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   Chapter 16 I am Katharina.

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"Welcome home, Lady Avalynn, Lady Nicole." A group of maids greeted us as we walked inside the massive home. Just how on earth does these maids even clean this house without complaining!

"Does Lady Katharina in?" The maid who seems to be older than the rest nodded.

"She does. She arrived few minutes before you does and I saw her walking towards the library." Ava thanked the maid and grabbed on my hand as she lead me towards Katharina's whereabout.

Walking down the hallways of this massive house makes me wonder .... doesn't she feel scared or alone in this house? Just how rich she claimed to be? Ava come to a halt when we came face to face with a door.

She knock before entering the room. I was hoping to see a figure sitting around the massive library but the room is empty.

"Katharina?" Ava called out.

"Ava? One moment please. I'm on the second floor." Was that literally a voice of an angel?

It's really soothing. If she possessed such a beautiful voice like that, I wonder how she looks like. I heard the clicking sound of heels coming towards us.

"I'm sorry for not picking you both myself at the airport. I have a meeting with the senators." Once again, that voice.

I was searching for its owner until Ava pointed at the spiral staircase. My eyes has never seen someone so beautiful in my life before. Not even Ava can challenge her beauty. She's a goddess!

Her wavy blonde hair seems to be moving elegantly as she walked down the stairs to meet us. She was smiling and her deep blue eyes shows how happy she was seeing us.

Was she really a human to begin with? There's no way someone this amazing a human, right? She looks like Audrey Hepburn with the way she dressed.

I get it, she was attending a meeting but damn, if she dress like this every single day, no wonder Ava didn't even bother to divorce her. She's hot!

"Nicole, right?" I nodded because I can't find my own voice to speak. She placed the books she carried down on a table and went to hugged me as if we known each other for years.

I wasn't expecting this kind of gesture at all. I was hoping she might slap me once or twice but she didn't. She welcomed me into her home with open arms.

"How's your flight? Did Ava treated you good? If she doesn't just tell me, I'll give her a nice whip on the ass." She chuckled when she pulled away from me.

Her sweet scent invaded my nostril and I can't help but to noticed how perfect they looks as she stood side by side with Ava. They kissed before embracing each other.

I can sense the love from both of them. Their love seems serious and all business while the love Ava gave me, it felt like protective and care. What am I even saying?

How could I sense that by only watching them?

"Ava, darling. Do you mind if Nicole and I have a talk over tea alone? I'm sure you have to be somewhere right now, correct?" Katharina tapped on her wrist watch.

Ava's eyes widen when she realised something.

"Oh yes. I need to see my grandparents. Do you mind staying here with Katharina? Don't worry, she won't bite." Ava gave me a kiss on the lips before she leave us alone.

She just kissed me in front of her! Oh God What if she's ping me in the face when Ava's not around? I need to get myself ready. When nothing happen, I just stood there feeling nervous now that I am alone with this magnificent human being.

"If you please follow me." She politely asked me to follow her to another part of the office. This is the moment she kill me right?

I was surprised to see the maids had prepared refreshment instead of torture device for her.

"Have a seat. Don't be afraid of me." She seated as I followed her footstep.

The maid started to pour the tea on a cup for me. I haven't even been to this part of my training with Aaliyah. She never taught me how to drink tea like a noble!

I looked around the scenery of this room. This massive house, the many maids and butlers, she's the real life nobility woman.

I watched as how poise shes drinking her tea. And how she made her pinky as the cushion when she placed her cup down. How can someone be so flawless just by drinking tea?

"So, your 18 years old correct?" I nodded at her question.

My own voice betraying me. Honestly I am speechless just by sitting in front of her, now she wants me to eat the food from the same plate as her?!

"Are you scared of me?" She asked with a hint of humour as she flipped her hair using her hand before eating something that looks like sandwich.

"I ... I don't know how to react to this treatment. You see I'm not someone from your ... rank. I'm just a normal girl before meeting Ava and her family." I'm being honest with her.

"I am a normal woman as well you know. But, Ava told me everything the night before the wedding. I was there you see." She smiled before drinking her tea again.

"Say, are you disappointed upon learning about me? Are you mad at her for lying to you? Do you wish that I am not in the picture of your marriage to her?" Why does she asking this kind of question?

Doesn't she know how awful I feel about marrying her wife.

"I am. I'm disappointed that I took someone's spouse right in front of their noses. I'm sorry for being like that. I honestly don't know that Ava's married to someone. And no, I know my place as the second ... ." I can't finished he senten

a great cause. Does 20 million Astorian enough for the first donation?" I spit out the food I was chewing in front of both Katharina and Ava.

How embarrassing of me! I just spit my food all over the table in front of a lady! A Duchess to boot! Oh my God I'm so embarrassed! Katharina chuckled.

"What startled you? I see what you mean by comical Ava. She's funny." They both chuckled.

"Right? There's never a dull moment with her. And for the donation, sure that's enough for now. I think we could create a education hub for the unfortunate. Being homeless and poor doesn't mean you can't learn things. That's just wrong." Ava smiled.

Ava turned to me.

"Rina is the main contributor for GRC. The people she knows help as well." So that's how GRC received that many donation in such short time. She used her connection with people. What a sneaky little brat she is.

Katharina clapped her hands as if she thought of something.

"Since your spending the day with me, why not we go to the country club? I can introduce you the elite society of Astor. Or what you might call, rich kids of Astor." Katharina suggested.

Oh, I saw those people in Instagram. They even have that kind of thing here in Astor? Wow.

"But they mostly act like snobs. Honestly they all such boring people." Ava explained.

"Those kind of people usually suck up on Katharina's good side a lot. Good luck trying to survive that." Did she just wish me good luck or feel sorry for me? She need to clearly show her real intention.

"Don't worry about that. I won't let anyone talk to me like always. My whole attention will be for you." Katharina winked.

I think my heart just dropped. Ava laughed at my reaction.

After we're finished with breakfasts, I went to my room and get ready. I ... seriously don't know what to wear to a country club. From the movies I watched, they usually wear those polo shirt and short skirt right?

I don't even have proper dress to wear! I sighed. The only things I brought are jeans and some dresses Ava pick out for me. But ... I don't think it's appropriate since the dress seems like I'm going to a party rather than a country club.

"Are you ready?" I heard Katharina's voice at the door. When I turned she was wearing such casual wear but seems appropriate enough.

"I ... don't know what to wear." I sighed before she went to my suitcase and look at the contain. She was searching for something.

"Well you have jeans and these. It's fine. We're only having lunch there and introducing you to the society. No need to wear such lavish attire for such thing. Trust me on this." She smiled.

But it's a ripped jeans though. Will it be okay? But since she's he one who said it's fine, I guess it's fine.

"See. Perfect. Now let's go." I followed her footstep towards the entrance. My eyes widen when I saw our ride waiting for us.

She really does living the life. The driver opened the door for us and I waited for the mistress of the house to entered before I followed from behind.

"Something to drink?" She asked before she went to the mini fridge.

"Just water." She took a bottle of water from the fridge and threw it at me while she took a bottle of wine and pour herself a glass. She even have the same taste like Ava.

"You don't like alcohol that much do you?" I shake my head no.

"Me too. But after being married to Ava, she made me love them. Just be careful not to be an addict in the end like she is." She chuckled. So she developed the likes to alcohol after being married to Ava?

I should be careful not be like her then.

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