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   Chapter 17 I'm Sorry.

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"So ... that's the woman who Ava married to? She's ... dull. I mean, she's not even that hot compare to you." They laughed when I introduced Nicole at them.

"Oh my God! Did you see how she dressed? So awful. Why did the Grimaldi even wanted to have a commoner to be in their family, is beyond me. It's horrendous!" Added another woman in the clique.

I was the one who choose that attire for her though.

"Commoner like that will only raise another commoner if you decided to adopt a kid. Don't let her raising your child, Katharina. Im sure you don't want your kid to have her trait in the end." Am I even hearing this right?

"Oh my ... if she does then the name of Grimaldi, Astor and Bechtel will be tarnish. You'll be the main joke for years as being a family who stoop so low in bringing commoner into such high ranking family." Thats it! I had enough.

I slammed my cup on the table to gained their attention. I wiped my mouth with a napkin and was about to say something when Nicole came back to the table.

"I'm sorry for being late. What happened to you? Did you spilled your drink? Napkin ... we need napkin." She's began to frantic. I grabbed on her hand and pulled her down to sit.

"It's fine Nicole. It slipped from my hand that's all." I looked up at my 'friends' with rage.

They noticed how angry I am and tried to be on my good side by treating Nicole like she's a noble. They know very well I can end their social life with a simple phone call.

"Oh ... now your being nice? Where's the comment you were telling me about? Cat got your tongue?" I mocked.

They laughed it off and telling me it's just a joke. Oh please, that's beyond just a joke to me. They simply hate Nicole for being here. Basically every single one of them in this country club, hate it when a commoner stepped foot in this club as a guest rather than a staff here.

I turned to Nicole.

"Would you be so kind to grab me a few desserts? Suddenly I have the crave for them." Nicole nodded.

"Sure. What kind?" I smiled.

"Surprise me." She smiled back before she went to the buffet table. I turned my attention to these so call friends of mine.

"Your lucky that Avalynn herself not here listen to what you just said. If she heard you bad mouthing her wife like that, you'll die on the spot. Aren't you forgetting something important when you trash talk our Nicole like that?" I asked with my piercing eyes.

"Rina, we're sorry. We thought that you hate the idea of being in a polygamous relationship. You look like someone who hate the idea of sharing ones love. That's why we ..." I cut them off.

"That's why you say all those things earlier? Doesn't it came across your thick mind that if I do hate the idea, I wouldn't be signing the permission letter?" I asked.

"She might be a commoner in your eyes but if Ava fallen for her, that's mean she's something else. As you know, Ava is the type of person who don't just simply fallen for someone other than me." I added.

Nicole came back with a plate of dessert.

"Shall we share them?" I smiled at her when she seated.

"But I got those for you? It's fine. You can eat them." She said but I shake my head.

"We'll share. Beside, I don't think I can finish this whole dessert by myself." I was trying to feed her the chocolate myself but she just stare at me with confusing looks on her face.

"Say ahh." I feel like I'm feeding a child. She blushed but opened her mouth for me. I don't know why but I feel some kind of satisfaction upon doing this.

"Umm .... here." She took a spoon of cream br?lée and about to feed me in return.

I smiled before opening my mouth for her. I tried to be as romantic as I can be in front of these bitches. I wonder to myself, how did we ended up being friends in the first place?

It's too hazy for me to remember and I don't want to think about it much. Now that I know their true nature, I just want to cut them off from my life.

"Nicole? Where are you from exactly and what do you do for a living?" Asked one of the brunette.

"Maestropolitan. I'm a student in MIU." Nicole replied.

"MIU?" The same person asked.

"Maestropolitan International University." She smiled.

"Isn't that one of the leading university in the world rank? How did you manage to get in and what course did you take?" Asked one the blonde.

"Umm... I got a letter of recommendation from the campus dean herself for my outstanding result. And I took interior designing course." They gasped. They probably didn't expect a commoner like her manage to enter a prestige university.

"That's a rare course. Here I thought you would be doing a business or economics student since your married into a Grimaldi family or at least a fashion student." Why does she have to say those things in front of her?

