. You know I have so many work to do. Are you sure it won't take that long?" I didn't replied her. I just enjoyed my time laying on Nicole's thigh.

"Ugh! Fine. I'll go. Please talk to me. It's weird for to not hearing your annoying voice bugging my day." It worked! It actually worked!

"You will?" I finally asked her.

"Yes I will. But like I said, I can't stay long. Work is important and so do you. Don't ever say those words to me again. I don't like it." If its only that, I can manage.

Thats good enough for me!

"Where are we going

have a child with me?" I finally let myself asked her the serious question.

Alcohol always made me do most of the hard task with a breeze. I just need to make sure before tomorrow's lunch. This is important after all.

"Will you be okay having a adopted child now? Yes I'm your 18 but, there's even a younger mother than you out there, happy with a child." Nicole seems to be in deep thought when I hugged her.

"This marriage is all about tolerance. Both Rina and I had been doing so and look at us. Married at 17, 7 years later, still going strong. The reason she even let me marry you was because of my parents begging her to accept it." I whispered.

"I'm sorry for dragging you into our mess. It just, we wanted to hear those happy sound of kids running around in this huge hallways. We wanted to be a mother." I added.

"Don't think of this marriage as a force. I was mad when Ava propose a contract with you. That contract was preposterous. I know, the reason why I agreed on this marriage is absurd. But, Nicole, Ava needs an heir. I am incapable of doing so even though with his medicines. If you have no desire or even wanted to undergo the process, we can always adopt." Rina appeared by the door and went to my side.

"Its not that I don't want to be a mother to my own child but, am I even capable of doing so? Since your trying hard, I should let you have the chance. Since I'm still studying and all. I want to secure my own future first before focusing my own family. That's what Ava agreed on when we marry to each other."

Both Rina and I smiled at each other.

"And I have no objection with the adoption of you two agreed to adopt. I love kids." She smiled.

"Good answer." Rina agreed. Well, if the boss agreed to her terms I can't say no to that.

"Anyway, I came across something trivial while checking those papers earlier. Seems like the kids from the park was right. For the past few months, there's a lot of low wages workers were released from their job due to ridiculous reason. From the reports, these companies has connection with ours. But I never agreed on releasing any workers."

Oh. Something odd is happening within the company? That's weird for her to miss anything.

"Are you sure that your underlings has been in good manners? I think they need some stern spanking. Remember when you became the CEO at the age of 17? Everyone were trying to kill you, literally." I sighed.

"What do you think Nicole. What should I do?" We both turned to her who's sipping her juice non stop as we talked about this. She swallowed hard before returning our gaze.

"Umm ... find the culprit by tricking your staff? I mean if the culprit itself is within your staff that is, that's the only way. I read about this method from the books I read. Something about Antonia Larove's ways to find a hidden enemy. You know, that famous book from this wattpad author."

Interesting. Maybe I should find this wattpad thing and indulge myself into one. Is that the reason sometimes I saw her with her phone and even if I called for her she just ignored me?

"Nicole." Rina called out for her before she took her body into hers.

"Thank you for that." Rina seems satisfied by something as she kissed Nicole on the lips passionately. When Rina pulled away, Nicole was frozen in her place, in daze or rather confused.

"Oh .. uh .. your welcome." Her voice crack. Oh I know the feeling. The first time Rina kissed me, I was like that too.

Enchanted by her technique that is.

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