"Oh, you took economics? That's understandable but I legibly thought your public affair student." Nicole said as she face me. I smiled.

"I studied economics before taking foreign affairs and business degree as well. So now I have 3 degree since I went to the university at the age of 16." Her expression showed me that she's on shocked.

"Your one of those geniuses huh. Salute." I laughed.

"Your on of the geniuses as well correct? Your an honour student." She blushed.

"Serious question now, do you even like Katharina?" I glared at the person who opened her big mouth. I can't believe she even asked it out loud, gaining everyone's attention.

She suddenly stood up.

"You know, I can't take this anymore. Katharina, we're your friends and we love you. We know your hurting inside now that Ava cheated on you. Please, enough with the acting!" What the fuck is she blurting about!

Nicole's demeanour changes as she looking down on the plate rather than being her bubbly self.

"Please stop this Hannah. Your ruining your own s

esentative from United Nation by 5 pm." The driver reminded me.

"There's no harm in letting them wait for a minutes or two. Beside, they're the ones who begged to see me. I told them that I wouldn't be free for the whole day today."

"Yes My Lady."

"You're busy today? I'm sorry for taking your time from your busy schedule." I waved it off.

"Don't be sorry for something I want to do myself. Beside, I need the time for myself. So it's not your fault." She smile. I am not surprise if Ava fallen for her because of that smile.

It's beautiful.

I just hope the new project will be done as soon as possible. I can't wait to be in Maestropolitan. I just want to see how she's doing without this awkwardness.

When we arrived, i noticed a few of yellow school busses parked at the lot. My driver got out from his seat and opened he door for us.

"You don't have to do that." I smiled.

"What kind of driver would I be if I don't do this much for my ladies." He bow as we both got out from the car.

Some of the people standing in line outside of the entrance looking at us both and some of them gasped upon knowing it's me. It doesn't help at all when a huge portrait of myself were on display at the entrance and many more inside the building.

"Oh my God!!" I heard a female voice.

"Isn't that ..." they can't find the right word to say?

"Whats with the line?" I asked the manager when she came to see me. She bow before speaking to me.

"I'm sorry for our tardiness my lady. One of the elevator is not working since a week ago. We did file for complaint with HQ. We're operating only using only 5 elevator." Hmm ... that's not good.

"I'll ask the maintenance team to fix it as soon as possible." She thanked me and offer to lead me towards the private elevator that was constructed for my own personal use.

"Why not ask them all to use your elevator for the time being?" Nicole suggested.

"Heavens no. We can't do that. That elevator are exclusively for the Duchess of Astor." I raised my hand when the manager raised her voice a little. She apologised again.

"She's right. Let them use my elevator I think it can fit 10-12 people at once. Let one of the staff to be the elevator girl." The manager bow and do what I just asked her to do.

"Is this fine? I mean we wouldn't be up there soon you know." Nicole smile.

"I don't mind as long as we're not being separated." For the first time today, I felt her hands around my arm, worried I might leave her alone even for a second.

"Tell me Nicole. Are you afraid of heights?" She nodding her head vigorously.

"Heights, dark places, close places, thunder, you name it." I laughed. She's one funny girl she is.

"Milady, we reserved a place for you and your guest in the elevator. If it's alright for you to share, you may come in." I smile and walked towards the elevator.

"She's not a guest. She's a Grimaldi." I smiled at the manager.

"Is it made of gold?!" Asked one of the student when I went inside.

"Gold plated actually. It's a custom made elevator build only for me and my family."

"Duchess of Astor!" The students gasped around me.

"Please enjoy your visit at Katharina's Tower." I welcomed them.

When the elevator door opened, I looked down on Nicole who's been closing her eyes, clinging onto me as if her life depends on it.

"We're here." I said gently before she slowly lifted her head and witnessed something only available here in this tower.

The beautiful scenery of Astor.

"Ava gave me this view as our wedding gift." she ignored me as she walked towards the windows. I chuckled.

"This is beautiful. Astor is beautiful." She said under her breath. Well I hope she won't look down.

I smiled. I just hope I will be here when she witness something even greater will appeared in Astor. I want to see the face that I made when Ava gave me this tower appeared on her face.

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